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Subject: Tatooine Manhunt - part three rss

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One Squirrel to rule them all, One Squirrel to find them, One Squirrel to bring them all and in the darkness TPK them.

Tatooine Manhunt


Name: Lola
Race: Twil’lek (purple)
Sex: Female
Age: 21
Archtype: Curious Explorer

Non-Player characters
Wookoid - Rebel agent
Jodo Kast - Bounty Hunter
Adar Tallon

Part One
Part Two

Lola continues her search for Adar Tallon, hero of the Old Republic.

The next day Lola and Wookoid drive into the desert towards Tusken Fort to follow up a lead that Jungen and Quist may know Adar Tallon.

After driving for an hour they see a desert skiff overloaded with petty bounty hunters being attacked by three young Krayt Dragons! Lola says there is nothing they can do to help so Wookoid turns to speed away only for a fourth Krayt Dragon to rise up out of the sand. Wookoid loses control of the landspeeder, the speeder ditching in the sand hurling Lola from it. As she scrambles to her feet she finds herself staring up at the huge monster! Amazingly she manages to roll aside from its mighty claw and dive into the landspeeder than Wookoid has righted. Wookoid hits the accelerator and they out-run the beast.

After driving for an hour more they spot smoke on the horizon. They head towards it and come across Lank’s Farm. As they near they can see that something is amiss. Smoke rises from several buildings and the bodies of several people can be seen lying about the yard. Wookoid takes cover behind the speeder and Lola approaches the main building; as she does so a wild blaster shot hits the ground just a meter away! Lola takes cover and dodges toward the house. She enters through the kitchen and finds the dead body of a woman, old man Lank’s wife. Lola hears sobbing from the next room. Approaching with caution she finds a crying nine year old girl clutching a blaster pistol. Lola comforts the girl. The girl explains that a tall robot (IG-72) came asking questions and he killed everyone. Lola takes the girl outside. Wookoid agrees to take her back to the Dim-U Oasis, Lola can go on using the Lank’s landspeeder.

Lola follows the path to Tusken Fort down a wide canyon until she finds her path blocked by an unpleasant barricade. Making up the barricade are the bodies of several bounty hunters. Lola easily manoeuvres her landspeeder over the barricade using the walls of the canyon (making an excellent Repulsorlift Operation roll).

As Lola continued she spotted a dust cloud and as it neared she saw that it was a herd of stampeding Bantha! Now confident in her driving skill Lola tried the same trick as at the barricade. But she didn’t see the large boulder (rolled a fumble for her Repulsorlift Operation roll). Her landspeeder hits the boulder and stalls the speeder right in front of the stampede! Lola was lucky to be alive (she took 8D damage), she was battered and bruised and her speeder was wrecked.

Continuing wearily on foot Lola eventually found Fort Tusken. As she approached a Gand appears from around a corner, the short insect-like alien has a blaster rifle pointed at her. Lola instinctively goes for her blaster, but she is not quick enough, [Zzap!]

When Lola awakes she is lying on a chaise longue in a nicely decorated living room. Sitting opposite her is a reptilian Trandoshan (this is Jungen, friend of Adar Tallon). The Trandoshan mutters some words Lola does not understand. The Gand (Shrike, another of Adars friends) enters the room, "You will follow the Gand," he says. Lola follows Shrike down a corridor and into a room decorated with many exotic musical instruments. In the room is an old human with a woman at his side (Adar Tallon and his wife Kay) and a human standing next to him (Quist, supposed friend of Adar Tallon). Several Bounty Hunters follow them into the room, Adar believing they are with Lola. After a short conversation Adar realises the Bounty Hunters are not with her but with Quist, now Quist reveals his treachery. Quist has betrayed his friend Adar Tallon, the door slides open and Jodo Kast enters!

Just as Jodo Kast is gloating at his victory he is hit by a laser bolt from behind, he staggers and turns to see Wookoid ready with his Bowcaster! Jungen throws Lola her blaster rifle and a fire-fight ensues. Kast shoots Wookoid, with little effect. Lola (trusting the Force) shoots two hunters and Jodo Kast, all three fall incapacitated! With the help of Jungen and Shrike Wookoid and Lola defeat the other hunters, Quist surrenders.

Adar Tallon thanks Lola for her help as he also curses the Emperor. Wookoid, actually a Rebel Alliance agent, tells Adar Tallon where he can get in contact with a Rebel cell. As reward Adar Tallon takes a start-up key from Quist and gives it to Lola, the gift of a starship.

The final scene: aboard the Star Destroyer Relentless a hologram of Darth Vader flickers over the choking, then dead body of Captain Parlan.
"Apology accepted Captain," says the Sith Lord coldly.

GM notes
This was a stripped down version of Tatooine Manhunt as it was Jens very first adventure and she was the solo player. I missed out a few Mos Eisley encounters, mainly because she was heading in the right direction anyway and I didn’t want to confuse her by back tracking. I missed out the Womp Rats encounter and the desert Oasis I turned into the Dim-U Oasis, because I love the idea of the Dim-U Priests. There was no need for Tallons mercs in the final encounter and as Lola had no piloting skill I dropped the Starfighter encounter at the end of the adventure too. This really is one of the best published adventures I've ever run.

Jen says she enjoyed it, so yay, new role-player on our 4th anniversary together.

Stamina Points - the D6 Hit Points rule I use

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