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Subject: Dark Curtains - Session 39 rss

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Session 39 - Cold Work to Be Done

Campaign's Master List: Dark Curtains

Previous Session: Sessions 38
Next Session: TBD

Game System: Dungeons & Dragons (5th Edition)

Setting: Forgotten Realms

RPG Items Referenced
Volo's Guide to the North
The Grand History of the Realms
The North: Guide to The Savage Frontier
Hoard of the Dragon Queen
Princes of the Apocalypse

Mervyn Lumendyne
Cassius Ramileus
Mira Armstrong
Ruvar Wildtoe
Male Rock Gnome
Male Human
Female Human
Male Tiefling
Female Half Elf
Male Human
Non-binary Fey
Classes & Levels
Wizard 9
Cleric of Ilmater 9
Battlemaster 8, Warlock 1
Monk 9 *ABSENT - Played by Guest *
Rogue 8
Druid 8
Warlock 8

Significant NPCs

Maccath the Crimson - A missing member of the Arcane Brotherhood, sought out Arauthator to study the Draakhorn.

Captain Lerustah - Captain of the Frostskimmr, a single mast longship with 40 crew.

Arauthator - A white dragon that who was the last known possessor of the Draakhorn.

Thestryl Mellardin - The Harper wizard that watches over the secret Circle of Teleportation within the City of the Dead.

Dala Silmerhelve - The representative of the Arcane Brotherhood to the council that is working against the Cult of the Dragon.

Rydell Loom - Harper agent that aids and sponsors the group.

Thus Continues the Adventure...

Into the Frozen Depths - Eleasis 15th - Morning

Maccath explained that Arauthator occupied the cavern beneath them, and it had two entrances. The cavern connected to these entrances was enormous, carved out by the dragon. She warned of the dragon's experience, mentioning the many trophies that the group had already discovered within the other chambers.

They examined and discussed the situation. They held concerns for the safety of the village of ice hunters above, and the crew of the Frostskimmr. While they could easily depart with Mervyn's teleportation, they would be leaving these others to the whims of the dragon. There was also the benefit of obtaining the thanks of the Arcane Brotherhood. Maccath continued to refuse to leave without the recovery of her organization's stolen property.

Mervyn asked again for Maccath to join them, but she again refused, indicating that she had already offered her assistance in the use of her Ring of Cold Resistance, and the gift of two crossbow bolts of dragon slaying. Her focus was on surviving, if they were to fail in their assault. Mervyn asked that she aid them in another boon of granting two of their members the ability to fly. She reluctantly agreed.

Of the two entrances, they chose the one that would find themselves to be closest to the area of the cavern that the dragon most frequents. Mira and Naberio magically flew down, as the rest descended into the cavern with the benefit of Mervyn's feather fall. The cavern was filled with thick icy fog, only allowing them sight out to only 60 feet. Landing upon a high shelf, they couldn't see the far wall, but did hear Arauthator's roar.

Arauthator's roar reverberated throughout the cavern, "You dare to enter my lair! You will freeze and die alone!!!"

Unable to see the source of the roar the group pauses at the base of the lair's entrance, except for Mira. With Hazirawn held high she charged forth, allowing her enchanted necklace to illuminate her surroundings. This extension of vision allowed them to see the appearance of the dragon on the edge of the distant light. This view was only brief as a thicker icy fog settles upon the group, biting enough to freeze their covered skin.

Their hesitation didn't last as they broke from the cloud, fanning out to avoid being hit by the dragon's breath weapon, but it wasn't enough.

Arauthator leapt away from Mira's flying empowered charge, winging just out of view again. Naberio, Eimhear and Mira were suddenly engulfed by a howling wind of freezing breath. Mira protected by Maccath's enchanted ring was able to shrug off the attack, Eimhear evading by ducking behind an icy rock, but Naberio had no such luck. He dropped, frozen in place.

Mira and Nutmeg responded with curses from their patrons, hexing Arauthator. It could feel its muscles tightening, weakening its strength and causing it to sluggishly react.

As Ruvar rushed to Naberio's aid, Mira was able to close on Arauthator, showing that she was clearly unaffected by the dragon's most powerful attack. The dragon roared in protest, but that roar was out matched when Mira carved into the great dragon with Hazirawn!

The blade rejoiced at the taste of the powerful life-force. Wing buffeting away, Arauthator was further surprised that its missed tail attack on the human female warrior was met with a wickedly quick repose. Having felt the vicious bite of that corrupted blade, it knew it was fortunate that the counter-attack did not land.

"I will eviscerate you and feed on your entrails!!!", the great beast roared as it broke from the group and retreated deeper into the cavern looking to spread the group thinly. He would take on the wicked human warrior alone.

With their vision restrained and several of them shaken by the dragon's roar, they continued to advance, chasing after the dragon. Mira taking the lead as it ducked back behind a large ice ridge. Passing the narrowest portion of the small canyon it turned to face Mira. She held up, waiting for her group to catch up, ripping an eldritch blast at the dragon as it goaded her forth.

Arauthator roared in protest, sensing the difficulty the others were having and knowing that they had again clumped together, "Fine! I will then feast on your allies!"

