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Subject: 2 Minutes - Part 3 rss

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One Squirrel to rule them all, One Squirrel to find them, One Squirrel to bring them all and in the darkness TPK them.

2 Minutes
Part 3

Sherlock Holmes
Dorian Craze

Time Lord

Awareness 3
Coordination 3
Ingenuity 7
Presence 3
Resolve 2
Strength 2

Feel the Turn of the Universe
Insatiable Curiosity
Resourceful Pockets
Technically Adept
Sense of Direction

Knowledge 6
Science 6
Technology 6
Transport 4

Sonic Screwdriver
Psychic Paper

Part 1 can be found here
Part 2 can be found here

The encounter with the Clockwork Robot has left Dorian slightly shocked, but memories are starting to stir for Sherlock Holmes.

"I say sir, do I know you?" a stranger calls out. The stranger is called Giles Milton and is a member of the Royal Observatory. Seeing the esteemed Sherlock Holmes he had to introduce himself, and pose a most fascinating problem for the super sleuth. Giles explains that he is running measurements because the stars in the night sky have moved! Only by a centimeter to the naked eye, but the phenonenom is only visible from Hyde Park. His own suggestion is a weather anomoly, but admits he is stumped.

From seemingly nowhere a tall thin man appears, he introduces himself as Moriarty! Everything seems to go hazy from here, and he stares deep into the eyes of Holmes. "Fascinating," he says, "you are actually human." Holmes blinks and Moriarty is gone. Giles Milton is dead at their feet, killed by the mind device. Trixx is correct to surmise a powerful Hypnosis.

Dorian calls Torchwood to remove Giles body, get a plan of the sewers, a gun and lanterns. Before heading to the sewers the trio head back to 221B Baker Street, the home of Sherlock Holmes. They search Holmes library for reference to Moriarty but turn up nothing. Trixx takes the time to memorise the sewers map. Mrs. Horton brings in coffee, and suggests Mr. Holmes checks the time. At first this confuses everyone. But after a few minutes Holmes decides to check the time with that of his FOB WATCH. As the watch opens a burst of energy transfers into the TIME LORD restoring his memories.

The Time War! Moriarty is a Time Lord, and a traitor, selling out Arcadia to the Daleks. The Time Lords task Holmes to bring in Moriarty. Holmes chases him across the stars until Moriarty reverses the situation and unleashes a powerful evil. Now Holmes must run and hide. He uses the Chameleon Arch to become human to escape. In a touch of irony the TARDIS takes him to Victorian London and turns him into Sherlock Holmes.

Holmes grabs his sonic screwdriver form his desk drawand leads the party to the sewers. Dorian Craze and Trixx and somewhat confused with the change in personality of Holmes. Holmes says he is a Time Lord, but even Trixx has not heard of his kind.

In the sewers it doesn't take long before they encounter another, or possibly the same, Clockwork Robot. Dorian fires a shot with his revolver but misses. Holmes activates his Sonic Screwdriver and winds down the robot. "See," says Holmes, "you don't need guns."

Behind the robot is an alcove and a door. Beyond is a small room with a technological device, instantly recognised by Trixx and Holmes as a Transmat pad. The Trio transmat to... wherever! During transmat Holmes detects a temporal shift. They find themselves on a starship above Hyde Park, but it is constantly 2 MINUTES into the future. It therefore cannot be seen but may be enough to cause the disturbance Giles Milton detected.

They search the ship (which doesn't look like BBC Studio 2, though he walls do wobble occasionally) and access the computer banks where Holmes discovers that the devices leaving the marks on the corpses were being used to gather mind signatures to fine tune a powerful Hypnotic Device. In fact the whole ship is being powered up as a giant Hypnosis generator, enough to hypnotise a whole planet in seconds! It's stolen technology and ideas, but Moriarty has just about perfected it.

To the bridge! Entering the Bridge of the starship the trio are met by four Clockwork Robots and two humans, hypnotised beyond saving. Then on an upper balcony Moriarty appears. "So Holmes, you are a Time Lord once more."

There is much banter between the two, but Moriarty makes Holmes aware that the Time Lords have gone. This distresses our hero. Moriarty also says that he has not forgotten that Holmes was trying to capture him. While Holmes says that is pointless now Moriarty mocks him. "But I have not forgotten my revenge! And once I have this and other planets under my hypnosis I can have them construct weapons so powerful I will rules the Universe! Now, my robots, KILL THEM!" The four robots converge and out hero's run.

This time they head down into the engineering, Holmes deactivating another robot on the way. The trio work together to disable the starship and set it to self destruct [several story points were spent to make rolls here]. Escaping the engine room yet another Clockwork Robot attacks, this time managing to injure Dorian though not seriously.

They run back to the transmat room where the ships computer issues a warning, "Warning! Temporal Energy overload. Temporal energy dump in process!" Whithout time for our hero's to react the ship dumps a stream of temporal energy in a beam straight down. Hitting the ground it explodes outwards and within seconds destroys everything within a fifty mile radius! London is destroyed!!!

"2 MINUTES," says Trixx.
"Yes," agrees Holmes, "Two minutes to stop this."
Holmes programs the transmat to take them to 221B Baker Street, and they appear outside. 90 seconds and the starship is starting to appear visible. The Trio run inside 221B, Holmes's TARDIS! In the study Holmes moves the book The Time Machine from it's slot to another. He then pushes the bookcase to reveal hidden doors opening into his TARDIS's Console Room. Dorian & Trixx and now totally confused. They're Torchwood, but in the last hour Holmes has run rings around them.

Holmes curses as he realises the TARDIS will not be able to absorb the energy... but... He makes a short trip, materialising in Hyde Park. He runs from the TARDIS, which due to the Chameleon Circuit is now a Police Box, and stands beneath the starship. 5... 4... 3... 2...1 ... the temporal energy streams down and hits Holmes who amazingly absorbs most of it; a few sparks fly off, a nearby house is vaporised, a small tree grows as it ages 200 years while an ancient great oak is reduced to a sapling. The TARDIS is also hit causing sparks to fly within where Dorian is taking cover.

With the energy absorbed and London saved the starship above folds in upon itself and disintegrates. Holmes, falling to his knees, is not feeling well at all. Trixx and Dorian help him back into the TARDIS where Holmes sets it in flight.

"I'm dying," says Holmes.
"What?" protests Trixx. "You can't. I mean, you can't. I don't know how to fly this ship!"
"I don't know what to say," says Holmes, "I don't know what to say..."

With that Holmes entire body explodes in a burst of bright orange energy. He burns for twenty seconds or so before the energy dissipates. Only Holmes is different, it's as if a whole new man is standing there. He has REGENERATED!

"That was interesting wasn't it!" grins the Time Lord.

Next time on Doctor Who... No Earth!
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