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Subject: Running my first Genesys Terrinoth Adventure - A session report rss

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Sebastian H.
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Evil Overlord
Evil Overlord
Hello everybody,

as a long time P&P player myself, I recently ran my first real session as a game master. Since the release of the Realms of Terrinoth sourcebook I was very intrigued to finally run an adventure myself (as I'm a big fan of Descent 2nd Edition) and really grew a liking to its fantasy world setting. However, let's start at the beginning.


I have a regular P&P group consisting of about eight people. We try to play at least once per month, but our regular GM is currently burned out after running countless different systems for us. Sadly, we never managed to stick to a setting for very long, and our group was sad when our regular announced the end of our new D&D5 campaign just after the first session.

Nevertheless, since everybody was very interested to play a fantasy campaign I had the idea to run a Genesys campaign in the Terrinoth setting, and everybody was very enthusiastic. While I have no real GM experience, I have played much of FFGs Star Wars P&P in another group, so I'm at least familiar with the mechanics of the game.

At first, I considered creating a large campaign, but we all agreed to start with a one shot to see if the group likes the game and my style of running the game. Therefore, I had to think about how I want to run the game for my group.

Personally I'm not that big of a fan of the open world playstyle, where a GM allows the group to do "anything they'd like to do" with a loose plot. I had numerous experiences with this, which sadly never lead to satisfactory game sessions, since the GMs often make things up on the spot or want input from players to run the adventure. I'm not saying it can't work, but it requires a GM who is very good at improvising (which I'm not), and I have seen this kind of playstyle crash and burn more often than I can recount. On the other hand, I know perfectly well that pre-determined adventures can lead to railroady situations, but I'd still prefer this over a badly improvised story.


Conveniently, FFG already released some great resources, which made it easy for me to put my plan into practice. I decided to use their GenCon 2017 adventure (which fortunately is already set in the Terrinoth world and can be found over here:

I translated it into german (btw. if you are interested, you can find it over here:, since it was a good opportunity to not only read but also understand what the adventure is about. It is of course also very helpful to be able to look something up in my native language. I will give you my detailed opinion at the end of my session report, but without spoiling too much I will say its quality is average (not bad, not great, just ok).

Since this is a one shot I also planned to use the pre-generated heroes, which (fortunately also based on the Terrinoth setting) FFG released over here:

Since one of my group members isn't very fluent in English I also translated his character sheet into German, and after our first round it became clear that it would be better to run the game in just one language, which is why I also translated all of the characters into German (they can be found over here if you are interested:

After deciding to run this adventure where I explained to group a bit about Genesys, the Realms of Terrinoth setting, and let them pick pre-made characters. I was very glad that everyone found a character they wanted to play with, and we set an appointment for the one shot.

My playgroup consists of the following six characters:

Alys Rayne: A human marshal and divine magic user.
Leoric of the book: A human scholar and arcane magic user.
Ulma Grimstone: A dwarven alchemist and healer.
Syndrael: An elven warrior and shieldmaiden.
Pathfinder Durik: A superstitious orcish scout and loner.
Ispher: A well-meaning but misunderstood dragon-hybrid healer.

There was still a lot to do. Unfortunately, when it comes to games I can be a tad perfectionistic, which is why I also created a map for the players (, prepared pictures for all of the NPCs and Enemies, searched for fitting music etc., which took me dozens of hours (including the translations) of work just in preparation for this one shot. However, I have to say this time was well invested, and I think it paid off. Then, finally, after nervously awaiting it for weeks, the date for our one shot arrived. But to say that things can happen different than expected would be understatement

Terrinoth Adventure Chronicles (part I)

Blood on the fields

According to the adventure, I placed my group near a road on the way to the cities of Greyhaven and Nerekhall. Shortly before noon, they arrived at a farmstead, and quickly realized, that something was wrong. A group of persons (later revealed as bandits), picked through the buildings and tried to pocket whatever they could get.

The group swiftly decided to confront the bandits, and found themselves a few moments later in opposition to 12 bandits and their leader. At first, these tried to obscure their deeds, but then they quickly threatened the heroes, wanting to rob them of their possessions. This however ended very abruptly, when the mage Leoric cast an arcane spear on the bandit leader, knocking him unconscious with a critical hit. Half of the other bandits fled, and the other half was quickly captured and overwhelmed by the heroes. Pathfinder Durik however, very superstitious and skeptical about anything magical, was totally unprepared and failed his discipline check so hard, that he rolled up in a fetal curl and wasn't addressable for minutes.

