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Subject: Tatooine Manhunt - part one rss

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Club Squirrel
Brierley Hill
The Black Country
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One Squirrel to rule them all, One Squirrel to find them, One Squirrel to bring them all and in the darkness TPK them.

Oh bucket of dice I’ve missed you.
Star Wars D6 was my first RPG back in late ’87, an RPG I played for around 15 years on and off. While I later moved to D20 RCRB then Saga I kept the same campaign going; although now with different players it was still the same game in my mind as GM.

So, after a couple of years of prodding (begging) my girlfriend said she would try role-playing. I figured the best way to introduce her to RPGs was the same as myself, sowly and with an easy system, so hello Star Wars D6.

Tatooine Manhunt


Name: Lola
Race: Twil’lek (purple)
Sex: Female
Age: 21
Archtype: Curious Explorer

Dexterity 4D
Blaster 5D
Dodge 5D

Knowledge 2D+1

Planetary Systems 3D+1

Mechanical 2D+2
Repulsorlift operation 3D+2

Perception 4D
Search 5D
Hide/Sneak 5D

Strength 3D
Stamina 4D

Technical 2D

Force Points 1
Equipment: Outdoor clothing, comlink, medpac, blaster pistol

I have run this adventure countless times; several times as it is, sometimes unrecognisable by changing names and places. As this is going to be an introductory adventure for a solo new player I’m keeping it simple, throwing in my own NPCs and streamlining the whole adventure; which probably means missing out huge chuncks of it and I have my own intro.

Part One

Tranquility Space Station. Lola awakes as the station shakes from an explosion. She looks around. She is lying on a bed in a dimly lit room. She sees four other beds, empty, a large tank filled with some liquid and five lockers. She finds that she is naked but for the bedsheets. She wraps the sheet around her and has no memory of who she is or how she got here.
"Glad to see you are awake," says a computerised voice. Lola now sees a 2-1B Medical Droid. This is a Med-Bay. The droid offers no explaination as to why she is here or who brought her, she has been unconcious for four days. He tells her her possessions are in the locker, Lola finds tough fatigues, a comlink, medpac and blaster pistol. She gets dressed and goes to explore the cause of the explosions she heard, there’s another one.

Lola runs a security by-pass on the locked med-bay door and realises there is someone the other side dooing exactly the same. She pokes her head out as the other guy does exactly the same. The purple twi’lek is met by a human male, good looking and from his casual clothes obviously Corellian.
"Hi, I’m Han Solo," smiles the man, "I’ve come to get you out of here before."
Han Solo gives Lola little time for any explainations, just telling her that he is to take her to meet Drake on Level 16.

On the way there Lola asks about the explosions, Han says it was just the ongoing conflict between the Car’Das who own the station and Black Sun, the criminals who think they own the station.

The Turbolift doors open on level 16 opening up to a 2 meter wide gantry extending 30 meters to another turbolift. In the middel of the gantry two Stormtroopers stand over the body of a man.
"It’s THEM! Blaster ‘em!" shouts the one trooper. Han blasts the first Stormtrooper, Lola draws her own blaster and shoots using the lift as cover.

3 actions (draw, dodge, shoot) gives Lola a -2D penalty to her skills.

Lola manages to dodge the Stormtrooper and does hit him, alas her shot merely glances off his armour, no damage. Her dodge was needed, she ducks, the Stormtroopers shots hit the back of the lift.

Lola shoots and dodges again.

Two actions this time giving her a -1D penalty to her dice rolls.

This time Lola rolls a great dodge leaving the Stormtrooper no chnace of hitting her. Her shot is also a good one and her damage triples the Stormtroopers Strength plus Armour burning a hole through his chest leaving him very dead!

Han and Lola go to help the man the troopers were standing over, Han says it is Drake. "Tatooine. Find Adar Talon," murmurs Drake as he dies. Han grabs a Stormtrooper rifle and gives it to Lola. Just as he motions to go the far lift door opens, Two stormtroopers flank a bounty hunter dressed in Mandalorian Armour.
"Jodo Kast," spits Han Solo. "Run!"
Han and and Lola dodge for the lift.

