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Subject: [Kickstarter] Professor Humbert Drumsley: 5e Adventure Codex rss

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Terry Herc
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Hi everyone, we’re pleased to announce our very first Kickstarter!

Professor Humbert Drumsley: 5e Adventure Codex is a collection of short adventures compatible with the latest edition of the world's oldest fantasy roleplaying system. These adventures ideal for low level characters, and they're designed to be fun, fast-paced, and light-hearted.

The Codex
The finished Codex will be approximately 80+ pages in a 5.5 by 8.5 inch format. It will contain 10 short adventures, a character write up, statblocks, magic items, and more! The Codex is fully written and has seen a first round of editing. Illustrations have also been secured, using some top-notch artists from both in and outside the industry.

Humbert Drumsley
Professor Humbert Drumsley is an aging wizard who is confined largely to his tower and estate. He dresses in the traditional garb of the magically inclined, favouring long flowing robes that match his long flowing beard. He is often seen wearing a pointy hat, which is purple and adorned with silver stars. While other wizards may scoff at his choice of attire, Humbert revels in it, feeling that it gives him an air of classic representation.

Humbert was once considered a wise scholar, but years of arcane invocations have left somewhat of a mark on his mind. After a magical incident, Humbert has been suspended from his chair at the local magical university ("But I'm still a professor, dammit!"). Humbert’s peers agree that his incompetence makes him an embarrassment, but he is so oblivious that many consider him blameless.

Free Adventure
If you want a taste of what the finished codex has in store, check out our free adventure Oh, I Hate Spiders!

Professor Humbert Drumsley: 5e Adventure Codex is accepting pledges on Kickstarter through March 1st.

Click here to access the campaign page.

Click here for the project's press release
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Terry Herc
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We are just steamrolling through stretch goals! The book gets larger by the minute! Jump aboard this train before it's too late!

Click here to view the campaign page

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Terry Herc
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We funded Professor Humbert Drumsley: 5e Adventure Codex in just two hours! Now we've smashed through 9 stretch goals! So far we've unlocked:

20 adventure seeds
20 minor magic items
4 pages of lore on Humbert's tower
3 of Humbert's friends (NPC writeups and statblocks)
20 random oddities in Humbert's pockets
One-page dungeon
6 statblocks
6 MORE statblocks
6 pregenerated characters (digital addon)

Help unlock out 10th stretch goal by sharing this Facebook post! At 20 shares we add 20 of Humbert's former classmates. Not all of them turned evil!

Plus we've got lots more stretch goals in the works. At $5,500 we will add 3 of Humbert's foes (NPC writeups and statblocks). And at 300 backers we will add 12 more statblocks!

Check out the campaign today!

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