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Subject: The something of the Daleks - part one rss

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Club Squirrel
Brierley Hill
The Black Country
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One Squirrel to rule them all, One Squirrel to find them, One Squirrel to bring them all and in the darkness TPK them.

Apologies, this is a longer write-up than I thought!

The last time the Potter crew took to the Vortex was the first time I had GM’d for six people. So this time we go one better and now have seven players!

Quick Recap: In the previous adventure, Global Warming, an Arctic research team investigating the melting of the ice caps discovered Cybermen. Fortunately were helpd due to the timely arrival of an alien Time Lord known as The Potter and his time machine potter’s shed, the Cybermen were vanquished.

Global Warming can be found here

The something of the Daleks


The Potter
A young Time Lord. Appears just 17 years old wearing round glasses, a duffle coat, mittens (attached with string) and carrying a schoolboy satchel. He knows how the TARDIS works but has not idea how to pilot it!
Gadgets - Sonic Potter Wheel (miniature one)

Fazdar ‘Faz’
A shaman from the future beyond the year 25,000. He is the last of the Sevateem (see the 4th Doctor story The Face of Evil).
Gadgets - Totem staff (which is actually a Force Field generator; grants a force-field ability once per encounter)

Terry McCloughan
A technician working for UNIT.
Gadgets - Utility belt with assorted tools

Jonathan Corbett
Technician & lead scientific advisor to UNIT.

Dean Riley
Security guard from an Arctic research station

Dr. William Chambers
Doctor of Biology from an Arctic research station

Ace ‘Rimmer’
Cocky Space Pilot.

Queen Cleopatra
The Daleks

Episode One

A wooden looking potters shed, a TARDIS, flies through the space/time vortex. Inside, standing around the nice wood panelled center console The Potter, Fazdar and their new friends argue over whose turn it is to make the tea.

Something strikes the TARDIS, just time turbulence The Potter thinks, but then he’s more concerned about this lack of tea. After more arguing there is another jolt, this time knocking Corbett & Chambers off their feet. With prompting from Fazdar, The Potter reluctantly turns on the view screen to see several Vortisaurs, scavengers that live in the time vortex, attacking the TARDIS.

"Damn scavengers," mutter The Potter, "Red button."
"That’s the garbage dump," reminds Fazdar.
Pressing the Big Red Button the shed dumps it’s garbage into the Time Vortex and distracting the Vortisaurs.

Several controls start sparking, it doesn’t look good.
"It just needs to cool down after those attacks," says Fazdar.
"Right," says The Potter, and pulls a great big leaver that Materialises the TARDIS.

The Potter doesn’t hang about he’s instantly off investigating. Alas what he finds is a bit dull and boring. They are inside a 10x10 stone room with a single doorway (D&D comments from players). With only one way to go the group head out the door and follow the long corridor until they find another medium sized room. The room has another door at the far side and is brightly lit. Around the room appears some obviously high tech equipment, but oddly in the center of the room is a stone Sarcophagus. The Potter examines it, and while he is unable to deduct whose it is he confirms it’s certainly of Ancient Egypt, Earth, origin.

While the others are messing Fazdar slumps in the corner and nods off. In his dream he feels another mind reach out, "Why am I here?"

The Sarcophagus is opened but it is empty, and after investigation it appears the equipment is medical equipment of some kind, but while pressing buttons Corbett accidentally locks the door from the direction they came. The Potter scolds him for messing, then when trying to open the door sounds the alarm!

Riley, the only armed member of the party, is watching the other door and goes out of the room to scout ahead. He just catches the silhouette of something moving ahead of him. He retreats back and explains what he saw, in the darkness it appeared cone-like with semi-circular design over it. A robot maybe? Corbett and McCloughan are from UNIT, and along with The Potter recognise the design. The Potter now gets to work, with a bit more effort, opening the door that leads back to the Shed. McCloughan kicks Fazdar to wake him. As the door opens an all too familiar robotic-sounding single syllable voice of terror calls out, "HALT. IN-TRU-DERS WILL SUR-REN-DER TO THE DA-LEKS OR BE EX-TER-MIN-ATE-ED!"

Everyone RUNS!

