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Subject: 2 Minutes - Part 2 rss

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One Squirrel to rule them all, One Squirrel to find them, One Squirrel to bring them all and in the darkness TPK them.

2 Minutes
Part 2

Sherlock Holmes
Dorian Craze

Part 1 can be found here

Leaving the Police station Torchwood concludes that Mr. Harper’s disappearance is linked to the murders. They start to piece together the clues, unaware that super sleuth Sherlock Holmes is following them. They first return to Torchwood HQ at the Tower of London where Dorian instructs Torchwood agents to find more details about the victims and to bring the file on Sherlock Holmes.

Recent events
14th Feb Mr. Harper disappeared from outside his Gentleman’s Club.
15th Feb Edmund Baker was found dead outside his Bakery near Regents Park.
18th Feb Victoria Reading was found dead in Hyde Park.
22nd Feb Mr. Chan was found dead, again near Regents Park.
24th Feb Lucy Tailor was found dead by the docks near Westminster. Torchwood get involved. Mrs Harper hires Sherlock Holmes.
25th Feb Todays date.

Torchwood decide to investigate Mr. Harpers disappearance. They head to the Taxi depot that covers the area. The Taxi deport is nothing more than a large stable yard with a small office towards the back. Torchwood question the owner who is cooperative but offers little information. Dorian decides to run a scan on the carts, he is unaware that Sherlock Holmes is watching his strange behaviour from across the Street. From his vantage point Holmes can see directly into the yard through it’s wide open gates. Dorian finds no evidence of anything extra-terrestrial.

Torchwood get the address of the driver who would have been working that evening in the Regents Park area. He is a long time driver called William Carter. Torchwood visit him at home, Mrs. Carter answers the door and is more than happy to offer help. At first Mr. Carter recalls nothing unusual, he didn’t see Mr. Harper that evening, he was a regular customer usually. When pushed for further information or unusual sightings there is one odd bit of news. On the 19th he picked up an elderly well off gent, he’d not seen him before. He picked him up by the docks area near Westminster and dropped him off in the middle of Regents Park at roughly midnight. Mr. Carter said he thought it was a tad unusual, but he’s not one to question the gentry.

Leaving Mr. Carters home Trixx spots Holmes, who immediately heads home. Torchwood follow, entering 221B Baker Street they find Holmes already waiting for them with tea in the pot and a map of the murder locations open on his desk. Torchwood more than Holmes are reluctant to give up their information. Dorian questions Homes, especially about the fact his records show nothing from before four years ago, but Holmes refutes this and gives an account of his life. Dorian also questions 221B Baker Street, a house that according to records does not exist. Holmes cannot understand this, neither does he seem to care about such a trivial matter. Meanwhile a book catches Trixx’s attention, The Time Machine by H. G. Wells. The book is old and well worn and easily 30 years old, the printing date inside is 1910, with the footnote First Published in 1895 – the year is currently 1885. Mr. Trixx tries to pawn the book but fails. Holmes returns the book to the shelf, pausing slightly as he does so, as if he’s missing some vital clue. When Trixx points out the date of the book Holmes studies it for a moment, and then dismisses it as not relevant to the case.

The three agree to trust one another for now and work together on the case. They decide to start South and work North investigating the murder site.

The dockland area where Lucy was murdered is a grim place. A few small shops, a coffee shop and a blacksmith. Trixx spots something near the location of the murder, oil. Dorian scans it and determines it is not of Earth manufacture. Holmes then notices and odd item in the bin outside the Blacksmiths. They find what looks like possibly a proto-type piece of iron, but the pattern fits that of the markings found on the foreheads of the murder victims. They question the Blacksmith who says he’s seen nothing. When questioned about the item he is perplexed. He says it is his, that’s his scrap bin and it’s his iron, but he has no recollection of making it. After a quick scan from Dorian Torchwood realise this man has either had his memory erased or has been hypnotised. With that they realise he will be of no more help, but the mysterious man Mr. Carter mentioned now seems somewhat important.

The group decide the check out the site of Victoria’s murder in Hyde Park. The area they are in is pretty open; it has a few trees and a small area of bushes. It was in the bushes that Victoria’s body was found. Examining the area Trixx finds an odd device the size of a key. Dorian’s scanner again reveals this to be not of Earth manufacture. Holmes has wandered a few meters away from the others when he hears a faint ticking sound. His first reaction is to reach into his pocket and pull out his fob watch. He puts the watch to his ear to discover that is not the source of the ticking. Holmes spins around suddenly aware someone if behind him. Standing there is a well dressed gent in Victorian attire complete with top hat. However, he is wearing a ceramic party mask. He raises his hand and a blade shoots out from his fingers. Homes turns and flees immediately bumping into Dorian and Trixx. Dorian flicks a switch on his cane and pulls out a sword. He lunges at the ticking man knocking his mask off to reveal a clear head, inside which can be seen a series of clockwork cogs and gears. The Clockwork man lunges at Dorian who stumbles, he brings his sword up just in time, stopping the attack but the weapon is knocked from his hand. The Clockwork man does not advance; he stands there for a moment then presses a button on his wrist. In a flash of light he vanishes!

Dorian instantly activates his scanner. "No use. But that was just a short range teleport. He can be no more than five hundred meters!"
They look around, then look to the sky. Nothing. Then Sherlock Homes looks down. "Then I would deduce he is in the sewers."

To be continued...
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