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Subject: Theme already in use? rss

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robert kalin
United States
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Me and a buddy were createing a story/campaign setting on the fly at work. I don't play consol games and im an old fart so I have no doubt that such a setting might already exist. So far we have several twist that have deep setting implications.

Twist 1. There are no children and children can not be born. Oh plants grow, beast multiply but there are no P.C. children.

Twist 1a. All PC's wake up unseen, mostly aged from late teen to early 30's. A rare few are early teens.

Twist 1b. All memories of the past before awakening are vague. Some appear in the middle of town others in the country. All speak a common tounge and read a common language. All remember a great immense city the size of a mountain and rotten with evil to its core. All remember performing a great crime or feel guilty of some immense sin.

Twist 2. No electricity. Heavy static zaps that are common in a modern society and distinct electricity causes a body change. It either activates or causes a vulnerability to a plague.

Twist 2a. The plague appears as though a lightning strike fractal. Its red and swollen and spreads across the body and the victim dies. Suffers pain wherever the fractal is to the point that such limbs are imbolized due to extreme pain. If a victim survives the fractal turns black and they become carriers by living touch.

Twist 2a1. carriers remember their entire past, no fog but they are isolated both psychologicaly and physicaly due to being plague carriers. Their 'crime' often causes instability in their actions and intense sadness.

Twist 2a2. The fear of the plague is so intense that many small villages and town even ban metal objects and actively hunt and kill any plague victims/carriers.

Twist 3. Children are revered like gods. Anyone small and thin enough to pass as children become defacto rulers. Often acting as mass manipulators secondary rulers to any other true rulers. Many villages, towns and cities have such an icon character.

Twist 3a. Elderly that pass into dementia and act childish are sometimes considered 'false children'. Not that those that pass as children are not children at all. The twist with the elderly is that they begin to remember their true past and dispose of usefull information. Information that is often coveted and sold. Most often its babble but every so often a nugget so rare of tech or chemistry that people will murder to keep that secret.

Twist 4. On a rare occasion a young teen will come into the world. These 'children' are anything but. They are the most ruthless, cruel psychopathic creatures you can ever encounter. There is rumor that they have psychic powers but its never proven. If found they are more often kept caged and controlled like a rare but deadly beast. Both fawned over and feared. These are never player characters.

So there you go. a dark depressing apocalyptic world inspired in part by midevial fantasy, the movie children of men & riverworld.

Is there a video game or rpg setting similar to this??
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Mark Wilson
United States
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Aspects of it, yes. In its entirety? No. Add all those things together, and that's a pretty specific set of descriptions and ideas.

"Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash" is one. Terrible name, but a good anime/manga. But again, I only recognized 1-2 of your ideas in it.
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Evil Doppelgänger
United States
West Jordan
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So stop your cheap comment, 'Cause we know what we feel...
I'm #2
Many aspects sound pretty similar to Children of Men (film; Clive Owen) - haven't seen it for a bit, but IIRC it had lots of similar type stuff.

But, I wouldn't worry about that.

What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.
- Ecclesiastes 1:9
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John "Omega" Williams
United States
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Closest can think of is the short lived anime series Avenger, minus the "wake up from no-where" aspect. No children have been born in a while and people are resorting to androids as surrogates that pass for kids.

Do all the elements fit anything I can recall? Not really. There may be some obscure ones out there in anime or short fiction. But allmost certainly not in the same format.

The "cant have kids" population problem is a recurring theme for SF, Fantasy, and Post Apoc. Wake uo someplace strange pops up as well. It could even be a starting option in Metamorphosis Alpha way back at the dawn-o-RPGs. It is actually my MA characters startoff even. Pretty much every part has shown up somewhere.
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