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Subject: Terror of the Delph - Part 3 rss

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One Squirrel to rule them all, One Squirrel to find them, One Squirrel to bring them all and in the darkness TPK them.
Terror of the Delph Part 3

Part 1 -
Part 2 -

Player Characters
Holmes - Time Lord who escaped the Time War
Dorian Craze - Victorian Soldier working for the Torchwood Institute
Trixx - a Vinvocci tech working for the Torchwood Institute

re-cap: the year is 1910 and the TARDIS has landed in the small minig town of Brierley Hill in the Midlands of England (my home town). Strange disturbances in the mines have brought the military here and our heroes have discovered that there is a Silurian base under the town.

Terror of the Delph - Part 3

Holmes, Trixx and Dorian Craze are searching the Delph mines for the Silurian base. Holmes is determined to broker a peace with the Silurians.

A few wrong turns, but the group eventually find the mine opening up into a large cavern. There is a slight green haze caused by the phosphorescent moss on the walls. This is when they hear the growl, a deep growl that echo’s around the cavern. Moving forward they see the Triceratops that terrified the miner. Dorian is flustered (failed a Fear check so takes a -1 to Presence & Resolve). Holmes, reasoning the dinosaur is vegetarian moves forward to sooth the creature. It didn’t like that and lightly butts Holmes sending him tumbling backwards. The dinosaur makes no further aggressive move, the group reasoning it is there just for fear factor. Holmes says it won’t eat them.

Discussion ensues on weather Trixx being a Vinvocci is actually a plant and thus would actually make a tasty meal for the Triceratops.

They decide to try and sneak past, it is a big cavern and that is actually a very easy challenge. Nevertheless Holmes fails it, trips and falls over the edge of a huge pit he had not seen in the darkness (the moss was not illuminating the whole cavern). With Holmes hanging by his fingers Craze & Trixx make several bumbling attempts to help him. If it were not for spending 3 Story Points Trixx would have been off the cliff too taking Holmes with him, and Craze had to spend a Story Point too to save Holmes.

After a 45 minute descent they find themselves at the bottom of the cavern and follow a passageway that opens onto a balcony overlooking an immense cryogenic facility. (seriously, I wrote this before seeing the huge city in The Hungry Earth). Lights are starting to blink on and there is a faint hum as the facility is slowly re-activated. Holmes determines there must be a million Silurians in stasis here.

"You are intruders," says a voice startling the group. They spin around to see three Silurian warriors with heat weapons pointed at them. "You will be taken to our leader."

The group comply for now and are taken to a holding pen, a cave with a force-field blocking the exit. After a few minutes another Silurian appears, his scales are black and he is noticeably taller than the others.

"I am the Warlord, you are the ape creatures. Soon my people will reclaim our planet and all of your kind will be dead!"

A long argument ensues. Holmes tries in vain to reason with the Silurian Warlord. But it becomes obvious that the Warlord is a self appointed ruler and simply seeks to destroy the humans.

After the Warlord has left Holmes Sonics the force-field and they escape. The group try to figure a way to get them back into hibernation, so they head to the heating control system. There is a single tech, but the group do not want to kill him (good on them). So Holmes manipulates Trixx’s shimmer to make him look like a Silurian. Trixx enters the room and (making a Convince & Presence check) bluffs the tech into leaving by saying the Warlord wanted to see him. Holmes then rushes in and turns the temperature to -10 and locks the controls.

Trixx points out that the cryogenic chambers are still active and the cold will kill all of the Silurians. Not intending the Silurians any real harm the group then head for the cryogenic controls. They manage to avoid a couple of guards and reach the domed controls room at the center of the facility. The tech present has already fallen to the floor through the cold so Trixx & Dorian carry him back to one of the chambers.

Holmes sets about shutting down the facility and putting the Silurians back into hibernation.

Just as Dorian has put the tech into the cryo chamber a guard rounds the corner and shoots. Dorian is unable to dodge and is shot and incapacitated. The Silurian, now weak drops to his knees but tries to shoot Trixx. Trixx runs at him but misses when trying to kick the gun from the Silurians hand, but due to the cold the Silurian misses Trixx. This Silurian is tough, he shoots and misses again and Trixx this time kicks the gun from his hand. The Silurian collapses unconscious and Trixx lifts him into the cryo chamber.

Holmes spins around when he hears footsteps to see the Warlord staggering into the control room, heat blaster rifle in his had. The Warlord curses Holmes who uses a chair as cover. Several missed blaster shots later and the Warlord has collapsed. Holmes takes him back to a cryo chamber then permanently locks the controls.

Holmes and Trixx carry Dorian back to the surface where Captain Wainwright has his medics see to him. The Silurian Soleen is grateful of the groups help. Holmes says he will use the TARDIS to transport the Triceratops back to prehistoric times and collapse the mine. Trixx & Dorian use their Torchwood clearance to stop mining in that area.

"What about the other monster?" asks Captain Wainwright, "The one in the canal. The Delph I believe your friend Soleen called it."

The group look at one another. "With the Silurians asleep it should not bother anyone anymore," says Holmes optimistically.
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