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Subject: Doctor Who - 2 Minutes rss

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I'm not exactly breaking the laws of time, but I am bending them a little.

2 Minutes

Sherlock Holmes
Dorian Craze

Sherlock Holmes
Time Lord ?

Character concept - for now all that is revealed is that this character believes that he is indeed Sherlock Holmes.

Dorian Craze
Torchwood - ex-military officer

Character concept - ex-military officer who has been brought into Torchwood by Queen Victoria herself. His name, Dorian, from Dorian Gray (a character the player likes) and Craze as tribute to the actor Michael Craze who played Ben Jackson alongside Pat Troughton's 2nd Doctor.

Awareness 3
Coordination 4
Ingenuity 3
Presence 2
Resolve 2
Strength 2

Obligation (Torchwood)
Selfish (Torchwood interests)
Keen Senses
Fast Healing
Psychic Training
Run for Your Life
Quick Reflexes

Convince 2
Craft 2
Fighting 3
Knowledge 2
Medicine 2
Science 1
Subterfuge 2
Survival 2
Technology 2

Emgram Eraser
Electronic Lockpick
Wrist Scanner

Torchwood - Tech

Character concept - based on the Vinvocci from The End of Time. His Shimmer appearance is similar to Lucius Malfoy (from Harry Potter).

Awareness 4
Coordination 2
Ingenuity 4
Presence 2
Resolve 2
Strength 4

Alien Appearance
Dark Secret
Keen Senses
Photographic Memory
Technically Adept
Friends (Major)

Fighting 4
Knowledge 3
Medicine 3
Technology 4
Transport 4

Engram Eraser

The Adventure

The year is 1885. Late at night a young lady steps out into the thick London fog. Lucy. She pulls her coat tight around her and heads quickly down the alleyway towards the street. She stops as she hears a sound. Sure someone is behind her she spins around and... she doesn’t have time to scream.

Hit the intro music (on my mobile phone) dum-dum-dee-dum...

Two sets of footsteps can be heard walking up the thin carpeted stairs. The first are obviously the heavy flat footsteps of housekeeper Mrs Hudson. The second are light yet sharp, heels or narrow boots. A slight scraping can be heard, a large coat, no, a dress. A large dress, no doubt of a wealthy woman. Four loud knocks on the doors and Mrs Hudson is beckoned into the study where her employer is stood next to his desk, glancing through the morning newspaper, there has been another murder.
"Mrs. Harper, I presume."
"And you would be Mr. Sherlock Holmes."

Mrs. Harper is concerned that her husband has not returned home. He disappeared four nights ago. She has reported this to the Police but they have done nothing. Sherlock Holmes also dismisses her at first, pointing out it was not the first time her playboy husband had gone away for a week. Mrs. Harper dismisses such reports, blaming the tabloids for trying to wreck her marriage. She offers to more than cover Holmes’s fee. Holmes agrees to take the case and sets out towards the local constabulary to first see what the Police have discovered, if anything.

The Tower of London - Torchwood HQ. Trixx reads the morning newspaper and sees another murder. Pointing this out to Dorian Craze, Craze realizes the murder must have been very close to the time his wrist scanner had detected a strange energy signature. They decide to investigate the murders, they call Parjeev their driver, and head towards the local Constabulary.

Torchwood and Holmes arrive at the Police Station at the same time. Dorian Craze and Trixx enter first, Holmes noting he has seen them about in the past. Torchwood also make note of Sherlock Holmes. He’s caused them to have to cover up more than normal in the past, and they too have noticed Holmes. Trixx whispers to Dorian that they need to continue their investigation on Sherlock Holmes. Trixx had looked into him previously and had uncovered that 221B Baker Street does not exist. Oh, it was there, plain as the day, but when you checked the building plans it should not be, it could not be. He is certainly a man to be investigated.

Putting Holmes out of their mind they enter the station and ask to speak with Sgt. Bailey. Reluctantly Sgt. Bailey allows Torchwood to see the bodies of the victims, officer Wainwright leads Dorian and Trixx downstairs to the mortuary.

Holmes enquires about the Harper disappearance, and concludes that the Police are indeed dismissing the case as Mr. Harper simply going off with a fancy woman as he had done before. Holmes then asks about the murders, this instantly makes Sgt. Bailey uneasy, and he refuses to cooperate. Holmes then refers back to the Harper case and requests more information (Player spends Story Point) knowing that Sgt. Bailey will need to go upstairs to collect the relevant files. As soon as the sergeant starts up the stairs Holmes slips by and down into the Mortuary where he manages distract the constable and listens intently at the door.

Inside Trixx and Craze examine the bodies. Each victim has a mark on their forehead, a circle indent with five smaller circles inside. Trixx recognises the markings as some kind of Engram Collector, though he’s not come across one that kills like this before. Holmes overhears Craze and Trixx talking about ‘scanning the bodies’ (using Craze’s Wrist Scanner) and is curious about what exactly a scan entails. Trixx makes a copy of the locations of the deaths. Holmes then returns upstairs before Torchwood call in the constable and instruct him to have the bodies moved to Torchwood.

When Torchwood head back upstairs Holmes is in the reception as if he had always been there. Torchwood leave intent on checking the murder locations. Sherlock Holmes tries to get more information on the murders out of Sgt. Bailey but fails. Holmes leaves and heads to his own coach, realising that the two fellows he saw in the Police Station will no doubt lead him to where he want so go.

To be continued...

Edit: just correcting the date to 1885.
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