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Night of Blood

Part 1

GM: ugavine

So it begins; a brand new game of Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play.

All players decided to go full random on character creation, meaning we have an interesting party.

Player Characters

Sigmund Scheiber - Human, 16, Courtier Servant
Claus Unterfoot - Human, 20, Courtier Advisor
Axel Klausson - Human, 20, Riverfolk Smuggler

Sigmund Scheiber and Claus Unterfoot have been tasked by their master to take a letter to a member of his family in Altdorf. To take them on their journey Erik Bootman and his new employee Axel Klausson have been employed to take them by river.

The trip was not as quick as anticipated and the weather also not as expected. As darkness falls a storm hits, heavy rain and thunder, and the river becomes dangerous to travel as the waves lash at the small boat. The storm is heavy and Sigmund falls overboard. Sigmund cannot swim!

Erik and Axel moor the boat, with Erik jumping ashore to secure the boat. Axel throws Sigmund a rope to help but the violent river is dragging him under water, and he feels himself drowning! Sigmund disappears under water and for a moment is though to be dead, but manages to surface and grab the rope so Axel can drag him out of the river.

As the adventurers climb ashore, and Sigmund regains his breath, Erik hears a noise in the nearby woods, the adventurers lose sight of him in the dark. Suddenly Erik steps backwards from the darkness before falling to the ground. Dead. His throat torn out! A hulking creature bursts from the dark; humanoid, covered in scales and fur with the head of a bull but horns of a goat. A Chaos Beastman!

The adventures have no time to panic or run and arm themselves with mere daggers, while the Beastman wildly swings a sword as he charges forwards. The adventurers manage to avoid the creature’s strikes, but their own blows appear to do nothing but anger the beast.

Claus falls back and grabs the lamp from the boat, but this just get the attention of the beastman. With wide eyes and flared nostrils the creature snarls and charges Claus, but is tripped by Sigmund and Axel sending it sprawling into the wet muddy ground. Sigmund tries to take advantage of the prone beast, but it knocks him aside.

As the beastman regains its feet Axel grabs the lamp oil from his backpack and throws oil at the creature. Claus hurls the lit lamp at the beastman setting it alight. The beastman, engulfed in fire, howls and stumbles backwards falling in, and through the boat! The boat is wrecked and immediately sinks with the corpse of the beastman swept away down the raging river.

The adventurers are left standing on the muddy road next to the river, in the heavy rain, in the dark, with no transport, with unknown creatures in the woods. The night has but begun.

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