Following this, Ulma brought the roaming goats back into their pen and accidentally(which is still up for debate) dropped a potion on one of them, which turned its fur purple. Since she feared, that he might now be an outcast among the other goats she named him Berti and decided to take him with her. After checking out the farmstead, the heroes found three corpses in the main building, two of which seemed to have lost almost all of their blood. Although the heroes noticed two small holes in their necks, everyone who tried to identify the cause completely failed their knowledge checks to hilarious degrees, so that Leoric was convinced somebody murdered the peasants with something resembling a barbecue fork, and Syndrael was absolutely sure it was the work of cannibalistic dark elves(don't ask). They could however determine that the peasants have been dead for hours, long before the bandits arrived to plunder the farm. The marshal Alys Rayne swiftly considered executing the bandit leader for his crimes (which she could absolutely do since she represents the law), but he swore that he had nothing to do with the murders, and begged to be handed over to the authorities in Greyhaven. Their interrogation of the other bandits unearthed, that they were poor peasants themselves, and so the heroes decided to let them go (excluding the leader) after they vowed to bury the corpses. In the meantime, Pathfinder Durik found the tracks of multiple persons, which lead from the farm to the nearby road. On the road they also found the tracks of a carriage and decided to follow them further north, in direction of Greyhaven.

Traveling along the road

Note: I improvised the next section, as it isn't a part of the adventure.

While traveling in the direction of Greyhaven the party soon arrived at a rockslide, which blocked the road before them. They were greeted by a guard of Greyhaven, which described a rat run, which would lead them to a junction between Greyhaven and Nerekhall. They handed over their prisoner, and they guard promised to send someone to the farmstead. Ispher tried to ask the guard about the carriage, but the guard was very suspicious about him (since dragon hybrids are detested by the other races), and didn't want to tell him anything. The other heroes discovered however, that there was indeed a carriage that arrived here in the night. The coachman was in a hurry and very angry about the detour he had to take. After then following the described path, the heroes arrived at the junction, where they found another guard. This guard confirmed, that the carriage came by just before dawn, and was on its way to Nerekhall. Since it was becoming late, the heroes followed the road to Nerekhall in search of an inn that the guard described, where they arrived shortly before sunset.

The Hollow-Way Inn

Shortly after arriving at the inn, the heroes noticed that there was a large stable, and a coachman was preparing the carriage for departure. The heroes tried to speak with him, but quickly realized he wasn't the talking type. Since they were still suspicious two of the heroes stayed outside, while the rest entered the inn.

Inside they noticed a few guests, but they first tried to talk to the innkeeper about the carriage. He was telling the heroes about the noble Lady Eliza Farrow, which arrived at his in early in the morning just before sunrise. While speaking of the Lady, she, her two guards and her handmaid descended from the first floor, and left the inn to depart with her carriage. The heroes were unsure how to react, and swiftly considered stopping her in her coach, but in the end, they hesitated too long.

After the coach was gone, the heroes returned into the tavern, and talked with some of the guests. While Ispher learned some rumors about Lady Farrow from an orcish poet, Leoric rented some rooms, and Ulma talked to a female dwarven merchant and two wanderer gnome siblings, which had a strange encounter with Lady Farrow. While the gnomes told Ulma that they heard Lady Farrow speaking in her room while she was alone and seeing a strange green light emit from inside, Leoric and the others rented some rooms for the night, with the intention to search the room Lady Farrow stayed in. Unsurprisingly they quickly found the corpse of the inn's stablehand, which had been missing for some time and was also completely drained of his blood. Again nobody succeeded in their knowledge checks while examining the corpse, but since a few of them had at least some advantages left, they at least remembered that there are some creatures and monster, which sustain themselves on the blood of their prey Shortly after the discovery, the heroes decided to follow the carriage. Luckily there were some horses in the stable, and they used these after they got permission from their owners (mostly the guest of the inn), which was a crucial point. At first, they considered just taking them, but Marshal Alys Raine was not ok with them essentially stealing the horses. Since Ulma couldn't take Berti with her, she left her in the custody of the two wanderer gnomes, who promised to take good care of her.

