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Subject: Byronic Force and Destiny, session 6 rss

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Hein Ragas
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After all of the confusion (of the previous session) has been cleared up. the group is escorted by a very nervous young man into the turbolift going up. When they emerge, they are greeted by five guards with their weapons out (but not pointed at anyone in particular). Behind the the squad leader, Tanva the Iktotchi woman, is a middle-aged looking Bothan (his dark brown fur streaked with grey) who looks really fatigued. Tanva speaks to Sikh Seek Lést, the Cerean Jedi, with a sidelong glance to Chunlade, the Twi'lek Jedi: "So first you start a mess and then you solve it. Your Jedi ways are strange! Next time you pour out your puzzle box, don't do it on my promenade. It's hard enough to keep it calm as it is."
The Bothan wears bureaucrat robes in the Republic style and asks Tanva not to be rude to the guests. He introduces himself as Holon Beck, the governor of this colony. He takes the group into his office, passing through the administrative level with people working the various systems that control and govern the colony. His office overlooks the landscape, with a homestead here and there, with the planet looming over the horizon.
Tanva argues that the group should be put through the legal system for starting that riot, because people died! IG-N0BL3 the assassin droid and Tanva butt heads about it, because it were Tanva's people who started shooting! Changing the subject, Tanva demands to know what two Jedi, an assassination droid and a pilot are doing at the colony. Sikh spills the beans and tells them they are here to find a Jedi named Roku who has gone missing.
Holon respons that he had sort-of hoped that the Republic had sent them. The colony's relationship with 'third parties' who are selling Disruptors downstairs is not very cordial. The colony administration is understaffed, undergunned and under-equipped -- barely enough to keep the colony running! By now they'd need a small fleet to clean up. An alternative would be to take away the reason for the undesirables to be there. Holon has information, which he offers up for a price... The group could be a valuable asset to him.
IG-N0BL3 flat-out asks him who he want killed. Tanva tells them that Moot Korrig (the name mentioned by Quun, the guy that Sikh and Balar the Togruta pilot had talked to earlier in the cantina) is the one who is really in charge of the colony. He runs a mine out in the colony -- quite rich in materials required to make Spice. If their operation were to be disabled permanently, they'd probably clear out. Holon offers honest pay for dishonest work, as he is not interested in bringing the pirates to court: his patience has worn out. He points the mine out through the window to a settlement.
As they turn to leave, Holon stops them for one more word. He looks out the window and asks them what they see there. Sikh replies that he sees the Force, but that it is unbalanced. He posits that it will take an infusion of the Light to make it well again. But that is not what Holon sees: to him, it's a pieced of paper written by a senator who has never been here, who has no idea of what it means to maintain the Republic order in this colony. A Code of Ethics does not mean anything anymore out here.
As they leave, Holon implies he wants to discuss something privately with Sikh and Chunlade -- he doesn't want Tanva to hear that conversion, but she has gone ahead back to the lift. IG-N0BL3 stays outside, the rest comes back in. Holon opens a safe behind a metal crest of the Republic that slides away, and takes out a small cloth-wrapped box containing a small pyramid of glass with gold edges: a Holocron. He puts it in Sikh's hands, saying that he knows their master: he was here, he did speak with Holon, and he gave him this, but Holon does not know why. He could tell us more, but this is just an installment.
He didn't want Tanva to see this because she is loyal to a fault. She would die for the Republic, which is admirable, but she would take the whole colony with her. He wants to know how they are going to make the pirates stay away. Because if the pirates come back, they would kill or enslave the rest of the colony population. Holon thinks it might be time to let the colony die. The pirates won't attack on their own accord, but if they would, it would give him an excuse to pull everyone out. A few deaths in exchange for the lives of thousands is a trade he is willing to make. But he defers to the judgement of the Jedi.
Sikh takes the holocron, stating that they would serve the cause of order anyway. As every life is priceless, they will resolve this, but they will not cause lives to be taken to do so. Holon thinks the colony is far beyond the point of saving, and Sikh states that is why he will fail.

As they leave the room, Sikh feels cold, with a gnawing sense of isolation -- there's something Dark about the holocron. It feels cold and heavy in his hand. Chunlade feels it too, like something at the edge of her consciousness. They will save it for when they know more.
Tanva offers assistance and communicator numbers. Sikh asks Tanva what her recommendation would be to deal with the smugglers. She suggests striking hard and fast to disable their mining operations (perhaps by collapsing the tunnels?) and eliminating Korrig and his cronies -- then mopping up would be possible. Korrig has eyes and ears everywhere, so they shouldn't underestimate him.

