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This session report was originally posted in my blog here.

Last weekend, four of us had a fun six hour session of Star Wars - Edge of the Empire- the fourth session in total but my second. A big thank you must be given to the GM (Tom) who really put together a great story for us to play out. This post is pretty much a fleshed out session report from that game - I am by no means a Star Wars aficionado or a creative writer so please excuse the primitive narrative or any inaccuracies.




A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

It is a time of civil war...and much more.

Every day, the growing Rebellion threatens the Galactic Empire on new battlefields and political arenas, fighting for hearts and minds throughout the galaxy in their bid for freedom.

Beyond the Rebellion, the rest of the galaxy goes about its business.

Some hope to stay out of the line of fire, but others profit from the conflict.

Three such individuals are the Wookiee Lowhhrick, a Twi'lek bounty hunter named Oskara and Pash the Unlucky, a human smuggler pilot. The group are currently laying low in the Outer Rim Territories following a botched kidnapping of a high ranking Imperial Officer on Coruscant.

Aboard the Century Eagle, Lowhhrick has assumed piloting the ship as his main responsibility since leaving Coruscant, sensing Pash's resentment towards him. A brooding Pash has been keeping to himself, mostly learning to use his newly fitted mechno-arm and is currently skulking around one of the dark recesses of the Eagle. He knows that what Lowhhrick did saved his life but still can't help partly hate him for it. He also can't help but notice that he still hasn't been paid the couple of thousand credits promised when he joined up with these two. He grimly laughs to himself, he really is Pash The Unlucky. Oskara, trying to keep the peace, has largely been keeping an eye on the ships systems after helping Pash with the installation of his cybernetic arm replacement. Three days have passed this way when they receive a communication from Lady T'eeb, an underworld syndicate boss based on Coruscant and the groups current employer.

Lady T'eeb is sending the group to investigate a mining colony on Davos, a gas giant in the Kun system. She explains that it has recently gone silent and as she holds an interest in the production there, wants them to them find out what has happened. The three of them meet in the galley to discuss their options. Oskara states that they should visit the nearest space station to gather knowledge. Pash, who is keen to blow off some steam suggests that they head to EY10FL, a space station within the Kun system where he knows they can gather some intelligence for the mission .. as well as being able to find plenty of sabacc players to con.

After docking, Pash declares that he is heading to the Cantina and to his surprise Lowhhrick joins him. Oskara rolls her eyes at this and sets off to find an access terminal to hack into. (TEST=SUCCESS) She discovers that Davos is a cloud planet with the mining colony protected by a storm barrier which will allow access to approaching ships as long as the generators are operational. The system also confirms that orichalum ore is mined there, a metal that is widely used in the galaxy. The colony is governed by a human named Bonda. Unable to obtain any further useful information, Oskara decides to head to the Cantina only to find Lowhhrick and Pash embracing each other, revelling in their (TEST=2 x SUCCESS) sabacc success. Oskara tries to find someone who may have any information about the lack of communication on Davos but no one knows anything. Pash tries to sell some death sticks at a high price but noone is interested.

Having exhausted what basic amenities the station has to offer, the group return to the Century Eagle and take off for nearby Davos. Upon approach, they enter through the Storm barrier and notice that Pad A is unoccupied while Pad B has a large frater parked there. They notice (TEST = FAIL) nothing else.

Pad A is a hexagonal shaped landing platform headed with a long gangway leading towards a reception/welcome area for the colony. They enter the reception area but no one is there to greet them. To their left is an office and Lowhhrick (TEST = SUCCESS) gains access by shooting the door open. They find a dead Trandoshan slumped behind a desk with a blaster wound to his torso. A nametag confirms his name as 'Vrrisk'. There is nothing else here.

They head towards a Canteen located to the right of the reception and find 4 dead non-descript bodies. Lowhhrick loots one of the bodies for 20 credits but finds no other information. There is a chef droid working behind the counter. Oskara and Pash approach the droid to ask what has happened but it has no idea and continues to prepare food for no one. They ask when he last saw someone alive and it suggests 3 days prior but is unsure. Unable to coex any useful information out of the Chef droid, they head down the corridor to the far left of the reception and come across the mining quarters. There are lockers and beds here but nothing else of note. At the end of the room is a rec room and the chief's quarters. Lowhhrick decides to check the rec room but finds nothing and then re-joins the others as they enter the chief's quarters.