In Death's wake

Strictly speaking the players most likely wouldn't have had a chance to catch up to the carriage, but since the evening was already running late, and the chase was included as an optional encounter in the adventure, the players managed to make it. So after riding for a while in the darkness (which made almost all of the tests the players faced more difficult), the players spotted the carriage. Unfortunately I wasn't fully aware of the required amount of maneuvers for changing range bands, which led to some of the players catching up to the carriage in just one combat round. This was due to Syndraels Talent "Field Commander" which came as a surprise to me.

After catching up Leoric was able to cast an Arcane spear which hit the coachman, and Alys slammed her Warhammer against the coaches' wheels, which broke one of the wheels and slowed down the coach. During this action, she also fell from her horse, and had to pause the chase. Ulma threw one of her alchemic potions on the horses, which further slowed down the carriage. At this point, I was really worried, because the adventure wasn't laid out for a direct confrontation with their enemies just yet, but on the other hand, I didn't want to rob the players of their success.

Unluckily for the heroes, the adventure then had six barghests appear in the second round of combat. Due to initiative favoring the heroes Leoric was able to take out the coachman with his second attack (and the accompanying guard wasn't able to grab the reins immediately), so Durik even managed to jump from his horse onto the carriage. He then tried to attack the passengers through the window with his light spear, but his test failed so badly he lost the weapon. As a reaction, Lady Eliza Farrow took action, and cursed Durik, which increased the difficulties of all of his tests. Then however, the barghests started attacking the heroes and their first attack (if successful) dropped them from their horses. I soon realized that the heroes, who were scattered quite far from another wouldn't be able to handle six barghests, and so I kept three of them back to escort the carriage. Durik soon realized he wouldn't be able to do anything on his own, as all the other heroes were now on foot fighting the barghests, so he jumped from the carriage, and luckily found a stray horse fleeing from the barghests (for a story point), which allowed him to catch up to the other heroes.

After a brief fight, Leoric was wounded, knocked out and took a critical wound. The heroes were however able to slay the three barghests, and decided to return to the inn to treat their wounds.

At this point, we ended our session, since we were already above our usual time limit. Although this adventure was planned as a one shot, everyone was eager to keep playing and we decided to continue the game in January.


Since this was my first time running a game, it was a great learning experience, even though I had been a player countless times before. It's quite a challenge to split the attention between six players, and giving each of them a spotlight. I tried to this as best as possible, but I noticed that some of them started to discuss things not related to the game. It didn't bother me that much, since I was quite busy, but some of the other players were distracted due to this. I'll try to up my game the next time to prevent this from happening, as this is usually a sign of players having nothing to do.

Regarding the rules, I still have to get a better grip on them. I knew about many of the mechanics, due to my experience with Star Wars, but there are some things that are hard to look-up during play, even though I have the pdf manuals handy. As a first step, I made some more game aids, which are quicker to find than searching the books.

The adventure in retrospect is working out ok, but the chase scene at the end didn't feel right. The adventure is made in a way that it doesn't work if the players do not reach the city of Nerekhall, and thus it always felt that I had to set up the players for failure. When they were able to attack the coach so early on I was almost panicking, since this could have led to a very problematic outcome. I realize that this is one of the downsides of pre-written adventures, but if the players were never meant to confront their enemy in the field, having this encounter felt like a carrot on a stick, and a pretty obvious one at that. Luckily, there aren't any more encounters in the adventure that could lead to such a situation, but it's one of the weak points of this adventure.

On the plus side, the players seemed to have enjoyed the evening regardless, and we will continue to play the adventure. Before the game I was almost worried, that the adventure might be too short, but now I'm convinced it is enough, perhaps almost too much, to run as a one shot.

On another note the player of Alys Raine also spoke to me after the round. Sadly he had the impression that the other characters were ignoring him (he was trying to play out his judicial authority and is a good fit for the leader role), but the player of Syndrael often opposed him (which was also quite fitting from a roleplay perspective) and Leorics player was very hot headed and often presented the other players with a fait accompli. He told me that he would stop roleplaying his character as a leader in the future, but I'm not tot keen about this. I plan to speak with the players of Syndrael and Leoric to give him some opportunities to play out his character.