The Dalek pursues, it’s single blue light it uses and an eye shining through the darkness. When the group gets to the end of the corridor they find that the Shed is gone! It was hiding another door, and with no time to think the group continues running. This long corridor opens into a large chamber full of junk. The Potter pulls out a Star-Light Flash torch, enough energy for a single burst, he aims it down the corridor and turns it on momentarily blinding the Dalek causing it to freeze. The Potter gets out his Sonic Potter’s Wheel, closes and locks the door.
"Should be safe for..."
"Garbage disposal secured," says a computerised voice," Garbage ejection activated."
The group has no time to respond or react, the floor beneath them disappears and they fall!

The group find themselves falling out of a flying Pyramid, which is travelling at great speed and is out of sight before they land in the sand of a great desert. Fortunately no one in the group is injured by the fall. They examine the junk and discover that it is just that and of no use.

"I say that was rather spectacular falling out of the sky like that," calls out a voice.
The group spin around to see a man in a shiny space suit, blond hair and sunglasses smiling at them. "The names Ace, and you guys look like you’re in a bit of a scrape."

Ace explains that his ship crashed here but he’s not been able to find out who is in charge, and the hat people seem to be ignoring him. The Potter is interested in this spaceship, so Ace sets off leading them towards it.

On the way there Riley makes an interesting observation. It’s warm, but not desert hot. And it’s as bright as midday but there is no sun in the sky? The Potter grins, "Well it’s unlikely we’re on Earth." This comment leaves the Arctic members confused.

Ace says his ship is the other side of the city and going through the city is the quickest route. The city is quite magnificent, especially once they approach the Palace. None of the residents seem to take any notice of the strange apparel of the group of travellers, even after The Potter converses with a woman at a market stall to purchase some fruit in exchange for a small mirror. "Oh they’re all like it," says Ace, "Can’t get past the guards into the Palace though." While interesting the group decide to continue to the crashed spaceship.

The city is next to a river on the coast. The ship is not far away, and it is not in good condition. But another startling discovery is made, one that Ace failed to tell them. Only a few meters from the ship is the worlds edge, the sea and sand falling over the side into space. (are there four elephants and a turtle is the players remark)

"This is some kind of space ship," says Chambers somewhat startled.
"Yes. I figured that much out," said The Potter smugly. "Well this ship is going to take some fixing."
"Sorry," says Ace, "I had to trade away bits to get some food.
"I thought you’d only been here four days?"
"Yes. I was hungry."
"Oh well, I guess we go and have a word with whoever is in that Palace and... Alexandria! That’s Alexandria. Cleopatra, that’s Cleopatra’s Palace." Now the group formed a plan, which meant leaving Chambers and Riley behind; Chambers to examine the sand to find out what they were on and Riley to guard him. It took riley a moment to realise he’d been duped into guard duty.

The group manage to bluff the guards saying that The Potter is actually Mark Anthony and is here to see Cleopatra. Confused the guards escort them into the magnificent throne room, where Cleopatra demands to know who they really are. Unlike the rest of the city she is obviously aware they are not Egyptians.
Queen Cleopatra asks the group, "Why am I here?" words Fazdar heard in his meditation. While the party tries to make sense of things two Daleks appear, but Cleopatra seems unfazed by them saying they are her protectors. The Daleks too claim to be her protectors. The Potter is able to talk the Daleks out of Exterminating the whole group, claiming to be on their side too. Instead the group are taken prisoner and forbidden from conversing with Cleopatra.

Back at the spaceship Chambers has discovered that the sand is in fact, sand! Chambers and Riley decide to head to the city, but in doing so discover a metal hatch hidden under the sand. After messing for a few minutes Chambers is able to open it. A ladder leads down, so they climb down to investigate. They find themselves amongst vast superstructure underneath the desert, a faint humming noise, possibly engines, can be heard.
"Well, it’s not a giant whale," says Chambers, "I’d say it’s a spaceship."
"Y’think?" retorts Riley.
Riley and Chambers investigate but get cut off from the hatch by patrolling Daleks. The find a tech station and overhear a Dalek talking to the Supreme Dalek. The Supreme Dalek warns of intruders and says that nothing must interfere with the Ascension.
Confused even more now; Chambers and Riley continue until they find the command station. There are four Daleks in this large room but view of the device in the center of the room is blocked by a Dalek.

