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Subject: The something of the Daleks - Part Two rss

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Club Squirrel
Brierley Hill
The Black Country
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I'm not exactly breaking the laws of time, but I am bending them a little.

The something of the Daleks


The Potter
A young Time Lord. Appears just 17 years old wearing round glasses, a duffle coat, mittens (attached with string) and carrying a schoolboy satchel. He knows how the TARDIS works but has not idea how to pilot it!
Gadgets - Sonic Potter Wheel (miniature one)

Fazdar ‘Faz’
A shaman from the future beyond the year 25,000. He is the last of the Sevateem (see the 4th Doctor story The Face of Evil).
Gadgets - Totem staff (which is actually a Force Field generator; grants a force-field ability once per encounter)

Terry McCloughan
A technician working for UNIT.
Gadgets - Utility belt with assorted tools

Jonathan Corbett
Technician & lead scientific advisor to UNIT.

Dean Riley
Security guard from an Arctic research station

Dr. William Chambers
Doctor of Biology from an Arctic research station

Ace ‘Rimmer’ R.I.P
Cocky Space Pilot.

Queen Cleopatra
The Daleks

Part One can be found here

Episode Two

Recap: The TARDIS landed on an alien spaceship shaped like a Pyramid. The group fell from this ship onto a desert, which turned out to be an even bigger spaceship that resembled ancient Egypt from the planet Earth. The group met with a crashed pilot called Ace and then had a meeting with Queen Cleopatra. Oh, and the Daleks seem to be behind everything. The Daleks have some kind of DNA machine that can convert someone into a Dalek, and they seem set on converting Cleopatra, but only at the time of Ascension, whatever that is?

The Group are all in the Dalek Command room. Just as The Potter approached the DNA machine four Daleks enter the room screaming commands for everyone to surrender. The Potter continues towards the DNA machine, a Dalek screams "EX_TER_MIN_ATE!" and shoots, Ace jumps in front of the blast and is vapourised!

The adventure continues.

The Daleks usher the group away from the machine.
"The time of as-cen-sion is near," says the lead Dalek, "Trans-mat to moth-er ship." The four Daleks, Cleopatra and the DNA machine all dematerialise and the self destruction activates destroying the computers in the room.

Dean shows up following his chase with a Dalek, he’s wearing a Dalek sphere on a piece of string around his neck from the Dalek he destroyed.

Terry and Corbett set to work fixing the computer the best they can. Corbett thinks he can fix the Trans-Mat. The Potter points out that if the TARDIS is on that Dalek mothership then that is where they need to go.

GM Note: I set the starting difficulty of repairing the Trans-Mat to 15, but pointed out that as it was an alien technology to the two UNIT techs I would randomly change that number. I had a pack of Doctor Who playing cards, so I played a quick game of Play Your Cards Right (higher or lower). The difficulty would change by +/-3 depending if they guessed correctly. They ended up needing a difficulty of 21. I then said I would reduce the difficulty by 3 if someone stayed behind to operate the Trans-Mat manually. Corbett volunteered to stay behind, then kicked himself when he rolled 21.

The Potter had used his sonic potters wheel to get a location lock on the TARDIS, but they arrived in a room just down the corridor from it. Alas the room had two Daleks in it, guarding the TARDIS. The Potter tries to trick his way past the Daleks, but they are not falling for that. Fazdar then manages to back away in the corridor away from the TARDIS and lure one of the Daleks with him. He manipulates his personal Force Field (spending Story Points) and expands it INTO the Dalek, the Dalek hurls backwards and screams as it is turned into a smouldering wreck. Fazdar moves back into the room but the second Dalek shoots a stun gas (much like the ‘60’s Daleks did) paralysing the legs of all but Dean. The PCs collapse to the floor and the Dalek backs out locking the doors.

Corbett manages to Trans-Mat himself to the Dalek Mothership ending up in the room they first discovered with the Sarcophagus. He searches about and finds Cleopatra; she is in a in a small room trapped inside a force field in the middle of the room. The other side of the room is a corridor and a Dalek approaches. Corbett finds a computer console, and he has a plan. He waits for the Dalek to enter the room and releases Cleopatra, she runs out of the other door and the Dalek gives chase, as he passes over the centre of the room Corbett reactivates the force field trapping the Dalek. In trying to escape the Dalek fires it’s laser which just bounces back and the Dalek destroys itself!

Corbett and Cleopatra continue to search for their friends and indeed find them just recovering from the Dalek stun gas. But they notice something is wrong with Cleopatra, there is a slight glow to her. Suddenly the PCs find themselves surrounded by Daleks screaming, "The as-cen-sion is near, pre-pare the hu-man wom-an. Tran-mat to com-mand room."
"Hold on to her everyone," shouts The Potter, and as Cleopatra is transported to the Command Room the whole party goes with her.

The Command Room is huge, the DNA machine is in the centre of the room and the group see the black Supreme Dalek.
"Place the hu-man wom-an in the DNA cham-ber," the Supreme Dalek orders in a deep bellowing electronic voice. "The Kal-ed god of war in-car-nate will rise!"

This is where things get confusing as everyone acts to save Cleopatra;

Corbett and Terry both wrestle Cleopatra away from the Daleks.
The Potter uses his sonic potters wheel to disable the DNA machine.
Dean opens fire on the Supreme Dalek (double 6) and shoots off his eye-stalk! "My vis-on is im-pared, I can-not see!"
Fazdar uses his force field again to destroy the ships primary computers.
Chambers just cowers for his life.

In the commotion the ships computers are destroyed, The Potter succeeds in disabling the DNA machine and the panicking Supreme Dalek opens fire, barely missing Terry, and also blasts the DNA machine.

The Daleks are furious! "EX-TER-MIN-ATE! EX-TER-MIN-ATE! EX-TER-MIN-ATE!"
They open fire on the group and EVERY shot is a GOOD success!!!
But they are all still alive, only now to see Cleopatra transform into a 12 foot tall cat-like being resembling the Egyptian goddess Bastet. "I thank you Potter, and you friends," she says. "Daleks. You are far from the supreme beings. Be gone." With that all the Daleks vanish. "I am the first in a new race of Osirians. If you ever need my help..."
"Don’t suppose you could locate my TARDIS?" asks The Potter.

In the wave of her hand the group find themselves back inside the TARDIS having prevented the birth of a Dalek god!

Cue the music.
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The Harnish
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You should be playing Dungeon World
The session definitely has the feel of Dr. Who. cool
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Eric Dodd
New Zealand
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I'm at Mini-Wellycon - Oct 22 - 23, 2016
Never trust those Osirans ... cerebral cortex like a spiral staircase.

Good stuff!
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Club Squirrel
Brierley Hill
The Black Country
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I'm not exactly breaking the laws of time, but I am bending them a little.
Cheers for the comments
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De Haan
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I love cargo biking!
...and videogaming, boardgaming, RPG'ing and helping users as an admin!
nice story, loved reading it as always
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