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Subject: The journal of Grim Battleaxe #2 rss

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One Squirrel to rule them all, One Squirrel to find them, One Squirrel to bring them all and in the darkness TPK them.
Player notes: this is a brief write-up of the last two weeks games. The one week was just a single combat encounter, hence not really worth a Session Report. And the second week I was recovering as I had been ill (and not actually gone to work that day). Hence I was not hearing all the GMs notes, hence I was knocked out again.

Spoiler: The Gathering Storm Adventure

The journal of Grim Battleaxe.
We trekked south to return Korden's Hammer but had encountered trouble on the route. Bloody Chaos Beastmen (spit!). Some odd human folk were arguing over who was to blame for not giving sacrifice, I blame 'em both, so we had agreed to investigate and retrieve some magic stone. Y'know, the usual lark.


I awoke tied back to back with Sandel, that bloomin' coachman. 'Get out my way and let me shoot,' 'ee sed'! And that human fellow, a scribe we met on the road, was on the floor unconscious too. Worst of all, I was still alive. Oh how the gods mock and punish me.

Blood covered my eyes but I could just about make out a Chaos bastard, and suddenly the creature screamed and fell dead. We were helped from our bonds by the Ironbreaker (who had decided to turn up) and a girl! An ELF girl! Oh the gods must be loving this, the humiliation, being rescued by an Elf.

We found a this stone we were lookin' for. Bloody 'evy it was too, and elvish t' boot. We took it and found an old cart we past earlier to transport it. But we were being followed. I wanted to go back and finish this but the others persuaded me not to, if I died then they probably would too and I don't want to be remembered for that.

Later still...

We rested in an Inn at a small villiage but was woken in the night by undead! Zombies banging at the door. I was trying to get some kip, so I went downstairs, chopped the cursed things in two then went back t' bed. Zombies!

The next day the Burgomaster asked to see us. He said there was rumour of a practicing Necromancer, and would we deliver some message. I wasn't really listening that much to tell truth, but the rest of group agreed so off we trek. About half hours walk to a nearby Temple of Morr, a human god. Whatever. Temple was surrounded by a high wall. We went in the temple through the main gates but found no one about. So we went back outside and found a way into the graveyard.

It was all a bit quiet at first, then more zombies lumbered out of the darkness. I couldn't make out how many there were and that bloody coachman jumped in the way again so I held back. Yer' like that was a good idea!!!

I woke up covered in blood, my blood, and rotting flesh. I'd bin overwhelmed by undead but the group had dragged me into a crypt. When I came 'round they were still fightin' the undead. That's it! Out of my way! GRIM BATTLEAXE is coming through!!! I waded into the zombies and cut the lot of them down! From now on, I lead the fight!

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