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Subject: Nightmarket Black, session 2 rss

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Hein Ragas
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Jubilee the Leech is still dangling on the door to the cellar, with the iron staircase blown into rubbish from one of his grenades after his disastrous miscalculation with his grenade in the previous session. Spook the Lurk is lying in the rubble downstairs, her ankle twisted...
Meanwhile, Crate the Slide is wrestling with one of the two remaining Billhooks, and convinces him that legging it is the wisest choice: Mr Molesley the Cutter is just finishing cleaning his fish-gutting knife after stabbing two Billhooks in one fell swoop. The pair do a little 'dance' to get the Billhook in a straight path to the door, and he runs off. Molesley, slightly disappointed in this turn of events, intimidates the sole remaining Billhook, who has been threatening Jubilee, to sit down and talk to him. We learn that the boss of the Billhooks, Tarvul, is incarcerated in Ironhook prison, and his sister has taken over as acting boss. They are based in a butcher's shop over at the Docks. Satisfied that he won't be able to get more out of this poor bastard, Molesley thanks the man and stabs him dead -- thereby icking out Spook who is lurking in the kitchen after clambering up from the cellar.

Jubilee is dragging the bodies of the Billhooks to the front door: previously, he had made arrangements with an Apothecary 'frenemy' who needs fresh cadavers to experiment on (for a price): the crew doesn't want to be anywhere near fresh dead bodies when the Spirit Wardens come to collect them! But they also need some time to loot the stores of the Billhooks: they promised to turn the cache over to the Foghounds, but never discussed what to do with the current contents... Crate is inspecting the stores, and it's all paintings and other artworks. He had made arrangements for one of his contacts, a fellow named Fallow, to turn up with a barge at the canal entrance, but he's a bit late. That did give Crate some time to select the best pieces, and while the loot is sold and liquidated into Coin, Crate keeps his part of the loot.
Once the loot is loaded up, Crate visits Margaret, the boss of the Foghounds, and notifies her that the cache is now theirs to use once again. He also discloses the location of the wayward Mr Hoxley. She is impressed, and the crew now has a direct link with the Foghounds!

The score over with, it is time to switch to downtime activities:
- Spook drinks the night away;
- Jubilee engages in intense chemsex;
- Crate partitions off a little nook in the basement, and make some kind of 'art appreciation space': he spends the whole day arranging the artworks he kept just right;
- Mr Molesley goes to the hovel where his granddaughter is 'kept' to pay for her upkeep, but things go wrong and she is evicted! So he ends up at the hideout with a 5-year girl in tow...

Then the ghosts of the three Billhooks Molesley killed turn up as well, and attack. It ends up in a mad scramble with random chemicals (both for the production of our drug and for grenades), and it is driven off. For now...

The crew also goes up a level!

I like how the system allows flashbacks at the expense of stress to make arrangements for something that 'emerges' during the score. It's something I missed in The Sprawl, and it makes play flow much smoother.
We also got our first taste of the occult dimension of the game. We'll have to see how that will play out.
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