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The Sith battle-cruiser (orbiting the Sith homeworld, found in the previous session) does not have life signs aboard, but there are thousands of power readings on board, apart from the main power plant. Hundreds of additional active power units are dispersed across the junk field, and they are moving through the debris in mechanical patterns. One of them approaches our ship and Balar Dash, the Togruta pilot, scans it from the gunnery seat: it's a small droid, a scavenger droid like the ones that were aboard the Pinnacle. He makes short work of it. That makes all of them stop, and after a few seconds the four closest ones come towards the ship. Chunlade the Twi'lek Jedi slices into the droid systems and finds they are very limited in their instruction set -- they are controlled from a master system aboard the battle cruiser. They don't have battle protocols: they are currently in a search & recover mode, and she removes the ship from their sensors. They go back to whatever it was they were doing.
A message is broadcasted: "See the truth, as I have." with a set of coordinates on the planet surface. There are several power signatures down there, all similar to the ones on the cruiser, and one life sign. Sikh Seek L'est the Cerean Jedi tries to sense something from the life sign, but gets slapped back with an overwhelming wave of Dark-Side Force. IG-N0BL3 the Assassin Droid sets a course down towards the planet. They swerve sidewards to ram one of the scavenger droids. As the fragments scatter into space, they turn to the others and mutters: "It's better this way." Balar theorises that the droids are gathering materials to repair the battle cruiser.

The planet is barren and cold, with salt plains and rocky outcroppings everywhere. Four spires jut up from a pyramid built on a plateau. There is a space cleared away where the crew can land the ship. A squadron of five droids, carrying blaster rifles, are waiting for them. A bit further away is a small campsite with a tent and a fireplace. IG-N0BL3 steps out alone to see what they want. The welcoming committee consists of rudimentary droids, made of jet-black metal, with three very bright red optical sensors in a vaguely humanoid face. They insist that IG-N0BL3 state their designation. They are controlled by the master (they don't know their master's name), and ask whether IG-N0BL3 brings Jedi here. The crew makes ready to disembark.
The droids completely ignore IG-N0BL3 once they see the Jedi and they invite them to speak with 'the Master'. They are taken to the campsite. Sikh goes in, followed by Chunlade and Balar. IG-N0BL3 stays outside. The tent is sparsely furnished. At the far end sits Master Roku at a desk, who gets up and turns to the Jedi as they enter. He greets Sikh and Chunlade cordially. Sikh tells him it's time to head back. Roku correctly guesses it's the Council that wants him back. He wonders whether there is any interest in where he was been. Chunlade answers that they followed his trail and offers him his lightsaber back to him -- but he refuses, saying that he doesn't need it anymore.

Sikh asks Roku to tell them all about it on the way back, and Roku refuses to go back since he is on the trail of something. Chunlade argues that he owes the Council an explanation, and he scoffs that he doesn't owe the Council anything. Balar asks for Roku's reasons to join the Council, and Roku asks him whether he ever found anything that makes him re-evaluate everything. Roku's ideals have changed and he doesn't hold the Council in as high esteem as he used to. His ideals have changed.
They show him the two holocrons. Roku asks how the situation was resolved and Sikh explains how things were resolved. He asks how many bodies we left behind, but we honestly can say that we didn't kill a single person on the planet. There is a bit of back-and-forth as to whose fault it is that people died. He refers back to the words he told them in the dream he sent to them, about them using their own judgement and instincts. As such, he them a deal: they will listen to what he has to say, and if at the end they are not convinced, he will come back to the Council with them. He takes the holocron from Sikh. He tells them that the most powerful holocrons come in pairs and they are aligned. Sikh has the Dark one, and Chunlade has the Light one. They can be combined: if Light and Dark Force are channeled to a pair of holocron, they merge and become more powerful. One could say that it would allow you to ask questions of The Force. Roku's scheme was to get us here in order to help him, because there are two Force users needed, and the bond between master and pupil runs deep and it makes sense that the Council would exploit that bond between Roku and Chunlade. They are standing on the tomb of an ancient Dark Lord of the Siths, who lived countless millennia before. She is something that should remain buried, so he's not sad they blew her up. She was the first to see the Force not as a dichotomy but as a whole. Her greatest achievement, before she was overthrown, were the two holocrons. Roku wants to bring those together: they could make sense of the Force and achieve clarity, and understand it like no-one ever has.
Roku philosophises about the nature of the Dark. He doesn't want to want to go back to the Council and asks what Chunlade knows of the Dark Side. She answers that she has seen what it did with Dartha Varai. Roku likens that to seeing the wreckage and thinking that those remains are what was actually built. Balar asks for what he knows about Master Rand. Roku tells them that Grandmaster Atton Rand threw away a lot of information, amongst which was the location of this planet, which was originally called Korraban. The cycle of Light and Dark has been going on ever since life crawled out of the mud. Chunlade tells him that this apparently has been going on for millennia, and Roku seems to think that he is the only one in all that time with the special abilities to control this. Roku starts a rant about Jedi dogma. Chunlade tells him that she makes a choice every time: she is not a slave to anything, but at every time she chooses Light. Roku grabs her arm and tells her that this is his influence in her training: to trust her instincts. Sikh insists that Roku is asking them to blindly trust him -- so what's the difference? Sikh leaves the tent. Chunlade tells Roku that she wishes him the best, but she is going to return to the Council. Balar tells Roku that not everybody gets this opportunity, and now they reject it. Roku runs outside, and calls out to the Jedi: they agreed to humour him, and he wants to show them what he's seen, below them, in the tomb. Sikh rejects this proposal. Chunlade does so too, telling him that she has had enough of his little treasure hunt, and that he is not equipped to deal with what he is about to unleash.

