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Subject: Has anyone tried Realm Worlds? rss

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Game on!
I am searching for better ways to manage information about my ongoing campaign and I stumbled upon Realm Works.

Anyone has any experience with it?

I find the lack of a demo plus the price ($60) a bit shady. Why a company doesn't offer a trial period for a product really baffles me.
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robert vought
United States
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I have had it for several years. I have messed around with it a little, but have been waiting for the content library to open up so I can purchase pre made content. I don't have a lot of time in life right now to put this kind of thing together myself, and this sounded like a nifty way of getting to the table with my laptop with very organized adventures that would keep me from accidentally exposing my players to info that they haven't figured out yet. unfortunately the library had been very slow in coming.

The software allows you to take maps made in other programs and add features to themsuch as items and encounters. I believe you can add fog of war to these maps as well. this is a nice feature. I kind of wish it came with some kind of rudimentary map making tool to complete the package. But I can understand why lone wolf would want to conserve their focus on the core content of this product.

I think that if you are really into making up your own campaigns and are fastidious from the beginning with this software you may enjoy it. Without the pre made content have kept it old school with pen and paper while I wait.

One other thing I would like to add is that when you want to create a new campaign file you have to be online so that it logs with their servers. this is a little annoying unless your players have the software so you can use it to push campaign information to them. If your players are willing to do this I believe it is a neat feature. I wont go into details about this as they are available on their website and we have not used it.
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