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Subject: Nightmarket Black, session 6 rss

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Hein Ragas
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Jubilee the Leech is still missing after stressing out and going on a drug-induced bender (in the previous session). In his paranoia, he feels like the rest doesn't see him as a valuable member of the crew: the way Molesley the Cutter played him off as incompetent during their talk with Tarvul, or how Crate the Slide didn't have time for him back at the hotel. They're all caught up in their own things, and Jubilee thinks his thoughts and aspirations go unheeded.
Of course, his absence does not go unnoticed. The crew needs Jubilee to cook up a new batch of Nightmarket Black, because the supplies need to be replenished, and only he knows the recipe. (That's another reason Jubilee feels unloved: nobody has taken any interest in his work for the crew!) Spook the Lurk sets out to find Jubilee, and comes across the terrarium that holds the sea crate, which produces the main components for the drug. With Jubilee gone, the snake goes neglected, and Spook gives it something she finds lying around, in hopes that it is the right food for her (it isn't!). Rummaging through Jubilee's belongings, she finds an empty photoframe. The argentotype is missing, but it has left markings on the glass. In reverse, the markings make out words: Charhollow, Stone-cut and Eelery, Mara. Spook decides to follow up on those leads.

But first there's a 'war council'. The crew need to get back to Ironhook to make their appointment with Tarvul, the leader of the Billhooks, who is being held there. Jubilee gave him some of the product and promised to come back in a week. They decide that Molesley will take Crate along, and they will pose once again as Millhouse and his nephew Julian -- Crate will simply take over that role from Jubilee. They take the ferry to Ironhook and are admitted to the speaking area. There are no other visitors: just them and a Bluecoat guard who seems to know who they are and what this is all about. Tarvul is brought in, and he looks awful, defeated. He is hooked on the stuff: there are scratches in his neck and he is fidgetting constantly, eager for his next hit. He demands to get more Nightmarket Black, and they hand him a pack. He snorts it immediately and goes out. The Bluecoat approaches: he wants to make an arrangement for the supply of the stuff. He claims to be authorised, and advises that the spread of Nightmarket Black within Ironhook must be controlled and contained. Otherwise the officials higher up will find out, and that will be seriously bad for business on both sides!
Crate negotiates very succesfully (a crit!) and the crew gains access to Ironhook Prison as a Foreign Market!

Spook finds out that the leads on the photo point to Samson & Lamb, an eel shop. It is run by a Skovlander and someone from Akoros -- it's been here since the war between the two countries. They serve eel & mash pies. One of the windows is boarded up because it's been smashed, and there is racist graffiti, alluding to the homelands of the owners, in red paint on the board. Spook cases the shop for a bit and then stumbles in. Ever subtle, she shouts: "Who has seen a tall, dark and twitchy kid recently?" One of the patrons ignores her but obviously tenses up, turns around, doesn't say anything to her and then pointedly starts studying a large vintage ad. Spook immediately walks up to him and insists that he knows -- she wants him to tell her because she "lost him". The man gets a sad look over his face and mumbles that he lost him a long time ago... Spook insists again, and he demands to know who she is. She describes herself as 'a colleague', and the man decides he doesn't want to have anything to do with her. He wishes her good luck and he walks out.
When asked, the proprietor of the shop knows exactly who she is talking about: the man that just walked out is Stilton, Jubilee's dad! Spook decides to follow him to his house further up the street. She knocks on the door, he introduces himself and she mentions her name. Stilton doesn't know where Jubilee (whom he calls "Merian", probably his given name) is -- but probably somewhere being high, out of his mind on drugs. He also remembers that Merian once mentioned a chap named Esk -- maybe Spook could find him and see what he knows? Stilton seems to have resigned in having no contact with his son, and asks Spook to look after Merian.

In a cinematic sequence, we see Jubilee in a dilapitated ornate building. He's lying on a thin matress, surrounded by 8 or 9 other unfortunates. In a corner, a couple is arguing. Somewhere else, you can hear someone coughing. Someone with a very distinctive gait walks by and checks on a poor old woman. They rifle through her pillowcase, pull something out and hide it away.

Lots of roleplaying this session, only a few rolls. But I'm happy to report that I broke my streak of failure and rolled a crit in one of the few rolls that were made this session!
Jubilee is going to be retired as a character, and we'll get a new "friend" next session. But with him gone, our dwindling supply is our top priority...
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