Jodo Kast has a Blaster skill of 7D but has -1D for drawing his weapon. Amazingly I still rolled 32. This would mean that Lola, who he was shooting at, would need to roll 23 for her dodge (she gets the +10 for range). Even more amazingly Lola made the roll!

Acrobatically avoiding Jodo Kasts shot Lola and Han Solo close the lift doors and head for the docking bay. Han doesn’t stop running at this point leading Lola through a busy area of the space station, crowded corridors with a hundred different alien races. They are soon in the main docking bay where Han leads Lola towards a beat up old freighter, the Millenium Falcon. Several Stormtroops run into the docking bay shooting, Han holds them off shouting, "Chewie, get us out of here!" The Falcon lifts off and blasts clear of the space station.

Lola sits in the seat behind Han in the cockpit, the second seat taken by the towering Wookiee co-pilot Chewbacca.
"TIE fighters coming in," says Han, "I’ll plot the course, you get to the gun well and try to hold them off."
Lola does just that. Two TIE fighters zip about the Falcon, which Lola realises is going much faster than a normal tramp freighter. And these heavy turbolaser are a highly illegal upgrade too. The TIE fightes manage to avoid Lola shots but hse has bough them enough time for the Falcon to make the jump to hyperspace.

Part Two

Cut-Away Scene: The Star Destroyer Relentless.
Darth Vader, Dark Lord of the Sith, is on the view screen, an officer on the Relentless bridge gasps for air then collapses dead. (GM cupping hands over mouth) "Appology accepted Captain," says Darth Vader coldly. "If the reports are true that Adar Talon is alive I want him captured and brought to me. Do not fail me, you are in command now Captain Parlan." The screen flickers off and the newly promoted Captain Parlan shuffles uneasily.
"When will the hyperdive repairs be fixed?" he demands.
"At leats two days sir," reports a junior officer, "that last Rebel attack did a lot of damage."
"Then get me that bounty hunter!"

The planet Tatooine shines in space like a third sun.
Han Solo explains to Lola that he cannot stay with her, Jabba the Hutt is after him and he doesn’t have time now to sort things out. He suggests heading to a bar in northern Mos Eisley called The Beggars Drift.

The Falcon lands on the northern outskirts of Mos Eisley. It’s hot and the wind is blowing the sand making vision difficult. Han gives Lola a cred stick with 500 credits as she walks away Han responds to Chewie, "Yeah, I know. But the general said she’s dangerous and not to get involved. Can’t see it myself." The Falcon lifts off and Han Solo is gone.

Mos Eisley, a wretched hive of scum and villainy. Lola asks for directions to the Beggars Drift form a street seller, and soon finds herself outside in nondesacript cantina. An old fasioned plastic-sign hangs outside, several steps lead up to double blast doors which slide open as she approaches. Inside it is dimly lit and looks like to should be a club rather than a cantina. The main floor looks like a dance floor but is now scattered with table, with several steps leading to a tiered area and the bar. There are only a few patrons; a Jawa mutters something as he pushes past, two gamorreans sit drinking from heavy tankards near the door, there are several shadows at tables on the dance floor but they cannot be made out. As Lola approaches the bar she passes a table of two Rodians, sees a Wookiee sitting alone an a Duro spacer propping up the bar. The bustom wench of a barmaid smiles and welcomes Lola. Lola exlpains shes looking for someone called Adar Talon, but the barmaid has not heard of him. Confused, Lola figures the main Cantina may be a better place to go.

As Lola walks to the door one of the Rodians grabs her wrist, "Oota goota?" The Rodians talk in their own language, but Lola realises they see her as slave material. She pulls away but the Rodians stand and block her escape. The Rodian behind her grapples her, but Lola fights back trying to kick him in the shin.

The Rodians have just 2D+2 Strength. Lola rolls her 3D Brawl skill, kicking the Rodian. The Rodian rolls a 1 & 2 for a total of 5 to resist damage. Lola rolls 10, an Incapacitated result.