I think this was about everything noteworthy that happened in the evening, and I'm personally very glad, that my group mostly seemed to have had a good time, and that we will continue to play Genesys. I will continue my report once we finished our second session.
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Sebastian H.
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Evil Overlord
Evil Overlord
Thanks to everyone for your reactions, I'm glad that the Genesys forums aren't as barren, as they appear to be

Yesterday I wasn't able to finish everything I wanted to post, but did send it anyway, since I figured it would take some time to get approved anyway.

I think the first report is mostly done at this point, unless I remember something important to add later.
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Sebastian H.
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Evil Overlord
Evil Overlord
Hello again,

it is time to update my report, since we finally continued with our one shot.

Before the game I was able to speak with the players of Syndrael and Leoric as planned, and I think this time the player of Alys had a better time overall. Both player seemed to understand where he was coming from and planned to be less confrontational.

A notable change during this session was that another player joined our group. I'm very aware that this is far from ideal, but a close friend asked for him to join us a spectator (since he never played P&P before), and I was worried he might dislike roleplaying if he could just silently watch. Since we are currently playing a not-so-one-shot adventure with pre made characters anyway, I gave my ok.

Therefore, we have another hero in our group:

Thaiden Mistpeak: A human scoundrel with a grudge and a crossbow.


Since I already did most of the preparation work in advance to our first session, it was a lot easier to prepare for this one. I created a few more gaming aids, and reread the adventure to refresh my memory. I also made sure to read the chapter about social encounters in the Genesys core rulebook again, since there was a high chance that this session would feature one of these. With all of that in mind, I thought I was prepared to run the round. However, was I really?

Terrinoth Adventure Chronicles (part II)


The first thing I did was to give the players a recap about what happened last time. This was to refresh the players about what happened 2 months ago, and to bring our new player up to speed. One thing to note is that it is very helpful to be able to use an existing report to write down important points of the previous session

The aftermath:

Following their battle with Eliza Farrow and the Barghests, the heroes retreated to the hollow-way inn to recover from the battle and to get a night's rest. The innkeeper was surprised to see the heroes returning so soon, but gave them free board and lodging for their valiant efforts. He also told the heroes, that the wanderer gnomes and the orc poet left for Greyhaven to get support from the authorities. One of the gnomes left a short message for Ulma, explaining how they took Berti with them, and planned to take care of him until they will meet again. They also remembered that during their encounter with Eliza Farrow they heard her saying a name, which they forgot to tell the heroes: Mavaris.

After resting until the next morning and recovering most of their wounds the heroes shortly debated about what to do. Leoric suggested going to Greyhaven in search of support. Since there wasn't much opposition to this idea, I let the players take a forbidden knowledge lore check. Since they succeeded, they remembered that the gnomes told them about green light, which is a telltale sign of necromantic magic, and they finally realized for the first time that Lady Eliza might indeed be a vampire. I also had to remind them, that they still do not have any hard evidence and that losing more time most likely wouldn't be the best idea. After considering this, the heroes decided to ride to Nerekhall, to find the traces of Eliza Farrow.

Travelling to Nerekhall:

During their travel, they soon reached the forest where they lost Eliza’s carriage last night. Durik (after having lost his short spear in last night's attack) wanted to create an improvised wooden spear to have a secondary weapon. Although the test was easy and he has good stats in survival, he indeed failed to craft anything useful. However, since he had many advantages left, Durik discovered the corpse of the coachman the heroes were able to kill on their attack.

The search of the body only revealed a simple knife, which Durik wanted to use to build a makeshift spear. Once again, his test failed, but since he still had a triumph result left, he discovered that the simple knife was in fact a custom crafted piece, which should be pretty valuable.

The heroes decided to bury the corpse, but since they lacked the tools to dig a grave, this would have cost them a lot of time to do. Luckily, Ulma had the idea to use one of her alchemic bombs to create a hole. She placed one of her vials in the ground, told the others to stay back and had a triumphant success on her alchemy check. Everyone besides Syndrael got into cover, and an enormous explosion echoed through the forest. Syndrael wasn't able to raise her shield in time, and took some damage, but since she had a triumph effect, she wanted to keep her cool while being hit and nobody noticed she was in fact injured. Since the test was so successful, the heroes were indeed able to bury the corpse without losing any more time.

