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Peter Robben
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And here...
I should really add something smart and sparkly here.
in WFRP, almost everyone has a job between adventuring, which provides a substantial chunk of the PCs income. So, yes.
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Tim Freerksen
United States
River Forest
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Yes, usually as clues for mysteries or ways to tell a person's status or lying. Lots of trades can bleed into checks with a little imagination and real world knowledge here are some examples:

A tailor can tell if someone is just posing as a noble or an actual noble by their clothes alone

A farmer can tell if animals are acting sick or off kilter. This can also be used if you are a hunter. I also used farming as a key to help villages who are having famines by substituting some crops for others, for example substitute wheat for something more calorically dense like sorghum, potatoes or millet

A printer can edit something that might be false (or true depending on your leanings)
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