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Subject: Dark Curtains - Session 38 rss

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Session 38 - An Ice Cube in on Sea

Campaign's Master List: Dark Curtains

Previous Session: Session 37
Next Session: TBD

Game System: Dungeons & Dragons (5th Edition)

Setting: Forgotten Realms

RPG Items Referenced
Volo's Guide to the North
The Grand History of the Realms
The North: Guide to The Savage Frontier
Hoard of the Dragon Queen
Princes of the Apocalypse

Mervyn Lumendyne
Cassius Ramileus
Mira Armstrong
Ruvar Wildtoe
Male Rock Gnome
Male Human
Female Human
Male Tiefling
Female Half Elf
Male Human
Non-binary Fey
Classes & Levels
Wizard 9
Cleric of Ilmater 9
Battlemaster 8, Warlock 1
Monk 8
Rogue 8
Druid 8
Warlock 8

Significant NPCs

Maccath the Crimson - A missing member of the Arcane Brotherhood, sought out Arauthator to study the Draakhorn.

Captain Lerustah - Captain of the Frostskimmr, a single mast longship with 40 crew.

Bonecarver - An icehunter shaman.

Arauthator - A white dragon that who was the last known possessor of the Draakhorn.

Thus Continues the Adventure...

The Burning of Soubar

Ruvar had visions, dreams that have left him concerned over the past several weeks. They were warning him of today.

Soubar was just a minor trading town along the trading route that connected the kingdom of Cormyr beyond the Sunset Mountains hundreds of miles to the east and the City of Splendors, Waterdeep, much farther to the north. However its placement along this active trade way wasn't what made Soubar remarkable. It was its close proximity to the Forest of Wyrms.

In the past week his tribe had begun seeing folk dressed in matching sets of armor, crafted to take on a scaled and horned look similar to dragons. They walked the woods closest to Soubar. His people thought them to be the soldiers of a lord that had come to the forest as adventurers do each year, to hunt dragons. Such hunts never went well for the brazen mortals, though when successful they only find the youthful among the dragons that had a similar combative mindset.

Things have definitely changed. Just yesterday, Ruvar encountered Volzakaris. Ruvar's father, Alvam, has described him to be the most powerful of the dragons that are loosely known as the Fenghuang Weyr. It cut an imposing impression as it sleeked through the forest as a hunter.

Making itself known it eyed Ruvar, "Your people's attempts at making peace has come to an end. Begone from my hunting grounds."

Much has happened since that encounter. His tribe's home attacked and burned by the foreign invaders, supported by the youthful green dragons that Ruvar had assumed they were hunting. With his family safe he rushed to Soubar to spread the warning, but he was too late.

War has broken out, evident by the noxious and burning mixture of ash and chlorine gas emanating from Soubar. The town was under assault by same outlanders. He came to understand that they were cultists, came to worship the dragons of the forest.

Unsure of how he was discovered, but a small group of cultists had almost successfully ambushed him as he was observing Soubar’s demise. While skilled in the ways of war and combat, they were easily heard by the druid that was raised within these woods. As he broke from his hiding place they gave chase, joyfully shouting how they were going to feed him to the dragons.

Before him suddenly appeared in a poof of fey magic the small familiar form of Nutmeg.

"Your sister is safe!", looking confused as they took all that was happening.

"Why are we running?", Nutmeg asked whimsically. "Oh my! Whatever is that smell!?!"

As they made it to a large redwood, they took a breather. The sound of their pursuers was heard as they came together around one side of the great tree. The sneaky pair quietly slipped around the far side of the approaching pursuers.

They were met by a flash of light.

Trolls! Wait, Who's That? - Eleasis 14th - Night

The group responds to the crew's shouts of alarm to the appearance of the trolls climbing from the frozen sea. As they respond a sharp flash of light draws their eyes. From the light a man appeared on the whale blood soaked boat landing, wearing simple clothing one wears south of Waterdeep. The man was clearly out of his expected environ as he immediately begins to react to the sudden impact of the frozen north. A squeak of a scream came from a small blue figure that leapt from over the shoulder of the new comer, landing on the hard cold ground. It was a fairy that quickly rummaged out a biscuit to nibble upon, bringing relief from the arctic cold.

The fight did not last long as the group leapt into action. The group heard protests from Hazirawn as Mira had it cleave into the regenerative trolls. Willing the blade to continue its bloodless work resulted in lashing back, giving her a taste of the ill tasting life force. The group looked on, hearing the hissing voice of the blade for the first time.

As the fight wound down, they greeted the two strangers. Ruvar and Nutmeg had little explanation of their appearance, only that they were in Ruvar's home forest just moments before arriving. Many were particularly interested in Mira's blade, with Cassius speaking ill of the blade. Mira assured them that she was in control of the blade, in spite of her new display of arcane powers during the fight.

