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Subject: Byronic Force and Destiny, session 5 rss

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Hein Ragas
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Chunlade the Twi'lek Jedi has taken a turbo-lift to the top floor of a colony (in the previous session) and finds herself confronted by several people. There is a Bothan, dressed in official attire. An Iktotchi woman, the same squad leader who welcomed the party to the planet, commands Chunlade to raise her hands and to get out of the elevator. Chunlade asks if they can help them find people who deal in artefacts, but the woman has other plans: she wants to lock Chunlade in a force cage and find out what they are really after. In a smooth motion, Chunlade jumps back into the turbo elevator, deflecting blaster bolts with her lightsaber. She ends up in the middle, at the administrative level, where an alarm is blaring. Workers in overalls and smart office attire mill about, leaving the level in an orderly fashion. Chunlade mixes in with them.
The alarm goes off in the whole colony, so also in the bar. Most of the patrons seem to ignore it. It takes IG-N0BL3 the Droid Assassin offering a bribe for the barman to tell him that it's unusual for the alarm to go off. They call Chunlade, who is moving to a designated shelter with blast doors, so she tells him she doesn't need help. IG-N0BL3 rounds up Sikh Seek L'est the Cerean Jedi and Balar Dash the Togruta Pilot and the three of them leave the bar. The levels are closed off by the troops wearing Republic uniforms and two of them accost IG-N0BL3 as he tries to leave, telling him to go elsewhere to recharge. Balar approaches, trying to keep IG-N0BL3 from creating 'a situation' but that makes one of the guards very nervous. IG-N0BL3 takes his opportunity to completely smash in the helmet and face of the guard standing in front of him! Just as the other guard tries to call in for assistance, Balar shouts into his face to distract him. The guard tries to shoot, but is so disoriented that he misses completely. There's a short scuffle, and then IG-N0BL3 knocks him out too just as Sikh walks up. Operations is trying to contact the guards and Balar doesn't succeed in persuading them that everything is fine, so a team will be dispatched.
Chunlade ends up in a shelter that could withstand everything short of an orbital bombardment. There's workers clumping together and muttering and some security personnel going around doing a headcount. She tries to keep clear of them, but they are bound to notice her sooner or later. She radios in to the others to describe where she is.
The trio moves out towards another turbolift which is under siege by a couple of civilians who want to use the elevator. The four guards manning the checkpoint there are shouting for everyone to move back, brandishing their blasters. A large Nautolan is at the head of the group of civilians, and IG-N0BL3 shoves him straight into the guard that was trying to stop him! In the confusion, Balar shoots an exposed energy cell that explodes in a rain of sparks. People fall down in a panic. Sikh is getting tired of people fighting every time he walks up to where IG-N0BL3 and Balar went and shouts for everyone to calm down. In a panic, one of the guards shoots into the crowd, downing three people! All hell breaks loose and the crowd piles in on the guards who continue to fire. IG-N0BL3 sets his blaster on the stun setting and tries to clear a path towards the elevator, assisted by Balar. The movements of the mob make it difficult to hit anyone. Sikh takes out his lightsaber and the fighting around him immediately stops, with people backing away from him instinctively. He shouts for everyone to stop fighting. These people have probably never seen a Jedi, but they have heard stories. The fighting does stop as everyone waits to see what will happen next. The guard approaches him and addresses Sikh as "Master Jedi". The Nautilon just stares at the lightsaber.
Sikh addresses the crowd and everyone calms down to listen to the Jedi. The Nautilon thanks Sikh for arriving right on time. The guards regrets that things have gotten so out of hand. The guard captain offers to take them upstairs to the commander. The turbolift arrives and Sikh is invited to come along. Balar and IG-N0BL3 join him. They go up and the Iktotchi woman is surprised that there is "another one", meaning another Jedi. Sikh demands to speak to Chunlade, the "other Jedi", but the commander doesn't know where she is. They didn't know Chunlade was a Jedi until she pulled out a lightsaber. They sounded the alarm because they didn't want a rogue Jedi loose on the station. She will take Sikh to the governor to explain. Sikh asks her to cool off the guards because tensions have been rising. The commander orders someone to cancel the alarm.
Chunlade sees the guards concentrate on their comms and then the alarm is cancelled. The workers are herded out of the shelter, back to their stations. Chunlade follows them to the elevator and gets a message from Sikh to get back up for tea with the governor. Guards at the elevator hail her, calling her "Master Jedi" and invite her into the elevator.
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