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Subject: Thieves' Guild of Da'avos, Session n+1, "Spotted" rss

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J White
United States
Cedar Rapids
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For a bit of background and the previous session's report, see this thread.

So after much real-life chaos, we ended up with a one-on-one session this month, which actually suited my planned story very well.

Zeke, played by Tom, unnoticeable

So a couple of days after the action at Big Mikos's place, The Angry Boar, we find the Thieves' Guild continuing full-scale activity against Mikos. The effort is on to wreck his business from every angle.

First Scene, "They Come Back": One of the rites of passage for third-year apprentices is the solo heist, where an individual apprentice is assigned to plan and execute a theft from a designated target with minimal guidance or assistance. Zeke has been assigned to take whatever's worth taking from one of the larger apartments in a tenement owned by Mikos in the area between the Foreign Quarter and the Puddles. With enough trouble, everyone paying rent to Mikos will scram, right? So Zeke scopes the place out by day, doing his best (which is darn good) to stay unobtrusive. He gets a good sense for the layout, and realizes that when the guy from the small apartment next door to his target left for the day his door didn't latch. Better yet, it turns out that apartment has an old connecting door to the target apartment. Zeke unbolts the connecting door from this side and heads outside again to watch more. He asks around at the tea shop across the street about the guy in the target corner apartment, and a paunchy guy with a scraggly beard says the guy who lives there is a touch weird, but nothing too serious. Zeke heads back in, and lucks out even better when the target conveniently leaves his apartment. Zeke manages the lock and starts ransacking the place. There's lots to take, including some weird stuff like jars with funny powder and a vial with several drams of quicksilver, which should be easy to fence and worth a nice bit. But suddenly there's a sound from the door, and the owner is coming back in! Zeke thinks fast and slips to that (now unbolted) door to the adjoining apartment and vanishes with his loot.

Second Scene, "Spotting": The next night, Zeke has been ordered to support Meskell (a journeyman of the Guild, guy looks like some cherubic acolyte of the Temple of Justice, but really he's as fine a scoundrel as you could want to meet) at a tavern in the Foreign Quarter. When Zeke gets there he finds Meskell playing Crowns with a few patsies, one of them an expensively dressed mercenary. Meskell signs for Zeke to join the game and spot, meaning Zeke will signal Meskell what cards he sees as the game goes along. Zeke's not sure what the plan is, but plays along, and begins to suspect that Meskell is fattening the mercenary up for a big fall. It also emerges from chatter that the mercenary is Targos, one of the captains of the Diabli, an elite troupe of mercenaries currently on retainer by the city to keep them from falling into the employ of Strazos. Zeke also notices that Hob and Brace, twin apprentices a couple of years older than Zeke, are lurking in the shadows at the back of the place, watching and snickering at Zeke (as they often do). But before the plot fully emerges, Oros (one of Big Mikos's crew) walks in and starts hollering to Targos about how these guys are from the Thieves' Guild and they're surely cheating him blind. Targos is incredulous, given that he's been winning, and tempers flare, artfully boosted by Zeke, to the point where a ruckus ensues. Oros gets roughed up pretty badly, and the stakes are missing from the table by the time anyone notices.

Third scene, "Spotted": Zeke is on his way back to the crew's den in the Dock district late the next night. He's on his home turf, and normally he's the least noticeable guy in the whole city, but somehow right now he's got a bad feeling. Turning a corner he checks for a tail, and sure enough there's a guy... and two more, including paunchy/scraggly beard guy from the tea shop. Zeke breaks into a run, but they follow and are closing. He knows the area super well, and ducks into an alley and then the first door on the left, which he knows to be the back way into a sleazy tavern. He stops in the pitch blackness by the storeroom and waits. His pursuers head up the alley, but then one stops right by the doorway and waits. Zeke's eyes are adjusting well to the darkness, he musters himself... [remember, you can't kill in Da'avos, the Temple of Justice will finger you]. He pulls out his metal bar, invokes his "Ruthless AF" aspect, and puts everything he has into a vicious swing at the guy's kneecap. It's a hell of a blow, and a spatter of blood sprays across Zeke's face as he shoves past the collapsing guy and out back up the alley to safety.

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