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Subject: Byronic Force and Destiny, session 8 rss

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Hein Ragas
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Chunlade the Twi'lek Jedi steps to the front of the group and gives her name to Darrtha Varrai (whom they "met" during the previous session). IG-N0BL3 the assassin droid scans her, and the numbers don't really make sense. Varrai also wants to know the names of the others, and calls out their species. She calls IG-N0BL3 a machine, and they objects to that, stating that she doesn't exist. Chunlade can't really determine if that is true or not, but she senses that Varrai is almost swimming in the Force, also undulating between Light and Dark, like the sarcofagus. IG-N0BL3 tries to move through the apparition, but they get flung backwards into the pedestal -- without Varrai even moving! Chunlade convinces them to stand down and not try again.
Varrai warns them to keep their machine in check: not all machines are left whole in her wake. Chunlade asks her what she wants, and Varrai looks at her: her eye has a brilliant yellow iris. There are little tendrils growing out of her eyebrows and the corner of her mouth. Sikh Seek L'est the Cerean Jedi had read about the Great Jedi Schism, and based on that, he recognises Varrai as a pure-blood Sith (as in, the species). That means she must be tens of thousands of years old (or at least her body...) Varrai grins with pointed teeth. She wants to know what they are doing here.
They tell her about their quest for Master Roku. Roku was indeed there, and the two of them spoke for a while. He left his weapon in exchange for a relic that was buried with her. She asks if they know where they are going. Balar Dash the Togruta Pilot knows, based off the star map that was projected, that there is supposed to be nothing at those coordinates in a blank zone in the Outer Rim.... He tells her that he knows where the map points to. Varrai tells them it is her birthplace, and that Master Roku has gone there, back to the beginning, in search of the truth of the Force. Roku came here to seek this information.
Varrai admits that it is unusual for a Jedi to leave their weapon behind, but he exchanged it for her weapon. She used it to conquer much of the known galaxy, after she turned to the Dark Side. She wants them to free her, so she can see what comes next. She needs her weapon to pass on, and also something else from the place of her birth, that Roku is also seeking. She will not let them leave if they refuse to help her.
IG-N0BL3 picks up a hydrospanner from their toolbelt and flings it at the apparition. This only makes Varrai angry and every bit of debris lying in the burial chamber is flung at the droid! They are staggered by the rocks and then the hydrospanner is turned around and whacks them square in the head, knocking it clean off! A wave of Dark washes over them. Balar argues with her that things have changed since her death and this fight doesn't make sense, since the galaxy she once knew has changed. Varrai calms down and faces him, telling him it is amusing that the one to overcome the Dark is not of the Light. She steps aside and says they may leave.
Chunlade knows that Sith can't become Force Ghosts, so what is she exactly? Probably more of a Force Spirit, bound to this place -- perhaps Varrai needs the other half of her body. Balar thinks they should help Varrai pass on, but Sikh and IG-N0BL3 (who screws their head back on) are more hesitant to unleash something like this on the galaxy. The tomb has survived being drilled into and having a mine built around it, so it is unlikely that the explosion will damage the tomb overly much.
They pile into the gravlift and Balar pilots it up at high speed. Halfway up, they trigger the explosives. The blast catches up with them just as the cart flies out of the mine. When it settles down, the dust tastes a bit like Spice...

When they pick themselves up, they see the shutters of the space port are closed, and there are no ships arriving or leaving. All of their comlinks burst alive with the message that the Administrator has been taken hostage by the pirates. Tanva's team underestimated the pirates... The team decides that they need to talk to the Administrator, since he spoke Roku after his visit with Varrai, and they need to determine his loyalty. They pile into their ship and fly back to the colony.
At the colony, they are greeted by one of the troops who gives a short sitrep: the pirates have taken the Administrator hostage, who is vital to the colony. He leads them through the carnage and destruction that resulted from the fights: it's a proper war zone. They are led to one of the turbolifts and escorted up to the administration level. The blast doors to the offices are closed, and Tanva and her troops are there behind makeshift barricades, keeping an eye on the blast door. She tells them that the situation has gone bad: colonists are holed up in their homes, both sides have taken casualties. The pirates threatened to kill the Administrator, and demanded the blast doors closed and that the loyal troops leave the colony. (Tanva's team controls the blast doors.) Keruk Fangear, a Nautilan big-game hunter used the power vacuum to set himself up as a ringleader. (The team has met him before during the fight with the colony guards.)
IG-N0BL3 argues that it would be ok to leave the colony, but Tanva maintains that she can't make that decision. The pirates haven't had food or drink, and Sikh suggests bringing it to them. IG-N0BL3 argues that the colony should be abandoned, and Chunlade talks them down before Tanva loses her patience and does something rash. Tanva arranges for military rations to be brought. Sikh and Balar will go in, IG-N0BL3 and Chunlade will stay out of sight of the blast doors as it opens. Four thugs are there with their weapons out. Behind them is the Nautilan who shouts that they should get lost. Sikh offers them food, and the two acknowledge each other and shake hands. He wouldn't mind some food and drink, and Sikh will stay to have a chat while the doors close again.
Keruk plans to kick the administration out and send out word that the colony is open for business and reopen the spice mine, to take things back to the way they were. Sikh argues that it's a dangerous proposition: there is always a bigger band of pirates who could muscle in. Does Keruk want to have the administrative burden? If the government leaves, then Keruk has to take care of everything himself. Sikh offers him help in working out a deal and convinces Keruk to work with him. The result of their negotiations are the following consessions:
- The smugglers would be allowed to use the spaceport while building up their own, parallel infrastructure.
- They would use droids as a labour force in the spice mine, which are to be supplied by the colony.
- After that, there would be two parallel economies that operate independently.
They go to the governor, who is sitting at his desk, guarded by a Rhodian. Sikh pitches the deal to the governor who is incredulous that a deal between the two groups could be reached, because they tried before. Keruk argues he is not Korrig. The governor studies the proposal and signs it after Sikh's advice.
Meanwhile, Tanva is getting impatient, and then decides that she is going in when a message pops up that the doors have to open. When the doors open, the trio is standing there having an animated conversation about management systems. The two groups start to cooperate in repairing the damage.

After the immediate flurry of activity has subsided, the group is left alone with the governor, who is relieved but not entirely convinced that all of his troubles are over. They ask him about Master Roku. He asked Roku the same thing as he asked them, but Roku wasn't interested in interfering in local affairs. Roku did go to meet with Korrig, but the governor doesn't know what they talked about. When Roku came back, he gave the holocron and foretold that Jedi would follow him, with instructions to give it them. The group says their goodbyes and go to their ship.

Balar repairs IG-N0BL3's injuries. Chunlade does a few laps in the Bacta tank and heals her critical injury. Getting to their destination takes two days, and when they drop out of hyperspace, they see a planet covered with red sand. In orbit, there is a very large junk field, made out of parts of ships of various sizes and ages. Hovering over that is a large triangular battlecruiser, which is recognised as a Sith ship. The hull is breached with multiple holes, but there are power signatures inside: the ship is active.
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