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Subject: Advanced Fighting Fantasy Deluxe now available as POD rss

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Graham Bottley
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We have some exciting news about the availability of Advanced Fighting Fantasy print books! These have long been available from our own webstore (and will continue to be available) but we have now been given permission to make them available as Print of Demand direct from Drivethru RPG!

The first one that is fully available is the huge Deluxe hardcover version containing the AFF 2e core book, Titan and Out of the Pit. This book has been one of our webstore best sellers and is my personal choice of book when writing or running AFF because it has everything you need to run years of adventures on Titan. This book is available here:

The other books should be available in the next few days, and i will let you know when that happens.

In addition, we have also released the latest set of AFF paper miniatures by the incomparable John Kapsalis: AFF Hills. Of course it has a Goblin, a Dwarf and an Ogre, but it also has a Dracon, Sleeping Grass and an Earth Demon!! Expand your selection of enemies with this set now:

Plenty more AFF is on the way soon,

Graham, Arion Games
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Graham Bottley
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It took a little longer than we thought to get the POD versions available due to the server migration at DrivethruRPG but the IT team there have done some sterling work ironing out the bugs and at last all of the AFF2e books are available as POD versions! Well, except Warlock of Firetop Mountain which should be done by monday.

Most of these are available as Softcover versions (all except the Deluxe book) and some are available as hardcover. For completeness, i have included the links below:

AFF2e Core book:


Out of the Pit:

Crown of Kings:

Heroes Companion:


Beyond the Pit:

Sorcery Spell Book:

Titan Herbal:

AFF Deluxe:

Stellar Adventures:

Starship catalogue:

Kaladarian Response:

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