Roku pulls aside his robe and retrieves the double-bladed lightsaber that belonged to Dartha Varrai. "I took this from the tomb of a Dark Lord of the Sith. She tried to use it in service to both the Light and the Dark. I will use it to serve neither. I do not need your cooperation, I will do what I want." The Jedi are okay with leaving him to his devices and do not engage him. He turns to the droid, activating protocol Omega one. IG-N0BL3 doesn't wait to find out what it means: every time a protocol is activated, it's trouble! They completely destroy the lead droid. Roku activates the twin blades of the lightsaber and jumps at them! It doesn't hit them, but the Force blast knocks them away!
A hard fight breaks out, with almost all of them being severely wounded by Roku. Balar's hand is cut by Roku, and as the rest are taking care of the droids, Chunlade moves into range and takes on a defensive stance. She tells Roku that she had hoped it would not have to come to this. Roku is too far gone and tells her that he is going to make her see, even without her eyes. He lays into her and wounds her severely. This is typical: everybody busies themselves with the mooks while leaving Chunlade, who is a veritable glass cannon, to be carved up by the main baddy... IG-N0BL3 snipes Roku from afar and does a decent amount of damage, but some of the reflected bolts are directed at Balar.
Roku offers Chunlade to join him, arguing that so many lives have been lost and that the Force doesn't deserve her loyalty. She replies that the Force never attacked her viciously. In anger, he Force-pulls the lightsaber from her hand. "Stay down!" he growls at her and turns towards Sikh, who tries to pull out Roku's lightsaber from his hands in vain. Chunlade tries to attack him with his own blade, but misses... As Balar shoots down the last remaining droid, Roku bears down on Sikh. Sikh gets a hit in but gets knocked down. Balar runs up the pyramid and shoots from his higher vantage point and gets a good hit in just as Roku raises his weapon to strike at Sikh... Chunlade strikes Roku from behind. She senses the unbridled rage from him: this is not the man she used to know. She slices him across the face, staggering him. She doesn't let up, slicing him again: her Ataru instincts are kicking in.
He summons the Dark Side to attack her, and it's clear the both of them are running on empty. Roku's wounds are taking their toll, as Balar knocks himself out with a final shot at Roku. IG-N0BL3 snipes Roku and shoots him in the back. Roku's vision is going dark. With one of his last moves and he slices off Chunlade's lightsaber hand. With her disabled, he turns his last attention to Sikh and slugs him but doesn't do much damage. Roku knows his last minute has come, falling down to one knee, the blade falling out of his hands. A trickle of blood pours out of the corner of his mouth. He gasps: "I could have been so much..." and then IG-N0BL3 shoots him in the back of the head, ending his dying monologue.
IG-N0BL3 picks up Chunlade and her hand. They leave Roku's lightsaber and the double-bladed one with Roku's corpse.

Some weeks later, Balar is back in the bar, with IG-N0BL3 starting a new bar fight and tossing a guy across the bar. Balar decides not to join in, preferring to reason with the other party.
Sikh is manually disassembling his lightsaber, and it's not clear if he re-assembles it.
Chunlade wakes up from a nightmare, clutches her nightclothes with a cybernetic hand. Scar tissue covers her eye sockets, and the lines in her face have deepened.
The two Masters who gave them the mission are in the halls of the Jedi Archives. They are both holding one of the holocrons, and Kavak walks off with the Dark Side holocron. The Light Side holocron is stored somewhere else in the archives...

And with that epilogue, the campaign is complete! Thanks for following along!
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