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Subject: Nightmarket Black, session 5 rss

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Hein Ragas
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Spook the Lurk manages to defeat the lock of a door blocking her progress into the Billhooks HQ (which she infiltrated in the previous session), only to find empty sleeping quarters with lots of bunk beds and some heavy chests for personal effects. The room is empty, but then she can hear people come up, and she hides under one of the beds.

Outside, two of the Billhooks decide to check on Molesley the Cutter, who is posing as an old man trying to find a place to huddle down for the night. They are quite violent with him, kicking him in the chest and ordering him to move on. He does, but calls them pansies under his breath as he ducks into an alley. Obviously they pursue, which is just what he had in mind! Crate the Slide sees this happening from the opposite alley, and he walks around the block to assist Molesley without attracting the suspicion of the remaining Billhooks. Molesley gets into a vicious fight, and Crate manages to come up behind the Billhooks -- which makes quick work of them. However, this makes enough noise that the others are alerted!

The people in the room that Spook is in are called down to assist with the disturbance outside, and they leave. Spook emerges and makes use of that fact to plant some of the product, Nightmarket Black, somewhere along with a vague note on where to get more -- a 'reverse drug raid'.

Outside, Molesley and Crate are pursued by four Billhooks. They can't outrun them, and while Molesley guts two of them in a whirlwind of knives and old men, Crate is beaten senseless and left for dead. Stress overload, Crate gets a Trauma! He becomes 'Reckless'.

Back in Billhooks HQ, Spook hears something that stresses her out, and she blacks out and ends up at her lover's lodgings. Spook resisted a Complication, but that gave her stress overload, so she gets a Trauma too! She becomes Haunted. This ends the mission, so we go into Downtime.

Post-mission bookkeeping:
The slaughter of the Billhooks has attracted their ire: the Crew is now at war with them. The Billhooks drop to a Tier 0 gang, because of their loss of people. But with the amount of Heat that generated, one of their contacts is brought in for questioning by the Bluecoats. The Crew decides to pay the Bluecoats off before they are interrogated...

Downtime activities:
- Spook has her ankle looked after (which still hurt after falling from those stairs in the previous tangle with the Billhooks), and gets some training in Resolve.
- After coming to his senses and dragging his sorry carcass back to the hotel, Crate continues with his project to find out who the movers and shakers in Six Towers are, but doesn't make much progress. He even sells off all of his assets to continue: he wants an alliance against the Billhooks! They're down now, and there are more gangs who want them off the streets... But again, he doesn't make much progress.
- Jubilee the Leech goes to the Bad Mariah, a pub frequented by Bluecoats. He goes there to buy drinks and tell tall stories, and throws the Bluecoats somewhat off their track. But this stresses him out too...which yields the trauma Paranoid.
- Molesley returns to the hotel, only to find his granddaughter Annette missing. She is nowhere to be found, and Molesley spends all of his resources to find her. Somehow, he tracks her to the mansion of Lord Scurlock, a noble with a keen interest in the occult. People saw her going in there, and Molesley forgoes food and rest to find out what has happened. When one of Scurlocks servants goes out for shopping he follows the man and accosts him in an alley close to the hotel. The man doesn't know much: only that Annette came to the mansion gates one day, all by herself, and asked to see Scurlock. She was let in, and allowed to stay in the mansion. She and the Lord go downstairs to the catacombs ever so often, and no-one knows what happens down there -- but there are rumours that there is weird stuff going on there. Annette seems happy: she talks a lot, plays and draws -- when not engaged in occult rituals. Molesley grabs the man's arm and cuts his wrist, letting him bleed out without messing up the livery he is wearing. He strips the body and dumps it somewhere inconspicuous...

It is a week before they all meet again in the hotel -- apparently it's not a very sociable Crew, and Jubilee is missing. Spook will go to the streetcorner in Nightmarket that the Crew occupies to sell the product (there is about a month of normal supply left), and Molesley and Crate will return to Ironhook prison to talk to Tarvul again...

The Crew gains a Tier, and everybody gained an advancement for their characters too!
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