When the conversation turned to their plans of how to contact the shaman, Cassius spoke up against going further with the group's desire to remain on the iceberg. Pulling a scroll from his pack, he offered an escape for those that wished to join him. He promised that the scroll had the ability to return them all to Waterdeep. Only a seven men from the ship's crew took the offer. Handing over the wand of healing that Mervyn had previously given him, Cassius wished them well but predicted their doom if they were to face the dragon within this arctic landscape. Mira ushered him to leave quickly, he complied but without another word of warning for Mira.

Into the Cold Depths

After difficult introductions between Bonecarver and the group due to language barriers, they learn that there are tunnels and chambers within the iceberg. Arauthator resides within a cavern that has been carved near the waterline. Within the shaman's hut was an entrance to the tunnels. The descent was dangerous but they successfully made it to find a storage room. They found that the tunnels were active enough to cause caution. An initial exploration by Nutmeg proved hazardous as she encountered a group of kobolds conducting some form of maintenance on the tunnel's walls. Spotted the kobolds fled in all directions to issue warnings. The kobolds that fled past Nutmeg did not make it past the storage room as they were ambushed by the party.

Concerned with the raised alert they quickly tied up the kobold and hid themselves by spells and amongst the couple of dozen storage bins within the room. A patrol led by a ice troll explored the storage room in their search for the minute intruder. Their efforts did not pierce the magical veil that the group enacted.

Having used much of their magical resources to fight the trolls on the surface, make their way to the shaman's hut and hide themselves from the alerted patrol, they decided to rest. Ruvar called upon his shadowy power of the Gloaming Court, shrouding a section of the large store room in magic. Within the space the group was able to do a full rest, even while a group of kobolds entered the storage to gather some food supplies and again to enter to refill the whale oil lanterns hanging from spikes embedded in the walls.

Rested they continued their search, over the next couple of hours. They found an ill ice hunter, that they were unable to assist, along with a restored longship, a treasure room with frozen giants, and eventually Maccath's hut.

I Can't Leave Without Them!

Nutmeg led the group to Maccath's tent, eliminating her troll guard by turning it into a snow rabbit. In time that snow rabbit would see their blades. The discussion with Maccath went on for a while. They learned that Arauthator had attacked the Hosttower of the Arcane, the Arcane Brotherhood's tower in Luskan, stealing a significant cache of magical writings and knowledge.

The dragon had tasked her to decipher a collection of particularly complex and dangerous tomes that were beyond the dragon's efforts to understand. Resolved to her work and responsibilities she refused to depart without taking the large collection of stolen property. The group was split on what to do, but having found Maccath she was willing to part on them her knowledge of the Draakhorn.

Using a magical paper bird, Mervyn wrote an extremely short and stunted summary of the notes he gathered from Maccath and set it free to find its way to Waterdeep, even if they never do. Discussions of teleporting away with the treasure wouldn't lead to success. There was too much to be taken, and some of the items are within Arauthator's lair.

With the night getting late, we ended the session here.

Session Notes

I did retcon an aspect of the last two sessions due to an oversight on my part. At this time of the game year, there isn't a "night" time in the arctic. This wouldn't have really impacted anything that occurred in the sessions, but it will allow me to explain why the dragon's lair won't be pitch black.

I really enjoyed the group's search of the tunnels. I feel that I successfully gave it an air of mystery and danger. This was aided by a new tool I've added to the table. I purchased a Flip 4 Portable speaker. I've built up a library of sound effects that included howling winds of the frozen north, and the dripping sounds of a wet cavern. I was concerned with the sound being a disruption, but the volume was at the right level to be heard but in over the course of the game it blended into the background. It was great! I'd recommend GMs that haven't, try give it a try if you are able. My collection of sounds came from YouTube videos that people use to go to sleep. I purchased WavePad Sound Editor to cut the recordings down from 8 hours to just 10 minutes. =)

Previous Session: Session 37
Next Session: TBD
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This session was great! I previously played Tidget, and so I've been away from the group for a few months. Coming back to play Nutmeg was so much fun. I loved the setup so that I could surprise everyone when my character appeared! No one but the DM (Wenin) knew I would be attending.

Nutmeg is a custom few folk race Wenin created for me. I have the ability to pop in and out of the area, providing an explanation for sessions I can't make. I recently listened to the critical role episodes they spent in the Fey wild, and I tried to play up that chaotic nature.

My favorite moment might have been when Mira used detect thoughts on Nutmeg. I played it out that my mind was moving very quickly from topic to topic, about inconsequential and silly things. Think Data explaining his thoughts, but more jokes and less math!

Nutmeg and Ruvar have a history of knowing each other for a while. They're friends, and have an invested interest in keeping each other safe. The dynamic is really fun to play out though! Nutmeg (this slightly larger than barbie creature) calling a grown man her pet mortal. Then in private reassuring him that he was her best friend... She just wanted to look like a tough immortal for the new guys. Super sweet moments. Ruvar played it up well, being long suffering and affectionate.

I'm excited to see where this goes!
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Also.... That injured person... We forgot about them in the next session, but we did loot the cavern. Did we ever find them? cry
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