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Subject: The journal of Grim Battleaxe #3 rss

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Spoiler: The Gathering Storm Adventure

The journal of Grim Battleaxe.

We fought zombies only to have to fight of skeletons. Damn undead. We were forced backwards into the private quarters of the chapel where we were attacked by a giant skeleton and some she-bitch necromancer. The guys took care of her while I smashed that damn undead monster to pieces. But I was still bleeding heavily and the rest was a bit of a blur.

When I awoke refreshed and my wounds treated we were back in the village at the tavern. Some wizards school were paying the tab so I ate and drank well. The wizard assigned to help us with this Elven stone had nothing new for us but the burgomaster wanted to see us. Turned out some local farmers were having livestock killed and he would pay us well to find the culprits. With nothing more to do the coachman, wardancer and myself set off. The Ironbreaker said he’d catch us up.

We reach one of the farms, the one farthest away and closest to the hills. The family were sound, just farmers. We ate and then went on patrol. That elf went and sat in a tree. "Just because you can not climb," he said to our mocking laughter. "We’re Dwarfs. We dig down. Y’see, you can fall down, but we can’t fall up." "I have no intention of falling anywhere," I think she said, but we were already trudging off to dig in elsewhere; another night in the rain.

Goblins! Bloody gobbos! And somehow they had got past us and attacked the Elf, so not all bad. But by the time we got back to the farmhouse they had already killed several farmers. We all charged in and made short work of them, but some more were fleeing through the fields towards the hills. We managed to catch them and make sure they didn’t call for help, if y’er know what I mean.

Through the night we trekked into the hills, the rain heavy as always, moving more on instinct rather than any tracking. Mind you, those gobbos didn’t ‘alf stink. We found their fort. Not well defended, but plenty of guards. The walls were high but they were not in good shape and there were plenty of holes we could get in. We decide to bivouac down for the night, knowing the goblins will be holed up when the sun is high.

The next day the clouds are still black and the rain heavy. The Elf and myself go in first and take care of several gobo guards; that coachman would have woken the lot up if he’d shot his blunderbuss. Now in we head for the big house. The Elf goes up on the roof and tries to break in that way, only to be faced with a chained up Troll! Luckily the Troll was confused and the Elf escaped.

As we go to enter the house there is a mighty clap of thunder and I am hit by lightning! I shrug off the effects but that does shake me a tad. We all enter the house. The coachman and Elf go upstairs while I check out downstairs; I’m after that Troll! I find it too, big bastard. This will be one to remember, so I kick the thing to wake it up and I ready my axe. The thing clears it’s head then stands before me at it’s full height. It bites and claws. I hit it. I hit it hard. But the thing will not go down. I land blow after blow, but so does the Troll. Eventually...

The Ironbreaker is standing in the kitchen and my blood-drenched form meets him. I gesture upstairs without saying a word. Up there we find the Elf and Coachman fighting some more gobbos, and it seems they have just found their leader, a Goblin spell lobba. They kill the gobbo guards and the Shaman escapes up the chimney. The Elf follows. On the roof there is a scuffle and another clap of thunder. This time the lightning strikes the Goblin, killing the critter, it’s lifeless form falling to the ground. The Elf goes down and finds on the goblin another piece of the artefact we’ve been searching for. We finish off the rest of the greenskins then make our way back to town to see burgomaster.

On the way back we check out an old monument. Low and behold we only find the final piece of the artefact. We hurry back to town.

The wizard helping up is concerned when all the pieces are together and asks to be left alone so he can use his magic to restore the artefact. So I go to the pub. The others are suspicious though. Then the wizard runs past in one heck of a hurry, the Elf is behind him. A while later the elf drags the unconscious wizard back into the bar. They question him and he says he has to stop the Nexus. No idea what he is on about, I don’t care much for this magic stuff. Next thing I know we are chasing the wizard out towards the river. I’ve no idea what is going on by now, I’m just going along.

By now the storm is raging. We get to the river and find a boat. Out in the middle of river we see the wizard underneath some portal. Only the guys, and the Elf, reckon he’s making it worse and not trying to close it. They start to attack him with bows and blunderbuss. Not a lot I can do, all I have is an axe, and I’m rowing. Next thing a giant rock falls from, the sky. It hits the river and we ride the wave nearly a mile ashore. The rain stops. The clouds clear. The Nexus is gone and there is sunshine. Well stone the gobbos, that wizard was making it worse!


The burgomaster pays us well. We then decide to continue to the dwarven city to return Korden’s Hammer as we had promised.

We arrive at the city and are treated as royal guests. It seems the Hammer is of some importance. I hand the Hammer over to the Ironbreaker.
"You will have to have the honour of returning this, for I have failed," I say.
"What are you on about? You’re here."
"No lad. I never was. I failed to return it because I died. I carry the dishonour of my Great, great Grandfather. He was the first Grim Battleaxe. Other Slayers, sons of Grim, have since taken up the name, as did I, to try and redeem that honour. But like those before me I have failed," I explained.
"Nonsense. You’re here. And you killed that Troll."
"No, I didn’t. It killed me," I said to shocked faces. "But I could hardly let you fight on without me. But now my story ends."

With that the dead body of Grim Battleaxe collapses to the floor.

And so ends another chapter of the story of Grim Battleaxe.
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