Inside they find a powered down protocol droid with a restraint bolt attached. Oskara (Test = SUCCESS) removes the bolt and is met with 'WELCOME TO DAVOS MINING FACILITY, MY NAME IS 3D4K, HOW CAN I BE OF HELP'. Oskara explains that they have come across no living person so far after landing and asks where Bonda is. The droid doesn't know. She asks when was the last time the droid saw someone alive. The droid doesn't know. Oskara, growing frustrated at the unhelpful nature of the droids on this colony, asks what the last thing it does remember. 3D4K confirms that Bonda was supposed to have a meeting with EV8D3, a relatively new droid they had added to the colony in order to improve productivity. She asks if it can locate Bonda or the EV droid and 3D4K confirms it cannot but does mention that there are four security cameras on the station, 1 on landing pad A, 1 on landing pad B, 1 in reception and 1 in the mine entrance. They ask if they can enter Bonda's office for clues and the droid agrees, following them.

Bonda's office has a desk with a computer unit sitting in the middle, a few filing cabinets and nothing else of obvious note. Pash checks the filing cabinets (TEST = FAIL) and finds nothing. Oskara hacks into the computer (TEST=SUCCESS) and reviews the security camera footage. Pad B's security camera shows the Frater arriving 3 days ago and an EV droid approaches the ship to meet a Sullustan as it descends the landing ramp. The footage then cuts out. The reception footage shows a Trandoshan running in fear with a blaster shot being entering from outside of the camera range.The footage then cuts out. The footage for Pad A is still running but around 3 hours prior to the Century Eagle landing, a scout droid can be seen returning to a pod and taking off. The mine entrance footage shows a group of miners, slightly rushed, heading towards the mine around 3 days ago.

Reviewing the colonies personnel manifest, it confirms that the following droids are on the station.

PK Droids
Scout Droid
Chef Droid
Protocol Droid
Loading Droids
Astromech Droid
EV Droid

A diagnostic check confirms that there are four generators supporting the Storm barrier system but only three are currently operational with the fourth reading as though it has been destroyed beyond repair.

Finally, the financial statements suggests that the mining colony is in the red.

Pash continues to look around the room (TEST=SUCCESS) and notices a safe partially hidden under the desk. Pash (TEST=SUCCESS) manages to pry it open and finds 165,000 credits worth of casino chips. Seeing the booty, his eyes light up and smirks at Lowhhrick, declaring it was about time they saw some real money. Lowhhrick, excitedly returns the chips to the safety of the ship taking 3D4K with him to safeguard the ship (and credits).

A side door reveals a changing room where they meet a medical droid. The droid briefly acknowledges them and then continues working, uninterested by their presence. They ask the droid if it knows the whereabouts of the miners to which it unhelpfully responds 'IN THE MINE I ASSUME’. Oskara notices another restraining bolt and in doing so returns to Bonda's office to access the computer mainframe. She finds a subroutine which can disable all restraining bolts and activates it. She re-joins the others and they head into a changing room. A side doorway reveals a cargo area.

The cargo area reveals an assortment of large crates mostly full of orichalum ore. Two loading droids are positioning the crates around the cargo bay but an R2B7 Astromech is also present. It ignores them. Oskara makes a movement to approach the droid but it quickly disappears amongst the crates and every path she takes to try and intercept it is blocked by the loading droids dropping a new container in her path.

Growing suspicious of the droids here, they decide to give up on R2 and can see a doorway leading to landing Pad B. They walk down the passageway to the hexagonal landing site and can see the Frater is still open. They go in. They find a dead Sullustan, who has been stabbed through the chest with a trail of blood leading to its final resting place slumped against an unopened crate. Pash pry's the crate open to find a cache of medium range blasters, obvious now that the Sullustan was trying to reach the weapons to make a last stand. Pash and Oskara check the pilot area and Oskara checks the computers (Test=SUCCESS) but they have been scrubbed clean and all data removed. Lowhhrick enters a workshop and see's a bench with some tools. He takes some scanning equipment and loots another dead body for 10 credits. He also finds and takes a number of restraining bolts.

Oskara takes the scanning equipment, noting they can check for lifeforms. She turns them on (TEST = SUCCESS) and finds out that there are life signs in the colony but they are all coming from 1km underground, however, there is severe interference from what looks like wreckage in the area. Pash investigates the remainder of the ship, trying to look for any hidden compartments (TEST=FAIL) but finds none. The group return to the cargo area and decide to try the final doorway which leads to the mine. At the mine entrance they encounter EV8D3 along with 6 B1 Battle Droids (roger, roger) and 2 PK series worker droids. "Thank god you are here" says the EV droid, "We've been attacked by pirates who landed, attacked and are now holding all miners hostage in the mine". EV explains that when he went to meet the ship on Pad B, everything seemed legitimate but they soon attacked once they had access to the colony. Oskara, Lowhhrick and Pash look at each other suspiciously. Oskara asks EV how they can help to which it replies "stop, kill, or restrain the pirates" and confirms there are six of them. Lowhhrick suggests that the group must return to their ship to get their gear and will return to offer assistance. Once back in the cargo area the group confer. Oskara is unsure of what to do and suggests leaving orbit to confer with Lady T'eeb. Pash offers that they should leave and nuke the planet, "It's the only way to be sure". Lowhhrick seems to agree with Pash, offering that they have already looted over 165,000 worth of credits. Oskara is firm though and they agree to contact Lady T'eeb.

