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Subject: Byronic Force and Destiny, session 4 rss

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Hein Ragas
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After their exchange with the pirates (in the previous session) the only remaining pirates are a Rhodian and a Twi'lek, crying at the feet of Sikh Seek L'est the Cerean Jedi while IG-N0BL3 the Bounty Hunter Droid takes Chunlade the Twi'lek Jedi to the Bacta Tank. The attached medical droid seems to be malfunctioning, repeating "Hello, sir" over and over again. IG-N0BL3 gives Chunlade a breathing mask and dumps her into the tank: the Bacta seems to work fine. Meanwhile, Balar Dash the Togruta Pilot inspects the ship. It's a C-ROC Gozanti Cruiser, designed to be a pleasure yacht, retro-fitted into a cargo/smuggler ship.
Sikh tries to put the two pirates at ease while IG-N0BL3 drags off their dead comrade. The captives tell him that their crew didn't destroy the Pinnacle. They arrived earlier at the Pinnacle, and it was already looted. They did search the Pinnacle and found some blasters, armour and other standard things you'd expect on a Republic Cruiser. Hardly worth the expedition, so they set out those beacons in hopes someone would come looking, so they could ambush the rescuers. The Twi'lek engineer did create the ion leak in the engine at the orders of Jareesh (the main pirate) to mess with sensors -- that would make it easier to sneak up on anybody undetected.
They had been working for Jareesh for three cycles, they were recruited on a moon of Khodia. Balar knows about Khodia, a place at the border with 'Wild Space'. Maybe it was a listening post set up to monitor the border, and it's really out of the way. The pair went there as drifters. Jareesh was told by someone at Khodia that the Pinnacle was here, and he was desperate for a good score.
Balar will check out the nav computer to track the movements of this ship. His shot that shut down the warp engines has shorted something in the nav computer and that wiped detailed records. But they spent a few months at the last place they went -- roughly from the direction of Khodia...
IG-N0BL3 goes back to the Corvette to check up on the man we found aboard the Pinnacle. The man is coming to, and he is terrified of IG-N0BL3, who tries to reassure him he's safe, and offers him food. IG-N0BL3 introduces himself, but the man is too afraid to answer. When IG-N0BL3 threatens to shoot him in the face, the man blurts out that his name is Doreek. Balar enters right at that time, but that doesn't really re-assure him. He lost track of time aboard the Pinnacle, his memory is hazy. He was security, and he remembers Master Roku, and the expedition but no details. He doesn't remember the attack itself, but he remembers six red lights and explosions. He got knocked out and when he came to, everyone was dead. When asked about the cargo that the Pinnacle was transporting, he doesn't know. He hadn't been assigned to cargo, but he does know it was all scavenging and digging equipment on the inbound journey. Once they found a certain item, they left quickly.

The Bacta Tank is taken from the Cruiser and installed in the cargo space of the Corvette (which is now named 'Starblazer'), with help from the two pirates, under threat of IG-N0BL3. They resigned themselves to the fate of slave labour. Escorting the two back to the Cruiser, IG-N0BL3 asks who is best in flying in space, and it's Knaab the Rhodian pilot. Asked what he would do, now that they are no longer part of a pirate crew, he answers he would put in a course to Nar Shaddaa and see how far they would get. Sikh gives him a pep talk: a captain needs to have a clear goal in mind! Just as they walk through the door to the Cruiser, Sikh throws them the code cylinder to the nav computer, leaving them on the Cruiser. The Corvette undocks and we set a course to Khodia.

Sikh reviews Master Roku's notes. They're fragmented and incomplete: perhaps scattered during the attack. When the expedition had just arrived at Lehan they were eager to begin. It soon became apparent that they were there to study Dark Side artefacts. For several weeks they dug, but without much success: they found things like pottery fragments but nothing more. After a month, they found a tablet with written information but couldn't interpret it. Roku intended to consult the archives to see if he could make something out of it. A specific phrase was repeated several times: 'Darrtah'. Roku speculated that it was some kind of ritual chant. They also found more ornate things that were clearly of the masters of the society, and more simple artefacts that belonged to servants. Carbon dating put them at 20.000 years old (so 10.000 before the Republic was founded), near the time where the Jedi order split in Light and Dark.
Then they discovered a vault that was sealed shut from outside, with a sarcophagus inside... It ends with a series of referenced items, correlating with the cargo manifest that Balar downloaded from the Pinnacle, including the sarcophagus.