Meanwhile, IG-N0BL3 discusses their options with Tanva. They have a way to Korrig, by doing him that favour, and then springing the trap. IG-N0BL3 could kill Korrig while the rest collapses the mines. Tanva confirms to IG-N0BL3 that the mines are staffed by pirates, droids and slaves. (IG-N0BL3 later reports to the others that it's just droids.)
Another option is to go there with their ship, land and tell the evil-doers to desist? As a back-up plan, Balar gets Tanva to stand by with a strike team of five to rush to their aid on their signal.

They get to the ship and take off. As they approach the mine, they see several power readings: high-yield energy weapons on static emplacement turrets, which are tracking the ship. They touch down on a vacant lot. The buildings are all prefab, like repurposed shipping containers. The ground is dusty. It all seems hastily constructed. People are walking in and out the improvised buildings with supplies. The actual mines are a short walk away from the ship. People in orange overalls being marched off by a pair of pirates, into the mines. They are probably slaves.
A speeder manned by a Rhodian and a human armed with blaster rifles rides up. They're parked near a building where a ruckus is going on inside. The team don't move as the pair comes up. The human is posturing as Balar approaches and mentions Quun. They use the speeder comms to announce the new arrivals. They can see 'the boss' but need to leave their weapons behind. Cunlade chucks her Carbine in the Speeder, and then they are patted down. The pirates find one of Balar's blasters and Chunlade's lightsaber. They think it's a commlink and the human puts it in his pocket.

They are taken to the room where people are sent into the mines. A Twi'lek slave girl sees Chunlade, but gets hit by the minder when she hesitates to move on. People in orange overalls look the worse for wear when they come up. Grav trains come up with red dust, and people on tables are sifting through it and packaging it in tubes that are placed in crates. There are about ten burly guys in this room.
In a corner sits a Quarren controller who comes over, pleased that Quun finally made good on his bargain by sending the team there. He introduces himself as Korrig. When Sikh asks to speak in private, he refuses: what is more private than the company of friends? Indicating the burly types, he states that they all know what each of them knows. Balar tells him that they are looking for information concerning artefacts. Korrig looks at Sikh and tells him that a Jedi came through there recently. That Jedi wanted in here too -- Korrig didn't know that you Jedi were interested in the Spice trade!
Sikh wants to offer Kofrrig the opportunity to get out. He wanta to know what alternative carreer path Sikh would offer. He is currently the big brother of a band who have uncovered a stash worth millions of credits. He would be richer than a Hutt by stripping this moon dry, and it is worth it to him for three dozen colonists to pay the price. Korrig even offers Sikh to join his band of brothers and share in the spoils. After all, if he were still part of the Order, why would he be here? Everyone needs credits, and if the team would work with Korrig, he could tell them a thing or two about master so-and-so...
Sikh turns the offer down, and mentions "the thing we talked about" to IG-N0BL3. IG-N0BL3 doesn't need any more prompting and shoots Korrig in the face. Sikh tosses his lightsaber to Chunlade and uses his Force Move power to retrieve her lightsaber from the human. The ten 'little brothers' all shoot IG-N0BL3 and damage him a lot. Chunlade lets loose on Korrig with her lightsaber. Balar ducks behind a crate and throws his stun grenade at the group, knocking one of them out and stunning them all.
Sikh tries to use the Force to push the button to open the doors, but he is distracted by the 'screaming' of the holocron in Chunlade's backpack: it is wallowing in the carnage. It feels he has to swim through a tar pit in order to use the Force. Korrig wrestles with Chunlade and manages to prevent her from administering the killing blow. She drops her lightsaber and Korrig picks it up to fight her with it. But he fumbles and drops the blade on himself -- it falls through his chest and he collapses. That is what you get for rolling a Despair when handling a lightsaber untrained!
IG-N0BL3 gets the full load a few times and gets shot up quite badly, but guns a few of the 'little brothers' down. The ones that are left just flee, but run into Tanva's strike team and are gunned down. Tanva walks into the room in full battlearmour and surveys the situation. "Not bad, Jedi. Not bad!"

After much deliberation, it seems like we're going to do the right thing after all...
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