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Subject: The Rifter to go on hiatus rss

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Sann Dehrclahs
United States
New York
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I Wish You a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!
Oh, not in Utica, no. It's an Albany expression.
From the most recent Weekly Update:

NEWS: The Rifter® to go on hiatus
The Rifter® will be going on indefinite hiatus in a few issues. The Rifter® #84 will be the last issue for at least two years. Anyone who has a subscription beyond that number, will get a store credit for the balance of their subscription.

I know many of you will be disappointed, but this is best for the company. We are doing this so that all of us can devote our time to releasing RPG sourcebooks, World Books, Dimension Books and supplements, including awaited titles for Rifts® and the Palladium Fantasy RPG® to Beyond the Supernatural™ and Heroes Unlimited™. Moreover, we have been working on several Top Secret projects for the last few years. As those projects heat up, we need more time to devote to them and, hopefully, a large number of new releases. To make this happen, something had to go, and that something is The Rifter® — at least temporarily. We hope you understand.

[edit] Had to tinyurl the address as, much like the rest of the company and its releases, the Palladium website is organized poorly.
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John Snowulf
United States
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Check out my blog at:
Check out my blog at:
They try hard and I love Kevin's enthusiasm. Their Superheroes Unlimited line is one of my favorite implementations of Supers in RPG form, but they need some more help. Kevin works himself way too hard and is spread way too thin.

Alex Bloomberg actually talked about this problem of being the founder/CEO/leader of a company in the podcast Startup. He realized that "he"/his involvement (in each show) could not scale as the company grew, so he had to hire someone else to fill that role so he could focus on other aspects of the company.

I remember moving while I had a sub to the Rifter. I called in and gave my change of address. Kevin was the one answering the phone and said he would get it taken care of. Unfortunately he didn't and since it was shipped via media mail, each issue that arrived after my move was forwarded from my old address and required me to pay the mail man (media mail only covers transit to first destination). Sure it is a small thing, but I doubt I am the only customer to fall through the cracks like that.
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Benj Davis
Summer Hill
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I'm mostly surprised to find that they'd published anything this century...
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