Meanwhile in the Palace the rest of the group are in a very luxurious prison complete with a pool, serving girls and banquet. Corbett distracts the guards so that Ace can climb the curtains to the high skylight and escape. Fazdar meditates and is taken into a dream-like state. He sees a giant cat-like being who speaks to him, "You are not the chosen. The Osirans will rise again." The dream fades.

Ace jumps down into a convenient pile of hay. He avoids Daleks and gets tot eh barracks. He bluffs the remaining soldiers and is able to get hold of uniforms and even a few spears. He then dresses as a guard and boldly just strides back though the Palace even walking right past a patrolling Dalek.

Back with the prisoners a secret door slides open and in walks Queen Cleopatra. She demands answers and wants to know the truth about her supposed divine guardians, the Daleks. Cleopatra is told of the Daleks sinister nature.
Fazdar tells of his vision, "This person said I am not the chosen one..."
"That’s probably a good thing," jokes McCloughan.
"...and the Osirans will rise again," continues Fazdar.
The Potter finds this interesting also. He knows the Osirens were a very powerful god-like race, the basis of ancient Egyptian culture. But they are long extinct.
Cleopatra somewhat believes the group, and she shows them the snakebite marks on her arm. She says she took her own life after the death of Mark Anthony, this is why she is confused; she knows she should be dead. And she is more than aware that this is not her real city. She agrees to help the group escape through the secret door.

Riley has a plan, he’ll draw the Dalek fire so Chambers can investigate the device in the center of the control room. Riley opens fire and lands a lucky hit on one of the Daleks destroying it’s eye-stalk.
One of the Daleks pursues Riley. The damaged Dalek fires a couple of random shots nearly hitting Chambers who was sneaking in another door. Instead the Dalek hit a pipe sending steam into the room actually giving Chambers the cover he needed. Chambers sneaks in and finds an open Dalek casing, capable of holding a human, but it is attached to some complex machinery. With the other Daleks in the room disconnecting from the computers Chambers spies a ladder leading up and he runs for it.

Riley ducks and dives around the superstructure as the Dalek gives chase. The Dalek shoots, it’s lasers hitting girders, disintegrating them. Riley has a plan. He ducks and dives again, the Dalek shoots. Only this time the Dalek hits a supporting beam, and as the Dalek moves in on Riley the ceiling comes crashing down burying the Dalek!

Chambers opens up the hatch in a corridor just as his friends have run past led by Cleopatra. The see him and he explains there is a Dalek control room. The Potter figures this could be it and the group starts to climb down.
"You do not expect me to climb down there?" says Cleopatra.
"Sorry, your highness," says Ace, "where are my manners? Let me assist." With that he slings Cleopatra over his shoulder and climbs down!

By the time they have climbed back down the control room is vacant of Daleks. The Potter heads straight for the Dalek casing in the center of the room while McCloughan and Corbett examine the computers. Together they come to the same conclusion, it’s a DNA machine. It is capable of changing human DNA into Dalek DNA. So anyone sitting in that Dalek will become a Dalek.
"I think we need to put an end to this idea," says The Potter. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out his miniature sonic potters wheel. But as he does so a Dalek enters the room.
"DO NOT TOUCH THE DE-VIVE! EX-TER-MIN-ATE!" screams the Dalek and blasts The Potter.
But Ace is alert. "Noooo!" he shouts and leaps in front of The Potter, in front of the Dalek laser beam"

To be continued...

A Dalek, photo taken at UK Games Expo 2009

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Eric Dodd
New Zealand
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I'm at Mini-Wellycon - Oct 22 - 23, 2016
"Stoke me a clipper, I'll be back for breakfast..."

I hope the Meddling Monk is going to turn up!
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Club Squirrel
Brierley Hill
The Black Country
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One Squirrel to rule them all, One Squirrel to find them, One Squirrel to bring them all and in the darkness TPK them.
Red Wine Pie wrote:
"Stoke me a clipper, I'll be back for breakfast..."

I hope the Meddling Monk is going to turn up!

Someones been watching The Daleks Master Plan
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Merric Blackman
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Ramping up my reviewing.
Happily playing games for many, many years.
How about "The Pie of the Daleks".

Great session report.

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Club Squirrel
Brierley Hill
The Black Country
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One Squirrel to rule them all, One Squirrel to find them, One Squirrel to bring them all and in the darkness TPK them.
Thank you.
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