After about 2 hours, they were able to reach Nerekhall just at about noon. GM Note: I as well as the heroes sadly totally forgot how they handled their horses after this point. I have to come up with something before the next session. The city guard wasn't really paying much attention at first, but they got a bit suspicious once they noticed Ispher. Alys was able to talk her way through, but then Durik joined the conversion and demanded rather aggressively information about Eliza Farrow. This was the final straw, and the guards didn't let the heroes enter the city. One of the guards went to speak with an official about the heroes, and they would have ended up in real trouble soon. Luckily, Alys was able to intimidate the remaining guard with a triumphant success, so that the heroes were finally able to enter the city.

Welcome to Nerekhall:

Shortly after arriving in Nerekhall, the heroes ran into their old companion Thaiden, who left the group weeks before to deal with personal matters. It turns out he has been staying in Nerekhall for a while and was happy to return to the group and support them in their current quest. At first, the heroes seemed to be a bit lost and didn't really know what to do. They decided to march to the market, but while they were discussion this suddenly, something happened. The heroes noticed a number of guards on either end of the road, who were blocking exit. Behind them were the legendary ironbound, about who the heroes had already heard a few things. They noticed that the guards were abrasively checking every person, and closing in from both sides. There was only a small alley, where the heroes could have retreated to, but soon they noticed that the remaining citizens were panicking and retreating there. Still a bit confused about what was going on, the heroes then noticed a robbed figure on the ground, who was crying out loudly. It sounded like an old woman, who had fallen to the ground during the panic and needed help. Ulma was quick to jump to her aid, but a failed vigilance check meant, that she didn't see the attack coming, when she approached the figure, and got wounded in the process. As soon as she was attacked, the city guards nervously rushed forward, and, combined with an attack from one of the other players, they were able to kill creature, which revealed itself as a changeling who tried to hide in the crowd.

After the heroes recovered from their shock, the commanding officer of the city guards interrogated Alys Raine. In the course of the conversation, the heroes revealed their suspicions about Lady Eliza Farrow, and the commanding officer agreed to send them to responsible magistrate.

At this point the party split up: Alys, Leoric and Syndrael went to the magistrate, Ispher, Ulma and Durik headed on to the market and Thaiden went off to see one of his contacts to find information about Lady Eliza Farrow.

Jurisdictional dispute:

Alys and her group arrived at the city hall, and had to wait for a bit, before they could speak to the magistrate. The Magistrate Edmin Cawl, who has jurisdictional force over the city wasn't very amused to find a group of heroes accusing one of the noble guests of Nerekhall as a vampire. He also was too keen about outsiders interfering with Nerekhall’s internal affairs, but Alys and Leoric were successful in convincing the magistrate. They left his office with the permission to discreetly investigate Lady Farrow, but they had to promise that they would bring any hard evidence they’d uncover to the city guards and not act on their own accords. Cawl also agreed to have one of the ironbound covertly following the heroes through the city, in case their investigation would bring them into trouble.

The Pickpocket:

Due to his high streetwise skill, Thaiden was able to find a suitable contact in a short amount of time. The contact told him about a person called Bulvert, who bragged about wanting to do something to Lady Farrow. Strangely, though, this morning he seemed to be scared and retreated to one of his usual drinking places without telling anybody what happened. Due to his good reputation, Thaiden was able to get the information to look for Bulvert in the Ironbrick inn.

Money Money Money...:

On their way to the market Durik, Ispher and Ulma split up. Ulma thought about a way to hurt a Vampire, and remembered with a successful knowledge test that she once heard about a recipe for something called fluid sunlight. On the market she was able to buy the ingredients for one portion (which were very costly), and was able to craft it successfully afterwards.

Durik wanted to buy a new spear, but soon learned that he didn't exactly have the money he needed. He then wanted to sell the dagger he found, but the vendor didn't make a great offer, which he noticed due to a successful perception check. He tried to negotiate for a better price, but failed horribly. After the offer for his dagger became even worse, he decided to head off to a blacksmith to get a better offer.

Sellers remorse:

Durik had to search around for quite a while before he was able to find a blacksmith. At about the same time, Alys and her group had the idea to investigate the coachman's dagger, to use it as evidence in their case. They rushed to the market but were told by the others, that Durik went off in search for a blacksmith, to sell the dagger. Since they failed their streetwise tests pretty badly, it took them a while to catch up. Meanwhile, the blacksmith made Durik a great offer for the dagger (about twice as much as the merchant on the market), and his player was baffled that I let him do a coolness check to see if Durik could keep his excitement for himself. Soon, he sold the dagger to the blacksmith and got himself a hefty sum of coin as well as new spear in return.

