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Subject: Blades in the Dark Session 09 - Play by VoIP - Setting up for a war rss

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Blades in the Dark Session 09 - Play by VoIP - Setting up for a war - Saturday 19th of May 2018

jaspermeer / Jasen as keeper
Freddie / xTHAWx as Hound Arden Vale “Flint” from the Dagger Islands, an agent
Fred / derd_red as Cutter Thomas Regis “T-Rex” from Arkoros, a laborer
Sam / Bifford as Leech Vargo Hron “Rock” from Tycheros, resistance fighter
Leonie / Narl as Whisper Vay Daava “Mist” from Skovla, former noble

Location: Duskvol/The Shores
(Located in the district of Nightmarket)

The group is now Tier 1 with a weak hold (+3 reputation)

Rock has been working hard on the street and has been able to reduce the heat on the Grey Shadows while they are thinking about getting the scrolls and growing their gang by taking over a drug den of the wraiths, which will start a territory war with them. The idea is to hit their protection racket and it might work best using Angus the fungusmonger. He is a Skovlander and a sympathetic person. He has a dog called Brutus, a dachshund that got “dognapped” because Angus came up one short one time. Angus has truffles for sale, a delicacy which reminds Mist of home. The Wraiths broke his nose and he depends on his nose, his senses for mushrooms. They came along and “polished” his face. But enough is enough according to the Grey Shadows, no longer will they pay the Wraiths off and they will take over some of their turf. And for Angus, they will get him his dog back.

Wraiths are to be identified by a silver Geist mask they wear as anonymity is important to them. The plan of the Grey Shadows is to taint their mushrooms. This will hurt them quite a bit. First they follow their munchkins to the drop off point as the Wraiths have become complacent, they send children to get their money for them. Following them won’t be a problem they think. Flint heads out and tries to follow one of the urchins but the little guy is aware of him and actually creeps Flint out. The kid heads into a darkisled ghetto and Flint hopes he has been able to have the kid think he has been able to shake him off. The kid walks towards some men present and starts screaming he is being followed by a guy who touched him an a bad way! The men have dark straight hair, are muscular and look East-Asian, probably from the Dagger Isles like Flint is and have tattoos and scarifications on their faces and arms. (Flint himself has swirling bumps on his arms).

Flint tries to resolve this without a fight and sway them by showing them he is one of their own, a fellow man. He shows them his tattoos, an honour of the Corsairs. The men are not believing him yet, the ink can be false. Flint then removes one of his shoes and intends to show them his left foot which misses a toe which will be proof to his claim. However, as he bends over to remove his shoe one of them takes him in a headlock. But upon seeing he is actually missing a toe he gives him an affectionate head knuckle and lets him go. The big guy even offers him a swig from his flask, they are now giving him the benefit of the doubt. They introduce themselves (one of them is Feebee, a thug sailor). Flint tells them he has been tracking this kid to this building so far. Then Mist shows up, she has been following Flint. She tunes in with the ghost realm and asks for help. A man Harry, an old lady Clementine and a kid George aged 10 go into the building the boy disappeared. It takes a while but eventually two of them (the man and the lady) return. They hover in front of her and tell her an old guy in there has gotten the money. But it is strange in there, the walls closed in and spaced out. George the little ghost wandered off and they never saw him again. They searched but he was impossible to find. Inside everything was strange, even for them, Repetitions and distortions of existing reality like ripples in a pond. At least they have identified the building they need to get back to although taking it over might be more problematic as it also has a supernatural defence.

V’Rock dips his fingers in the skullfire (drugs) to test the quality and suffers some bad effects from it, within ten minutes it sets off every nerve as if ants are crawling allover you. V’Rock later suggests to Angus to make a brot (bread) out of this and give that as a peace offering to the Wraiths next time with his next payment. When they come for their next payment Flint will use his spyglass and be seated on the roof opposite to the building to learn more.

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