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Subject: Byronic Force and Destiny, session 3 rss

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Hein Ragas
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Two small landing craft launch from the larger ship (that arrived the previous session) and approach the wreck of the Pinnacle. One is heading towards the hull breach, one near the docking hatch. They latch onto the side of the Pinnacle with metal hooks, and then there's the glow of them cutting through the hull. Chunlade the Twi'lek Jedi uses the Jedi cruiser's computer systems to scrambles their communications, but there's some strain to the ship.
IG-N0BL3 the Bounty Hunter Droid pretends to be one of the defected droids, slumped over the loader droid they disabled to blend in with the scenery to stage an ambush. Balar the Togruta Pilot gets his rifle ready.
As Chulade & Sikh Seek L'est the Cerean Jedi go to the place where the second skiff is latching on, the ship gets rocked, sending sparks flying out of the consoles: the big ship fired an ion cannon on the wrecked Pinnacle -- perhaps a warning shot?
The attackers kick the bulkhead in, and inside the skiff is about seven persons. Chulade unleashes a barrage with her blaster carbine, hitting two of them in the face and killing them outright. Sikh uses the Force to lift up the cut-out bulkhead and throws it against the onrushing pirates, the hot and sharp edges of the bulkhead flattens a third. They are obviously pirates with shaggy clothing and leather bandoliers. They are of various species, chattering in Huttese amongst themselves. At the back is a big Deveronian: the leader. He shrugs and levels his blaster at Chulade who locks eyes with him and in one smooth movement drops her carbine and takes out her lightsaber. She deflects some of his bolts but gets hit in the back of the hand. Sikh lifts up one of the remaining pirates (a Rhodian) and hurtles it into the Deveronian (incurring some Conflict) but is not forceful enough. Chulade calmly walks forward and skewers the Rhodian and breaks the rib of a second pirate. They try to shoot back, knocking her back and staggering her. The Deveronian unloads on Chulade again, hitting her in the core muscles of her right arm, rendering it useless. Sikh runs in, brandishing his lightsaber, but stumbles past the big pirate!
(Here, we decided to roll a Force die. Light Side would mean Chulade would get attacked, Dark Side would mean Sikh. We rolled a double Light-side...)
Chulade tries to make a tactical retreat but the Deveronian still hits her and blinds her. The bolt from his disruptor also hits the corridor, triggering a cascade of smaller explosions, severing the connection to the skiff and the Pinnacle, blowing all of his underlings into space, but the Deveronian manages to grab onto a cable. Sikh grabs on and cuts the cable, sending the head pirate after his people into space.

Meanwhile, the pirates in the second skiff disembark and file past IG-N0BL3, ignoring them. When one of them pokes their head through the hole in the door to the corridor where Balar has set up, he hits them with his blaster. But the barricades that Balar was hunkering down behind falls down. The remaining pirates fire blindly into the corridor. That is the signal for IG-N0BL3 to activate and to unload his blaster rifle on the group of pirates from behind, shredding three pirates in one go. The remaining pirates try to fire back but miss completely in their confusion. IG-N0BL3 slowly moves up to the group, mowing down every pirate in their wake, leaving only one standing who doesn't wait for his turn: he flees down a random corridor to get away. (IG-N0BL3 going all Terminator on these poor saps!)
Balar decides to make his way to our ship, while IG-N0BL3 calmly takes aim on the fleeing pirate and joins Balar before even the lifeless body of the pirate hits the floor. But then the explosion and decompression occurs and Balar slips because of the decompression! As he is sliding down the floor, he manages to fire a bolt into a control panel which causes a reboot of the life support systems. The forcefield which keeps the atmosphere in, re-establishes itself. The four investigators re-convene on their ship, Sikh leading the blinded Chunlade.
The pirate ship has stopped firing on the corvette, starts to turn to run away and is priming its hyperdrive. Balar jumps in the gunner's seat and shoots at the ship but doesn't do any damage. But the pirate mothership fails to jump into hyperspace. IG-N0BL3 pilots the Jedi ship and decides to forgo undocking procedures because they would take too long. Taking aim, Balar hits a piece of debris which bumps into the pirate ship, closing down its engines! (That's what you get when you fail your shot, but get a Triumph and loads of Advantages.)

Sikh hails the pirate frigate and orders them to stand down, to allow themselves to be boarded and to hand over their supplies! There is some discussion at the other end, and the pirates ask us not to kill them, offering to explain. IG-N0BL3 asks if they have a Bacta tank, which they do, and they offer to help with our wounded.
The Jedi corvette is docked to the pirate ship. Chulade stays in her stretcher as the rest goes over. At the end of a corridor stands a terrified young Rhodian sweating and holding up his hands. IG-N0BL3 moves forward and threatens termination, and two more pirates come out of hiding. They all kneel down with their hands up. It's just them three left on the ship: the cook, the pilot and an engineer. To make a point, IG-N0BL3 shoots the cook point-blank through the head, leaving the other two in a panic. The droid goes back to pick up Chulade to put her into the Bacta tank. Balar goes to check for supplies, leaving Sikh with the two pirates...

So Chunlade is an Ataru Striker, a style of lightsaber combat that is characterised by relentless attacks. And she did cut through the pirate mooks with ease, but without proper support from Sikh, she did get beaten up pretty badly! But there is a way to get her back into the action, so I don't have to retire her. That's good, because slicing up those pirates was a lot of fun!
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