En route to Khodia, Chunlade recovers two critical injuries (and the effects of the other two injuries wear off). I now have to dedicate 1 Force Point and 5 XP for the Force Sight power, which is not a problem because Chunlade doesn't have any active Force abilities.

Chunlade emerges from the Bacta Tank unassisted (but making quite the mess...) and makes herself presentable again (she still has her pride). She pulls the hood of her robe deep over her eyes, covering the top of her face.
Not long after, the Starblazer arrives at Khodia, a blue-and-purple gas giant, and approaches the moon that's tidally locked. When they get closer, the ship comms get bombarded with messages, all of it spam. Hidden amongst that are docking instructions. The moon has a temperate climate, protected by the ionosphere of the gas giant. Rolling hills and meadows, and something that looks like stone ruins -- with a very modern outpost facility in the middle, capable of housing a few thousand people. An automated message asks to disembark and wait to be greeted. Doreek mans up: it is not uncommon for Jedi to hold military rank in times of war, so he is at their command for this mission.
Four people in Republic uniforms with blaster rifles walk up. The tallest takes off their helmet: a haggard-looking middle-aged Iktotchi. She demands to know what the group is here for, and Sikh answers that it is a private matter, they are looking for someone. He uses his Force powers to make her believe that it doesn't matter. She warns us not to cause any trouble and she marches off with her guards, leaving the hangar door open to a large indoor space. There are stalls and trading posts, people milling about: a proper market bazaar atmosphere -- quite busy for an abandoned outpost! There is a cantina, the market level, the docs, the administrative level. Balar goes shopping. IG-N0BL3 notices that while this looks like a Republic trading post, with people wearing Republic uniforms and Republic insignia around, there are traders offering weaponry that is clearly illegal in the Republic, and the guards do nothing against this!
Balar and Sikh will go to the cantina, with Balar posing as a wealthy collector of Sith artefacts, and Sikh as his assistant. The rest will take up strategic positions elsewhere. They mingle around when they hear a roaring laughter coming from a table in the back. There is a Duros sitting next to an Ithorian, apparently having just concluded a business deal. Balar sits down non-menacingly, and the Duros is interested that someone would sit down at his table without an appointment. Sikh plays the inept secretary, but they know he is a Jedi and he's not fooling anyone -- unless the way the Republic is run has changed recently, and it is the scum that commands the Jedi... But he is interested in whatever deal Balar can bring. Balar asks for artefacts from times long past, but the Duros is not in the habit of dealing in trinkets, because they don't fetch a high enough price.
Balar tells them he is looking for a sarcophagus, but they don't react. They also don't react to the name of the planet Lehan. Balar demands to speak to his manager, but he is a salesman and he works for pretty much everyone here! Maybe he knows something... but everything has its price. Balar offers assistance, but the Duros didn't know the Jedi was in the habit of offering assistance? But perhaps there is something they can help with: did they have a run-in with the CDC? Muut Kork, a friend of his, needs some help. He is an entrepreneur with various lines of business, usually out in the village where all of the colonists are. Balar asks what the task is, but the Duros doesn't know: they will be used to settle a favour the Duros, named Pwoon, owes Kork.

IG-N0BL3 is at the door and notices a Human in a Republic uniform getting up and walking towards the exit as this conversation goes on and goes to intercept. IG-N0BL3 contacts C, who is loitering outside. Chunlade tells him to let the guy pass. He makes his way through the crowd towards the nearest turbolift. Chunlade and Doreek follow him casually at a distance.
Chunlade ends up in the same turbolift as our guy. He asks where they want to go, and Chunlade decides to go to the next level up: the Administrative level. He pushes the button for them, and selects the top button for himself: the Offices. When the door opens, Chunlade and Doreek file out, but take the next elevator up to see what's happening there. They find the guy talking to the Ithorian, but of course they are noticed. The four guards that are also present level their blasters...
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