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Subject: The Dresdenverse Boston: Sessions 13 and 14 rss

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Michael Lavoie
United States
New Hampshire
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Here's the report on the latest session of my DFA campaign set in the Boston of Robert B. Parker's Spenser novels.

Dramatis Personae:

-- Selena, a were-cougar (mortal mantle: criminal), played by Mike M.
-- Ivy, a focused practitioner (healing) and provisional Special Investigations cop, played by Allison
-- Bernie, elderly rabbi and White Council Wizard, played by Steve R.
-- Annie, Wyldfae changeling and reporter for college newspaper, played by Jennifer
-- Mickey, pure mortal medic (local sports doctor of some repute), played by Steve O.
-- Noah, Boston University professor and focused practitioner (defensive magic), played by Rick
-- J. Henry McMasters III, pure mortal one-percenter, played by Bob

Once again we get two sessions for the price of one. The initial session was quite brief. During their weekly game session at local game store The Play's The Thing the group noticed well-known local PI Spenser
lounging by himself at the back of the shop. They struck up a conversation and learned that he had been hired (by her parents) to watch one of the other gamers at the store, a young woman who believes she has seen strange folk following her. Knowing that the Fomor are targeting people with minor magical talents, the PCs decided that this young lady, Cassie (who seems to have occasional great luck at dice or cards), was one of them and decided to shadow Spenser when he left to shadow Cassie after she left the store. Actually, they were shadowing Spenser's associate Vinnie Morris (perhaps the best gunman in Boston) while he shadowed Spenser who shadowed Cassie and friends. Anyway, the trail led to a swanky apartment building in Cambridge, where a Halloween party was in progress. The group set up a stakeout at a coffee shop nearby to watch and plan how to crash the party.

The second session was more involved. Our Heroes debated a number of ways to get into the party. J.'s idea was brief and simple: buy lots of beer and bring it to the party; along with the three very attractive young women in the group, this should be more than enough to get them into any college party. It would also help if the ladies would work up some quick (and revealing) costumes. Selena used one of her criminal stunts to contact a local ne'er-do-well to help her procure what she needed for a simple "catgirl" costume. Interestingly enough, she dealt with one of the Cambridge cops who were patrolling the area keeping an eye on the party lest things get out of hand. She decided not to reveal this detail to Ivy. In a half-hour or so, she had the items she wanted. Annie hedged her bets by using her reporter contacts to acquire an invitation to the bash. All it cost her was a date with Harvard University newspaper reporter Bill Harris, who sent the invite by courier posthaste.

Thus armed, the group proceeded to the party. They met with no trouble getting in (despite his age, Bernie took the stairs to the eighth floor rather than risk his Wizard's aura frying the elevator). A pair of White Court Vampires, one male and one female, acted as security. The female, Anastasia, took an immediate liking to J and began to tease him mercilessly. Of course, the partygoers had no idea that such creatures were in their midst. The party seemed to have taken over the entire floor of the building, with each apartment open for business serving a different alcoholic beverage. Splitting up, they searched for both Cassie and Spenser. While Annie crossed paths with Bill Harris (who, costumed as a Twilight-style vampire, was playing Beer Pong in one of the apartments), and Mickey (dressed in his physician's smock) hooked up with a pair of slinky "nurses," the PCs met with no luck finding their targets. Ivy at least saw one of Cassie's friends (the GM of their Vampire campaign), who mentioned only that his group had all wandered off in various directions upon arrival and he hadn't seen Cassie since. Of Spenser there was no sign.

After a couple of hours of mingling and fruitless searching, Bernie decided to conduct a quick ritual in an effort to locate the missing girl. Using an old Ouija board as a prop and focus, he persuaded four or five game young ladies to join the circle and provide the grist for his ritual. It was all a bit improvisational and unfocused, but the Wizard was able to establish that Cassie was no longer at the party and had left the apartment building through the west exit. He also got a sense of salt air and the cries of seagulls. At the same time Selena was trying to track her by scent, but was not having much success in her human form. However, this put her in the perfect spot to see a commotion at the elevator. It was Vinnie Morris, trying to get into the party. Annie also saw this, and used her blank invitation to get the gunman in. He recognized the group from the game store and told them that Spenser had disappeared and had not contacted him for hours. This was unlike the PI.

About this time Bernie joined up and told the group of what he'd learned. With Vinnie in tow, the PCs hurried to the west exit of the building. All they could find was an empty parking space. Thinking quickly, J. suggested checking the security camera footage. Between his money and Ivy's police badge, they had no trouble persuading the attendants on duty to let them view the footage. Said footage was weak and grainy, but they did see a hulking, turtleneck-clad figure leading a slender female form into an old Dodge Caravan, which then proceeded to drive off. Vinnie, impressed with how quickly the group had managed to get a look at the footage, was eager to follow them further. As luck would have it, at that moment his cell phone rang. It was Spenser, at last, calling from East Boston, along the shore of Boston Harbor and not far from Logan Airport. He had managed to follow the van to a neighborhood of long-abandoned warehouses, one of which the turtlenecks (he saw at least three) had led two people into. He was keeping an eye on the place while awaiting Vinnie.

J. called in his limo and driver Phil took the group, and Vinnie, to the location Spenser gave them. There they met up with the PI, who seemed to grow increasingly dubious about the PCs as they pondered what manner of supernatural goings-on might happen next. Hoping to use them as a distraction (although, of course, not telling them that) he and Vinnie circled around the building in question looking for a way in other than the main entrance, which was guarded by two large men clad in turtleneck sweaters and khaki slacks. The PCs, of course, chose the direct approach. Between Mickey's supply of tranquilizing drugs and Ivy's healing ability to put people to sleep, all they needed to do was get close enough so they could neutralize the guards. Bernie tried his first Veil, which was far from perfect but worked well enough to do the job. As the clock neared midnight, the two guards slumped to the concrete, unconscious. The group prepared to open the door and enter the warehouse. End of session.
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