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Subject: Byronic Force and Destiny, session 7 rss

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Hein Ragas
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IG-N0BL3 the assassin droid is the worse for wear after the blasterfight (in the previous session): he is badly in need of repairs, and he applies an emergency repair patch. Balar Dash the Togruta Pilot helps, using spare parts for the various spice refinery machines to repair some of the damage. It doesn't really work that well, but at least some damage is provisionally repaired. Tanva walks over to Sikh Seek L'est the Cerean Jedi, telling him they did good work. There's a lot of filth to clear out in the port, but that's her business. But first the profitability of the mine needs to be ruined, and she leaves six thermal detonators for that purpose. Her team packs up and heads back to the port. People are coming back up the mines: slaves pushing up carts with spice ore. Sikh tells them they are free to go and urges them to return home. They don't need any encouragement to leave the mine behind! Sikh remembers that mines normally have a central hub where mine shafts leading deeper into the mine all convene. That's the best spot to blow up to dismantle the whole mine.
Chunlade the Twi'lek Jedi has found the holocron in her backpack pretty distracting, because it has been constantly urging her to kill her friends because they are going to betray her -- standard Dark Side stuff. But now she notices that the holocron is not addressing her anymore. Instead, it seems to be focussed on something on Korrig's body. She activates her lightsaber and cautiously approaches the body, much to the delight of the Dark Side holocron. She senses... something, and it is similar to a Jedi (Light Side) holocron. She relates this information to Sikh and retreats, leaving him to search the body. Sikh finds a holocron in Korrig's inner pocket. Instead of hatred and anger, it radiates controlled, pleasant emotions. Sikh plans to take time for deep meditation to inspect this holocron when he's back at the ship.
Chunlade and Balar try to trigger the evacuation alarm for the mine, but Balar's shot at the control panel has disabled that functionality. They do get a good look at the mine schematics and find the central hub. There is a tunnel that is markedly shorter than the others, and there is no explanation of what is down there. Maybe that's what Master Roku was looking for? Korrig did mention that Roku wanted to go down the mine -- whatever it was he was looking for. The group goes down the mine, and as they go along, they set any slaves they encounter free.
In the central hub, there is a console blister set up. Slaves come and go into the tunnels that lead away from this area. An Aqualish is yelling in Huttese into the console, trying to get through to the control room up top. As he sees the group, he falls silent. Chunlade merely stares at him and casually activates her lightsaber. He knows what's up and without a word, he raises his hands and carefully drops his blaster. He slowly tries to reach the tunnel that leads up in order to get out, but Balar stops him. He tells him to go and rethink his life when he gets out, which the 'little brother' promises to do.

There's lighting down all of the tunnels, but the short tunnel has no lighting -- luckily lightsabers give off a lot of light! The going is slow, but the walls and floor get more smooth as they progress, and at one point the corridor goes over into smoothly tiled walls, floor and ceiling. The corridor ends with a smooth wall with a hole blown out with mining lasers that looks like it empties into a dark room. IG-N0BL3 steps into a large rectangular room with a high ceiling. Glow orbs on two giant pillars turn on. In the middle of the room is a large block that looks like it was hewn from the rock: a sarcofagus-like construction, at the foot of which is a pedestal with two rectangular, roughly holocron-sized holes...
Everybody piles into the room. Sikh notices the tiling on the walls depicts strange, bug-eyed aliens unlike any they have ever seen, with a large crowd of them holding up a platform on which kneels an important-looking figure holding their hands in a blessing gesture. The important figure looks a lot like a human, certainly not a bug-eyed alien. It's like a tapestry that tells a story. Further along the room, they up-end the platform and it looks like the figure is thrown off the platform into a pit of flames. The rest of the mural depicts figures burning in this same pit of flames, with the bug-eyed aliens celebrating.
Chunlade shouts down the room: "Master Roku!" but apart from a curiously loud echo, there is no answer. Balar shouts "Darrtah", the phrase recorded in Roku's notes about one of the Dark Side artefact. Some of the glyphs on the tiles light up, and a wave of cold Dark Side feeling crashes over Sikh and Chunlade, but it subsides... Is this place connected to the dig that Master Roku oversaw? He did come here to seek something -- perhaps this? But the hole in the wall is not big enough for this sarcofagus, so while it is clear that this is not the one that Roku found, it is also clear that they are connected.
There is a bit of a discussion: why not just blow up the whole mine and be done with it? But the mission is to find Master Roku, and he's not here -- and this is the best connection they have to him, since they know he visited the mine.