Just when he left the shop, Syndrael and Thaiden arrived to hear the he sold the dagger. Furious about the decision Syndrael threw Duriks newly acquired spear onto the wall of a nearby house and entered the shop. She pretended to search for a dagger and browsed the inventory of the blacksmith. She had already planned to let Thaiden steal the dagger if necessary, but politely asking the blacksmith he told her everything about the dagger he knew. Sadly, the dagger didn't show any direct connection to Lady Farrow, and the only thing he noticed was the seal of a dwarven weapon smith of the city of forge. Outside Durik tried to get his spear back (which Thaiden later managed to do) and accidentally destroyed a chest full of woman's clothing in the process, which lead to him being scolded by the owner. After this embarrassing event, the group decided to head to a tavern to meet with the others.


While Ulma was busy crafting the potion, Ispher, Leoric and Alys found their way to the iron tower. This building is the home of the city's wizards, which, amongst other things, created the ironbound to guard the city against the corruption. Curious about the ironbound Ispher asked for permission to enter the tower, but was swiftly dismissed. Later Leoric and Alys joined him, but they also couldn't convince the guards to let them enter the tower without even knowing what they were doing here or whom they wanted to speak. Although Leoric failed his lore check to remember if he knew someone in the tower, he remembered that there was an academy in Nerekhall, where he might gain entrance as a professor of the University of Greyhaven. After being denied entrance, the players however decided to meet up with the others.

An orc, an elf, a dwarf, a dragon hybrid and three humans walk into a tavern:

The group finally met up in a tavern as planned, and planned to discuss, how they want to continue their investigation. Due to time constraints, we decided to end the round and planned to continue 2 weeks later.


This time there are a few things to talk about. Once again, before starting the adventure, I feared we might run into the finale ahead of time, but I was proven wrong a second time. After writing down everything that happened, I realize there was quite a lot going on, but just after the session, I was worried that the players might be bored. They didn't say anything of the sorts, but I noticed that there sometimes was a bit of a ruckus, especially in the scenes that didn't involve some of the players. In hindsight, I have to say that splitting up the party is okay to a certain extent, but as a GM you better make sure they get back together as soon as possible to allow everyone to participate in the game. My decision to add another player might have contributed a bit, and although we will probably finish this not-so-one-shot in the next session with the same group, I won't continue running a campaign with seven players. Six is arguably already too much, and increasing player count doesn't improve the experience for anyone.

Another big problem is getting the players started on the right path. Even before beginning the adventure, I feared the players might arrive in Nerekhall without any real lead about what to do, which was the reason I gave them the letter with the name at the beginning. Sadly, nobody remembered this lead as soon as the players arrived in Nerekhall, and even Leoric, who I reminded multiple times about the academy of Nerekhall wasn't the slightest bit interested to visit it. Luckily, Thaiden was able to follow a lead with the scoundrel Bulvert, but they didn't really seem to be in a hurry to find the person who might know something. Instead, I think they were hung up a bit on the dagger, which in hindsight I perhaps should have made relevant somehow, but it just started as a generic loot item. This was also the reason I forced a confrontation between the heroes and the magistrate when they seemed to be lost. My plan was to let them know that they can't wander around and practice vigilante justice without repercussions, but I sadly failed to give them another lead, which was my original intention.

Here I have to talk about social encounters. I was a bit skeptical when I read about how these are handled, but I liked the idea of them. Therefore, I was a bit excited, when the players faced the magistrate Edmin Cawl. However, it's not that easy to implement these mechanically. As preparation I created a list of 10 points for and against the heroes interfering, but arguing back and forth, then rolling to see if the arguments are convincing, is a bit cumbersome. Due to their high strain thresholds and high numbers, the heroes also don't seem to face the possibility of defeat against a single opponent. In hindsight, I have to say playing this out was rather "meh" and didn't add much to the game. I'm still interested in the concept though, and I plan to incorporate this again at a later point, but it has to be more elaborate.

As a side note, there was another thing I struggled with. The adventure contains a lot of backstory, but sadly, there aren't many opportunities of exposing it to the players, if they aren't trying to learn something. I don't think regular lore checks are a great way to get exposition, but perhaps that's still something I have to improve upon.

Anyway, thanks to anyone who is interested in reading this. I will continue once we finish our next round.
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