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Subject: Nightmarket Black, Session 1 rss

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Hein Ragas
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When we started with this campaign, everything was still wide open, and through discussing our preferences, we decided on what the game would be. As our Crew type, we settled on Hawkers, because that seems to be the most versatile type, with many different missions possible. Our crew is selling drugs: a cheap but highly addictive substance distilled from Leviathan blood, with plans to diversify...
As our headquarters, we chose an old hotel in the south of the Six Towers quarter: we've occupied the basement laundry, which we use as cover for our workshop where we manufacture our product. We sell it just across the bridge on a corner in Nightmarket which we can easily reach -- it creates a nice little distance between our lair and our business.
We end up with the following characters:
- Myrtel "Spook" Dawson, a Lurk who enjoys drinking in brothels;
- Lucius Molesley, an elderly Cutter who feeds his granddaughter with his ill-gotten gains;
- Narian "Jubilee" Porlock, a sour-faced Leech who enjoys drug-filled sexual escapades; and
- Midian "Crate" Hunter, a broad-shouldered Slide with a a cultured streak.

The group is summoned by Mr Hutch, the second-in-command of their 'patrons', the Greycloaks, who are trying to take over the whole of Six Towers. They are having problems with the Billhooks making incursions, aided by the Bluecoats, the arch-enemies of the Greycloaks. They want the crew to help them deal with it. They also know that the Foghounds, a band of smugglers, are desperately holding on to their supply caches in Six Towers. The crew knows of them through their... mutual acquaintance, a Mr. Hoxley, who has been supplying them with the Leviathan blood they need to distil the Nightmarket Black drugs.
Meanwhile, the crew is having problems of their own: Mr. Hoxley has vanished without delivering the batch of blood they paid him for two weeks ago. Jubilee the Leech is getting frenzied: he needs the stuff to cook up the next batch, and he needs it when his black-banded sea serpent will lay its eggs! (The rest of the crew did not know he kept a highly venomous snake casually crawling around in their hideout, but everybody takes note of it...) Mr Hoxley needs to make good on his word!

Mr Molesley, the elderly Cutter, walks around the docks and finds some dockworkers who did some business with Hoxley. They can tell him that Hoxley went into hiding in Crow's Foot. Easy enough, you'd think, except that it's like a warzone out there: the Red Sashes and the Lampblacks are engaged in all-but-open warfare for dominance.
Jubilee takes one of the last doses of the product, and goes to ply his lover with sex and drugs, and manages to get out of them that Hoxley is hiding out in the basement of the Red Sashes' fencing school. But the crew he's in, the Diving Bells, now know that Hoxley is a Person of Interest to us...
Spook the Lurk goes to survey the fencing school from the rooftops, while Crate the Slide provides support by being obvious on the streets. Spook discerns that it's not the kind of place where you'd keep prisoners, so the conclusion is that Hoxley is there of his own volition. Crate is so obvious that people will remember his face, which might or might not complicate their lives in the future.
The Crew briefly discusses trying to get into the fencing school posing as a crew making a delivery, but that plan is quickly abandoned. They decide to let Hoxley stew in his own juices and secure an alternative supply line for the blood.

Crate gets into contact with Hutch and he sets up a meet with Margaret Vale, the leader of the Foghounds. They will meet in one of the underground canals. Crate takes Mr Molesley and Spook with him, and they meet Margaret with two of her heavies. After a bit of posing, it is recognised that their purposes are aligned: the Foghounds can get them the ingredients they need, if they tell them where Hoxley is. The Foghounds could then extract the payment for the shipment from him! But the two groups don't know if they can trust each other, so as a sign of good faith, the crew will clear out one of the caches that the Foghounds use in Six Towers of Billhooks. (This will also get them into the good books of the Greycloaks, so it serves two purposes!)
Jubilee produces the blueprints of the townhouse in question: there is an access from an underground canal into the cellar, which makes it ideal to transport and store contraband unseen. Spook does a quick survey and sees about four Billhooks posted there in between deliveries. The plan consists of Jubilee and Spook going in underground, and Mr Molesley and Crate going in through the front door!

Crate immediately engages a Billhook as he enters, opening up the corridor for Mr Molesley to take out that horrible fish gutting knife he uses, and basically gut two of the Billhooks with it. They push them to the kitchen beyond the entrance corridor.
Meanwhile, Spook and Jubilee enter the cellar and fail to sneak up the rusty and creaky iron staircase, alerting one of the Billhooks. And tossing a grenade to the man fails as well, resulting in the staircase being destroyed and Spook landing painfully, with Jubilee hanging on to the door to the landing...

The first few sessions with a new game and a new group is always filled with some kind of 'shifting', to see where your niche in the group is. It worked out wonderfully: all characters bring something unique to the table, like interlocking gears.
We could have done a million different things, but we chose this. And I'm looking towards injecting the occultness of the setting into our campaign with equal parts anticipation and trepidation.
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