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Subject: Naturally Disastrous - June 7, 2019 rss

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Steve Dubya
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I know where you live, and I've seen where you sleep. I swear to everything holy that your mothers will CRY when they see what I've done to you.
Oh, not in Utica, no. It's an Albany expression.

Shattered Dreams

This session was minus Nerya, Droth, and Harben.

After dealing with the tracks to nowhere, the party again decided to return to Josiah's farm. After staying the night, they were informed that another visitor had shown up, a "Wizard from the City" by the name of Anton Valruc. He seemed to be quite cosmopolitan - quite out of his element - and told the party that he was in the area having heard of turmoil and the odd events of late (the "strange goings on upstream" as he said it). Vox recognized the name, as Anton was something of a distinguished scholar who had written a number of scholarly works.

Upon hearing that Anton had written books, Laranna came to an assumption that he might have done some fiction, and breathlessly filled him in on the weirdness that the party had personally experienced thus far.

The rest of the party was discussing what to next check out, and Anton mentioned that if we wanted, he could transport us to the Feywild to try to contact Mielikki and asker her personally if she had appeared as a vision in the falls. Laranna seemed quite excited about this possibility, particularly with obtaining more fey wine, and the rest of the party thought that it would be worth investigating...after we checked out some more pressing issues.

The party them tromped off toward "The Obelisk" that Josiah had mentioned previously, with the gnoll zombies Vox had created in tow. During this trip out through the forest, Laranna periodically called out Xiax's name. After one such time, a cloaked individual stepped out from a group of trees ahead of the party, asking "Who are you who wants to speak to Xiax?" The party also noticed a number of runty, cloaked creatures (think Jawas) also moving about, seeming to fan out as if to avoid being Fireballed.
Whatever our response was, it evidently was neither interesting or offensive enough for the individual to continue engaging the party, and both he and the runty ones disappeared back into the forest.

Laranna was then chided for calling out Xiax's name, and in response she decided to then whisper it. Upon whispering, we could hear a crashing through nearby underbrush and a large, inky-black, muscular, toad-like creature burst forth and charged the party. Vox said that it looked like a slaad, but that he was unaware of any sladdi that he knew of that were of that coloring, which seemed to be very similar to the glop and worms we had encountered previously.

Preparing for tossed slaad

The slaad rushed in, focusing solely on Laranna. Vox cut loose with a Lightning Bolt, which was less effective than he would have hoped. During one of the slaad's attacks, Laranna noticed that it was trying to inject her with...some writhing something.

With Laranna being the creature's sole focus, it was felled rather quickly, and it exploded into the blackish glop that looked like what we had seen before. After burning the area that it landed on the ground, the party moved on. Not much past the area of the attack the party spotted a bottle of wine resting on a rock that looked quite similar to the one that Laranna had gotten previously from Xiax, but Adrie rushed forward and smashed the bottle before Laranna could grab it, which seemed to cause an unnecessary amount of hurt feelings given the known effects previously experienced.

Eventually we arrived at "The Obelisk," which was set upon a rocky hill. The hill itself seemed to he hewn somehow, and the plinth and obelisk were made of polished, reddish-metallic stone that was well assembled without mortar. The plinth was large, a 50' square that was 20' high, and neither it nor the obelisk seemed to have any sort of writing or markings on it. The corners of the plinth and obelisk both seemed to align to the cardinal directions.
As the party walked around the plinth observing it, Vox noticed what looked to be a well-hidden door on one side. Laranna examined it and seemed to find what appeared to be a plate in front of the door that would drop away if the door was opened.

Standing off to the side, the door was opened, and it slid up and out with the plate in front of the door falling away, exposing a 10' wide, 20' deep pit with spikes in the bottom.
This then prompted a longish conversation on how a zombie would manage to traverse this, and eventually the party opted to leave the zombies outside and they entered the chamber beyond.

Inside the plinth was what appeared to be a singular chamber, at the center of which stood an immobile...something, which was facing the entrance the party came in. Whatever the creature/being was wasn't registering on anyone's memories, and there didn't seem to be any markings on the interior chamber either. Four columns surrounded the creature, and as the party moved about the chamber we were unable to determine if the creature was "real" or an illusion or perhaps a clever statue.

Vox used his Ring of Seeing, and via the provided True Seeing he saw things that seemed to provide more confusion than clarity. He indicated that on each of the other walls that there were secret doors...that weren't really there...and that there appeared to be lines of reddish magical force going between the columns surrounding the creature.

Laranna went outside the plinth and found another similar secret door on one of the adjacent plinth sides, opened it like the other one, and discovered a chamber with the creature facing her - but without the rest of the party inside. She began yelling to the party and continued to the next adjacent side, finding another door, again the creature inside facing the entrance.

The rest of the party took the opposite route and met Laranna at the remaining unopened secret door, and after discussion Vox posited that it seemed like possibly the space inside the plinth had been fractured and was linked to the doors, so that opening each door and entering each at the same time could align the space back to reality.
This prompted discussion about why this might have been done in the first place, and it was agreed that if it was the elves that had done this, clearly their motives weren't exactly historically great. There was worry about what being in such a state might have done to the mind of whatever was imprisoned, but eventually agreement to free it was come to, and each party member positioned themselves at a door to enter simultaneously.

Upon trying to do so, rather than the easy entry that had been encountered at first, it seemed like there was some sort of force pushing back, and neither Vox nor Adrie made it through on the first shot, causing them to each fall into the pit. Vox managed to Feather Fall down, but Adrie crashed into the spikes.
Adrie then wildshaped into a giant spider and climbed out, and Vox also managed to extricate himself, and soon they each came through their respective entrance.

From Pathfinder Pawns: Bestiary 3 Box

Having then entered from each of the four sides, there was a disorienting moment or two as things seemed to realign, and once things seemed to adjust back to normal each column expelled a stone female figure which attacked.

The fight was engaged, and Vox came to the realization that a number of his spells weren't at all effective against the constructs; they were immune to a number of the damage types that his spells could produce, and anything that would require them to make a save would result in no damage if they succeeded.

The zombies were called in, and the fight went on for a bit until Laranna scored a 3 on one of her attack rolls - which ended up shattering her primary weapon. This was followed shortly by Laranna getting dropped, at which point Adrie moved to restore her to health by the Superior Healing Potion the party had.

With the zombies managing to soak up some of the fight, once one of the constructs was felled the rest followed shortly...leaving the party battered and facing an unknown possible threat...

More next session!
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