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Subject: Tatooine Manhunt - part two rss

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I'm not exactly breaking the laws of time, but I am bending them a little.

Oh bucket of dice I’ve missed you.
Star Wars D6 was my first RPG back in late ’87, an RPG I played for around 15 years on and off. While I later moved to D20 RCRB then Saga I kept the same campaign going; although now with different players it was still the same game in my mind as GM.

So, after a couple of years of prodding (begging) my girlfriend said she would try role-playing. I figured the best way to introduce her to RPGs was the same as myself, sowly and with an easy system, so hello Star Wars D6.

Tatooine Manhunt


Name: Lola
Race: Twil’lek (purple)
Sex: Female
Age: 21
Archtype: Curious Explorer

The first part

Part two of the actual adventure is tagged onto the end of the first thread.

Part Three

With the storm still raging Lola climbs cautiously up the rock face to see if she can find the source of the Tusken howl. Alas, just as she got to her feet a Tusken Raider lunges at her, attacking with his fearsome Gaffi Stick. Lola is lucky and the blow merely grazes her (she rolled higher Strength than the damage, and I don’t play with the stun rules). Retaliating Lola drew her blaster and wounds the Tusken Raider. The Tusken Raider flees, a parting shot from Lola grazes him as he leaps out of sight. Lola, knowing that Tusken rarely travel alone, thinks better of giving chase and instead returns to Wookoid who has finished repairing the speeder.

By second sunset the storm has died down, the sky a magnificent red and purple haze and the Dim-U Oasis is in sight. The Oasis is a large walled building looking much like a fort with a square tower in each corner and an archway leading to an inner courtyard. Many Banthas can been seen in the area. The first Dim-U Priest Lola approaches is feeding several Bantha and is somewhat startled and nervous, he asks she speak with someone else. She enters the courtyard as a young priest starts to approach her only to be shoved aside by a beautiful Zelton girl who is also wearing Dim-U robes, albeit in a more provocative fashion. The Zelton has long purple hair to compliment her red skin and introduces herself as Luxa. She doesn’t know Adar Talon, though she is obviously more interested in getting to know Lola.

Lola and Wookoid eat and refresh before being introduced to Moonstone, the Ho’din high priest.
"You have lost something," says Moonstone to Lola. Lola is confused. But when she refers to her recent memory loss Moonstone nods knowingly and assures her that destiny will reveal all. When quizzed about Adar Talon he has to think, then remembers the man that is living our of Fort Tusken. He says he has never seen the man but Jungen, a Trandoshan, and a human called Quist have popped by the Oasis from time to time for supplies. He suggests they try to contact them either at the fort or one of the market towns near the fort such a Mos Entha.

Moonstone retires for the evening and Luza offers the pair a room for the night. Wookoid is shown his room while Luxa is more than happy to share her room with the exotic twi’lek [nudge, nudge, wink, wink]

In the middle of the night Lola wakes. Luxa is not there and Lola hears a sound from outside, it sounds like a Tusken Raider. Sneakily Lola looks out of the window, Luxa room being in one of the towers with windows looking out to the desert and into the courtyard. It is indeed Tusken, two of them, and Luxa appears to be treating a wound to one of them. Lola realises it must be the blaster wound she caused earlier. When Luxa returns Lola confronts her about the Tuskens. Luxa explains that Tatooine is the Tuskens world. Like the Dim-U they worship the Bantha so have an peace with them, they even trade goods. Lola understands then tries to get some more sleep.

Lola is woken again, a repulsor engine, this time she chooses to ignore it. A few minutes later there appears to be a skuffle outside. Luxa investigates then calls Lola to the window where two thugs led by a dark haired woman, Zardra, have Wookoid unconscious in a net. Lola doesn’t know what to do, but realises she is trapped as Zardra moves towards the tower. Lola is not even fully dressed when Zardra bursts in and hit both Luxa and Lola with her stun cloak!

Lola wakes to find herself tied back to back with Luxa on the bed, Zardra sat in a chair with a menacing sadistic face glaring at her. Zardra demands to be told where Adar Talon is. When Lola and Luxa refuse she starts to torture them with her Force Pike, but the girls are too tough and refuse to give up any information. Zardra is getting very angry right now and threatens to kill the wookiee. However, what Zardra had forgot to take into account was how soon it would be for the effects of her stun cloak to wear off Wookoid. Outside a roar can be heard, followed by two blood curdling screams. Zardra goes to the Window and sees Wookoid running to the tower. Zardra, admitting defeat here pulls out her final trick, a Thermal Detonator! She activates the detonator on a 60 second timer and climbs out the window. Lola and Luxa manage to break out of their bonds but have just seconds. Lola carefully picks up the Thermal Detonator and turns the switch back to the ‘off’ position. When they go to the window they find Zarda hanging upside down (she only has 3D Climbing skill and I rolled a fumble). Wookoid ties up the three bounty hunters, drives an hour into the desert and leaves them there!

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