Sikh communes with the Light Side holocron. It takes on a lovely blue shade, but as he attunes to the holocron, he notices that the Dark Side holocron is pulsating red. The sarcofagus pulsates from blue to red... Sikh's mind is immediately hijacked by the Dark Holocron. Chunlade senses it doing something: the voices it is making grow louder. It seems very excited to be here. Sikh senses ill will from anyone else in the room and is beckoned by the Dark Side holocron. As he peers inside, he feels Master Roku's presence. He seems calm, happy and purposeful. Roku turns around and all Sikh can see is Roku and himself. Roku smiles and nods at him, and Sikh feels like he is on the right track. Roku holds out a hand, and images of a civilisation being built flood Sikh's mind: creating infrastructure and buildings, applying their will onto nature. Roku is encouraging Sikh to continue down that path.
Sikh asks him where his advice for balance is now. He demands to know how Roku is here now, and why all this imposing your will on nature is now to be considered good? They appear again in the Room of a Thousand Fountains in the Jedi stronghold on Coruscant, but it is now all overgrown: nature has reclaimed the greenhouse, and it seems like a scary place to Sikh. He feels small and threatened by this display of nature. Sikh retorts that fear is never a good motivator: think of the Wookies and the Ewoks working with nature in harmony instead! Roku tenderly holds his hand. Roku tells Sikh to come to him, and Sikh is ejected from the holocron. The holocron locks down and goes silent. All it wants now is to be placed on the pedestal.
Sikh tells Chunlade that he is not meant to explore the Light Side holocron, and leaves that to her. She enters into the meditative state, but as she tries to access the Light Side holocron, it refuses to let her in and she snaps out of her meditation.

The two indentations on the pedestal have markings on them: one has spread wings, the other one has a wheel with spokes. Sikh puts the Light Side holocron on the wheel-with-spoke indentations. The pedestal shifts and with a sound of stone shifting on stone, a panel half-emerges from it, with a small metal ring on top. The red hue on the sacrofagus has been emboldened. Putting the Light Side holocron in the light side hole doesn't do anything. If the Dark Side holocron is put in the light side hole, again the panel emerges, but now the blue hue is emboldened.
Balar examines the panel: it is very old technology, and the ring is actually metallic: it could be some kind of emitter. IG-N0BL3 starts pushing the lid off the sarcofagus and it gives after some pushing. As the lid falls onto the floor, there's a lot of dust. Inside are embalmed remains haphazardly wrapped in cloth. Sikh studies the corpse: it is a female, probably middle aged, not human but so close it's probably genetically compatible with humans. Only the left side is in the sarcofagus, as if it was neatly cut in half. It looks as if it was done purposely with a some kind of surgical instrument. Would the other half have been in the sarcofagus that Master Roku recovered?
Balar proposes to go back to the central hub to rig up the explosives. Then the other holocron could be activated. If something bad would happen, they could be triggered during the flight out of the mine. This plan meets with approval and is executed. While the explosives are set, Balar jury-rigs a grav-lift mining cart to shoot up for a few seconds when it is triggered.
IG-N0BL3 puts the last holocron in the last slot. The lights go down as the emitter starts making a clicking noise, and as it turns around, a hologram is projected: it is a galaxy map, showing a set of coordinates indicating a particular part. They can't read the alien lettering that highlights that spot. The door of the panel slides down, revealing a mount for a long thin tube. But there is something propped up in there, and Chunlade recognises Master Roku's lightsaber. Perhaps this contained the key of whatever is over there, and Master Roku took it?
As they turn around to leave, there is a voice from the hole in the wall. It is the semi-transparent apparition of a female figure wearing a dark hooded robe, about a foot shorter than Chunlade. Fog tumbles down from where the folds of her cloak touch the floor. She is missing the right side half of her body! Her skin is a deep crimson. She demands to know who they are. When Balar asks who she is, she answers that her name is Darrtah Varrai...
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