After returning to their ship and exiting the storm clouds, Oskara contacts Lady T'eeb on the comms. They explain that Lady T'eeb wanted them to find out what was happening and offer the explanation given by EV telling Lady T'eeb to send her people. Lady T'eeb bluntly tells Oskara that they are 'the people' and to rescue the miners. Lowhhrick, hearing this, jumps on the comms to tell Lady T'eeb that they need remuneration for this and Lady T'eeb (TEST=SUCCESS)reluctantly agrees to offer a 50,000 reward for finding out what has happened and resolving this conflict. Pash, sensing an opportunity says they also want a favour in return. Lady T'eeb reluctantly agrees.

Oskara equips the optimal camo system that she was rewarded for during their last mission. This makes her partially invisible and significantly improves her stealth capabilities. They agree a plan and return to the cargo area, Oskara on point and camouflaged, only to find the cargo area under siege by the 6 B1 battle droids, 3 pointing their weapons at the doorway in and 3 pointing their weapons at the mine entrance doorway. Oskara sneaks in the room unseen and heads to landing Pad B. There she witnesses the EV droid ordering the astromech to prepare the Frater for take off. This is relayed to Pash and Lowhhrick on the comms and they decide to attack.

Pash and Lowhhrick enter combat both managing two pre-emptive strikes before the battle begins. Pash equipped with a heavy blaster inflicts a decent amount of damage while Lowhhrick wields his bowcaster with devastating results. The battle is short and all 6 B1 battledroids are destroyed.

The group confer what to do next and decide to split up. Oskara decides to go investigate the mine leaving Pash and Lowhhrick to patch up their minor injuries using stimpacks. They agree that they will wait until Oskara returns unless the Frater is due to take off imminently.

Oskara (TEST=SUCCESS) easily navigates herself down to the mine, fully camouflaged. She see's a barricade that has been setup and notices 4 humans wearing mining gear on the other side. There seems to be no pirates. Deeper into the mine she can see more miners huddled together in safety. She exits and reenters the mine after deactivating her optimal camo system. The miners ask where the droids are and Oskara, suspicious of the situation, lies saying there are no droids upstairs. The miners look confused and proceed to explain that an EV droid went rogue, conspiring with an astromech to kill everyone in the colony and start a droid revolution. Oskara asks for Bonda and he comes to the top of the barricade. Bonda confirms the story. She tries to persuade the miners to return to the surface with her but when they ask why, Oskara admits she was lying and that the EV droid is trying to escape on the Frater. Upon learning of the lie, the miners immediately train their weapons on Oskara who nervously takes a step backwards. They ask why she lied and state they are going to take her hostage. Oskara pleads her case saying she needs to deal with the EV droid. (TEST=SUCCESS) The miners reluctantly let her leave but do not go with her.

Meanwhile Pash and Lowhhrick have applied medical care to their wounds. They decide not to wait for Oskara and rush the EV droid on Pad B. They enter combat and after a short firefight destroy the EV droid which was hiding behind a crate at the end of the platform. The Frater powers up. Pash, severely injured from the fight tries to jump onto the Frater but misses. Lowhhrick on the other hand makes the jump with ease and enters the Frater. He storms to the cockpit and hastily blasts the astromech with his bowcaster, destroying some of the ships controls in the process. The ship spins out of control. While he attempts to wrestle control, he notices a warning light confirming that the colonies storm barrier is under great stress. It indicates that 3 of the 4 generators have now been destroyed and the storm barrier is wavering under the reduced power. Lowhhrick (TEST=Success) somehow manages to crash land the Frater on Pad B.

Oskara is already there helping the injured Pash when Lowhhrick relays the news. They have to make a decision. Go after the miners and face death if the storm barrier breaks. Go to the 4th generator to prevent whatever is destroying them finishing the job. Return to the Century Eagle and book. They choose the last option, hauling the blasted remains of the Astromech and EV droid as evidence for Lady T'eeb.

Back in space they see the mining colony collapse in on itself as the 4th generator is destroyed and the storm barrier deactivated. All of the miners lost their lives. They contact Lady T'eeb who is less than impressed that she has lost the colony but (TEST=SUCCESS) reluctantly agrees to give them 50,000 credits in exchange for the remains of the rogue droids.

Pash comments, "It's like I said earlier, nuke the planet from orbit, its the only way to be sure".

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