The dragon took to the air, easily crossing back over the icy ridge, catching Mervyn, Eimhear, Nutmeg and Ruvar within its dangerous icy breath! It's wounds were too grievous, causing the last of the breath to be weakly choked out, but it was enough to cause Nutmeg to drop. Her small form crumpled upon the highest shelf of the icy ridge, out of immediate reach of Ruvar as he struggled to climb just half of the ridge. The others threw spells and crossbow bolts at the dragon.

It thrashed responding with another wing buffet. The group threw spell, and crossbow at the great beast. Mervyn summoning a large magical hand, grasped the dragon, pinning it in place!

Naberio with the aid of flight easily crossed the ridge. Mustering the full power of his Ki, he released a smashing wave of energy. Trapped, the dragon was unable to dodge the blow, its neck responding with a load crack as its body slumped to the cavern's floor.

Arauthator was dead.

To the Victor Goes the Spoils! - Eleasis 15th - Night

Having utilized his most powerful spells, Mervyn was unable to take the group immediately back to Waterdeep. This pause allowed the group to think of the others affected by the defeated white terror.

Nutmeg had taken the form of a fey like owl. Wanting to have a bit of fun in this arctic hell-scape, she took a bite of her fey nougat and ventured to the ice hunter village. Perching upon a totem, next to a painted owl figurine that topped it. The ice hunters rejoiced. The celebration was short as the people quickly gathered their most treasured belongings and headed for the landing to depart the iceberg upon their seal skin boats.

Captain Lerustah was relieved to hear the news, as he was holding off setting sail until he heard back from the group.

They were also able to see to removing every frozen coin and gem from the walls and floors of Arauthator's arctic lair. It was a sizable hoard. Mira put her training from Blagothkus to work, skinning Arauthator's hide and harvested its claws and many of its largest fangs. That nearly filled the group's bag of holding.

Among the most recently frozen items was a two foot blackened rod. Mervyn found that it felt strange to the touch, resonating with a strange form of magic. While the group rested he examined the rod, and found that the magic was ancient and not fully compatible with how magic currently operates. In spite of its foreign magic he was able to tap into its arcane nature and could make use of the item. It was a powerful item, but it once belonged to the Arcane Brotherhood.

Handing the rod over to Maccath, he explained its foreign nature. She remarked that the rod was an artifact of Netherese origins. It was one of the items that Arauthator had stolen from the Host Tower of the Arcane in Luskan. With that news he graciously handed the rod to Maccath, "Then you should bring it back to the Brotherhood." She thanked him, and noted his honor, remarking that the Arcane Brotherhood would be pleased to have it returned.

Filling the group's bag of holding and Naberio's handy haversack with the mass of literature that Maccath claimed to have been stolen from the Hosttower in Luskan.

Returning in Style - Eleasis 16th - Morning

Mervyn returning the group through the Harper's teleportation circle to the crypt within Waterdeep.

Thestryl, the mage on duty answered their arrival with a smile and welcoming tone, until Maccath was introduced. She kindly but quickly escorted the group out of the room, informing them that it was morning within the fine city.

The group quickly escorted Maccath to the Silmerhelve noble villa. Dala was very pleased to see Maccath, freed of her frozen prison. She announced that her return would be celebrated with a grand party, where the group would be her honored guests.

Accepting the invitation the group returned to the Galloping Minotaur, where they encounter Rydell Loom. Excited to have them return, and with the great news of Arauthator's defeat, Rydell explained that he has gathered reports of Cultist activities across the region. Disrupting a saved game of chess, he used the pieces to highlight the movements and activities. The group saw the expansive nature of the conflict.

The group collectively thought, "Where do you think we should go and do the most good?" as they looked across the target rich activity.

Handing the last piece to Mervyn, "That is for you to decide, you know your capabilities better than anyone."

Placing the piece near Boareskyr, "We will attempt to recover the lost White Dragon mask.", referencing the report of Varram the White being spotted there, in search of his missing mask.

The SitRep

Session Notes

Arauthator's Lair

The dragon's lair is impressively large, too large for my table. If printed out in the traditional 1 inch = 5 feet, the map would be 10' x 5' in size. That would drape over my dining room table. Instead I scaled the lair to 1/3 its size. This also allowed me to substitute a medium sized wyrmling for the dragon, but then was stuck without player figures. That is when a co-worker (previously played Vikas Wolvesgaze) suggested Lego figures. I found that they matched perfectly! It worked out perfectly!

Build Your Mini

Mira facing off against Arauthator

Nutmeg's Fey Race

It is a custom race I created in DnD Beyond. It is designed to be wild and crazily fun race to play. The main aspect is their ability to change their form. With that ability I added a heavy dose of limits. One of the limits is on their flight. While they are magical, I made them similarly susceptible to cold as flying insects. Insects are generally unable to fly when the temperature is lower than 50 degrees. With that in place I couldn't throw her into an arctic location without some kind of bone. So I created a consumable fey magic item.

Fey Nougat
This honey and sugar confection of fey perfection is seasoned according to the purchasers preference. When under the effect of the nougat, a creature is protected by endure elements. A mortal can't help but eat an entire flavorful nougat, granting them protection for 8 hours. A fey on the other hand, small in stature and use to such concentrations of fey magic, can choose to nibble upon the nougat. Each nibble grants 1 hour of protection, which stacks with each subsequent nibble. An entire nougat can provide a fey 24 hours of protection. Any nougat nibbled upon, will not grant a mortal any protection if subsequently eaten.

Previous Session: Sessions 38
Next Session: TBD
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