Lola trying to just kick the Rodian behind her actually takes out his legs, the Rodian falling hitting his jaw on the table as he falls knocking himslf totally out. The other Rodian moves to grapple her.

Lola rolls badly and the Wild Die comes up a 1.

Lola lunges at the Rodian but he just gets her in an arm lock. He wrestles her to the chair and ties her hands behind her back. The Rodian turns to help his friend. At this point the Wookiee wanders over and asks if everythign is okay, he genuinely shows concern. Lola is scared, she tries to wriggle free of her bonds.

I ask for a Dexterity check to wriggle free, alas Lola gets another 1 on her Wild Die, all she has managed to do is tighten the bonds.

The rodian tells the Wookiee she is his slave so to but out or he’ll report the Wookiee to the Hutts. Lola protests saysing she is not a slave, he is trying to make her one. The Rodian points his blaster at the Wookiee and threatens him. The thing is, pointing weapons and threatening a Wookiee is REALLY not a bright move. The Wookiee does not take kindly to the Rodian, or to any would be slavers. The Wookiee lifts the Rodian by the throat, grabs his gun arm by the wrist and rips the Rodians arm off! The Rodian instantly dies from shock. His wounded friend starts to come around, sees what is happening and plays dead

The Wookiee introduces himself as Wookoid, he frees Lola and offers her some help. When Lola mentions Han Solo left here here Wookoid just rolls his eyes and says if that is the case he is certainly going to help.

They head into the town center and the Cantina (cue the music which I had ready on CD). The usual motly mob were in the busy Cantina. Wookoid goes to speak with a contact info merchant, Lola chats to an Ithorian (Momaw Nadon) about finding Adar Talon. Momaw suggests speaking to one of the old timers such as Slag Flats (yes, this is a genuine name form the adventure) or Old Arno.

Wookoid calls Lola over and introduces her to a Dressellian called Callahan and a Gran called Rees Yum.

GM note on Callahan: I do try and create memorable characters, Callahan is not one of them. He’s a smuggler so I always keep him low key. I’ve been using this character for 20 years yet if I mentiont he name Callahan to my group they won’t remember him despite having met him dozens of times.

Callahan says he’s not heard of Adar Talon living on Tatooine, which concerns him because he prides himself knowing everyone and everything that goes on in the Outer Rim. He does know that Adar Talon was the name of a General in the Clone Wars who went missing around the time of the rise of the Empire. Callahan offers this info for free but does say he would be more than happy to pay for information on Adar Talon.

Lola and Wookoid decide to ask about town. At least know who Adar Talon is allows them to find an old picture of him from an info-terminal.

Lola rolls a Perception check, DC 10, which she makes with her 4D skill.
She then rolls her 2D+1 Streetwise, again DC 10, but fails this roll. Loloa notices there seemto be a lot of well armed people about, mercenaries and bounty hunters, though she is unsure if this is normal or not.

Heff, form Heffs souverneers knows nothing. Then Lola goes to speak with the rather eccentric Dim-U Priest who is preaching on a street corner about the wonders of the mighty Bantha. When she finally manages to get a word in the priest is not very helpful but does suggest speaking with the High Priest at their desert oasis, he gives directions. Lola thanks him and makes the suggestion to Wookoid. With no other leads they head off in Wookoids landspeeder towards the oasis.

The wind is still blowing and as they are passing through the Jundland Wastes the sands is too much for the poor landspeeder, it’s air ducts fill up with sand causing the speeder to stall. Wookoid finds a coverd spot near a rocky outcrop to make some repairs, but as he does so a fearsome howl of a Tusken Raider can be heard on the wind...

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Dave Bernazzani
United States
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I wish to provide legendary service to the RPG community to help grow our hobby and enrich the lives of gamers everywhere.
howorcro oaooooan rcworawa. aoacrawhorc wwoorc akoocaoahwhrr rawhwa wowhshooro aoacwo rrwowoorrrooanwa!

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Club Squirrel
Brierley Hill
The Black Country
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One Squirrel to rule them all, One Squirrel to find them, One Squirrel to bring them all and in the darkness TPK them.

And that wookiee translator is brilliant!
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