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Subject: Nightmarket Black, session 7 rss

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Hein Ragas
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Molesley the Cutter visits "Boss", the Iruvian co-owner of a barbershop he frequents. She is an information broker of sorts, and Molesley comes to get a haircut and for info on Lord Scurlock, who hosts Molesley's grand-daughter Annette at his estate. Boss knows about Jubilee, and she proposes to Molesley to get a cut of the proceeds to help us resolve the supply issue (since Jubilee could not be found in the previous session). Molesley brings her into the crew without consulting anyone, which seems quite typical for this group of scoundrels. Boss is a Spider, the replacement PC for Jubilee's player. Her vice is Faith: she is a secret demon-worshipper.

With that, we launch into downtime:
- Molesley tries to get a job a Scurlock's estate, through a good introduction. He spends some money for a bribe to get it done quickly. In the end, he gets the job of the guy he killed earlier. Molesley washes the fine suit in the laundry to make himself presentable.
- Spook the Lurk studies ghosts.
- Crate the Slide completes his project to know who is who in Six Towers. Subtlety is out of the window: he accosts people, money changes hands, etcetera. But in the end, he know has a good idea of the underworld in Six Towers (including Scurlock!), and finds out that the Greycloaks managed to kick out the Billhooks and the Bluecoats from Six Towers.
- Boss goes to her contact Painrose and aggressively sets him on acquiring intel on Scurlock: his vulnerabilities, his assets etc. Painrose has to go and find info, because he owes her. It takes longer than she thought it would.

The Rook cohort contacts Crate: the supply of Nightmarket Black is running low, and if there's nothing to sell, there is the risk of riots breaking out. Time for a war council on how to deal with this. While Molesley is ironing the suit, Crate gives him a few pointers on how to deal with the hard spots while Spook is trying not to laugh at this. Boss arrives late, because she doesn't have a key to the hotel yet. They haven't found Jubilee and he is the only one who knows the recipe. Boss has heard confused whispers about Jubilee, like someone is holding him prisoner. She will look into it, and doesn't want to tell where she heard. But she does knows a chemist who could do similar things as Jubilee -- but there is no recipe for him to follow. This chemist is not trustworthy, but he is greedy, so he can be controlled. All it needs is time and coin.

Revan the chemist has a shop on the backstreets of Nightmarket. Normally he makes recreational drugs, very light stuff (basically: a tobacconist with an edge). He has a rich clientele, and his product is expensive because it's exclusive. But chemically it's just basic stuff, in a "fancy" shop that decorated with a thin layer of goldleaf over rotting wood. Revan is in his late 40's, has a receding hairline and wears a thread-bare suit that was once nice. He and Boss get into a bit of a play: "You never come by anymore!", pretending to leave but then coming back, etcetera. But Boss does leave without doing business. A day later, one of her fathers goes to buy snuff, overpays and hands Revan a note where to go.
Revan duly appears and announces himself. Crate lets him in and shows him the workshop. Revan acts unpleasantly while going through Jubilee's notes, like Jubilee was some rank amateur. Crate is not detered and makes his own notes, which maybe spurs Revan on to make himself more important. It turns out that the sea crate is dead from lack of food, she has been eaten by her own young, which is a slight complication. Revan is not as good as Jubilee (tier 1 quality). The customers will probably ask questions, but at least there is now some product in the stash.

That having been taken care of, the crew turns its attention to the Billhooks again. They have a protection racket going, mostly in the Docks. What if the head was cut off and they find out where Erin is going? Molesley hunts for the information and crits and finds out that Erin has to visit the shops herself. She has a clear route going from place to place -- the most secure thing to do, with five people with her. Two come with her inside, the other three act a lookouts. They go through the southern Docks and northern Crow's Foot. Their rounds take a full day, then they go back. They go every four days. How could a shopkeep keep up with the Billhook's appetite for funds? They are hurt and vulnerable and need to get funds to keep themselves afloat.
Maybe one of the shopkeeps could provide support? They convince a back-alley fish processing place, towards the end of the route to co-operate. The owner gets agitated when the crew start going on about protection money, but Crate talks him down before the owner stabs him with one of those fish gutting knives (which Molesley uses too!). An agreement is reached: the crew will mingle with the workers and make sure the Billhooks don't come again.

We gain a crew advancement, to be decided on later.
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