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Subject: Working on a new mechanic. What do you think? rss

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Ray M.
United States
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Okay folks, since I've written out the bulk of the mechanic, I'm once again kind of slowed down and nearing stuck. Here's what I could use some suggestions on:

As I mentioned originally, there are different Levels for a lot of things. Character Level - indicating overall experience and skill; Hunter Level, indicating your rank among the Hunter's Guild (name tbd) as well as certain skills Hunters use and, WEAPONS.

Each weapon has a Level attached to it, indicating the character's skill in the use of that weapon. Each level brings with it certain powers, abilities or skills that the character can use with that specific weapon as well as (possibly?) increasing the dice used to attack with that weapon.

So.. here's where I'm stuck.

What kind of powers, abilities or skills should come along with each level of the weapons? Right now, I'm reading Exalted charms but they seem a bit too far and lean too heavily on the magical side of things. Giving additional dice seems cool but, I mean.. kind of stale.

Help and suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated.

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Alain Curato
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Numenera has huge lists of abilities per character levels.

Back in the day, L5R also had abilities within the skills. Each rank brought one bonus die to your attribute roll. But ranks 3, 5 and 7 also added more bonuses, such as:

- keep one more die for final effect
- gain +5 or +10 Insight (Insight was the basis for calculation of character level)
- Focus one more time in a duel ( = you may raise the stakes one time more)
- get one more free Raise (so you get a bit more of effect for the same standard difficulty)

This has the good side of keeping things simple because most ranks did not require keeping track of a special bonus.
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