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Subject: Otherspace - Ber'asco's Revenge! - Episode 1 rss

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Otherspace - Ber'asco's Revenge!
Episode I

The group were playing their old characters. We figured out the last time they had played with these characters with their old D6 stats (we did redo them for D20) was back in 2001. We played a campaign for years in the 90's with these characters. A lot was set around my homebrew world of Gar. Hopefully this would be some fun retro-RPGing for our group.

Ivan Darkhammer
A barbarian king from the primitive world of Gar Favours his uber-powerful Battle-Axe, wrist laser and his jetpack (which he always fumbles). Appearance, imagine Kevin Sorbo's Hercules.

Not THE Gallandro from Star Wars Lore, but a gunslinger nevertheless. His actual name was Trauma. He is from an alternate future time-line but got trapped here when his own timeline was destroyed. He took the name Gallandro to avoid confusion with himself, but now it just causes confusion with Gallandro.

A well dressed and sophisticated Barabel, and a tough soldier. He hates it when his suits get messed up, but hates it even more if his beloved starship gets damaged. This might not be his night.

Female Jedi and expert pilot. She has been close friends with Grieg for many years.

A cyborg fighter and engineer. Okay, yes, she is based on 7 of 9. But she has her own identity here.

Claw is the coolest best dressed dude in the galaxy. Claw is a Trianii, but just imagine the Cat from Red Dwarf.

This adventure is a sequel to a sequel of a sequel of Otherspace

The adventure opens with the heroes leading a Rebel assault on a secret Imperial operation. The Rebel force consists of a dozen Mon Cal Cruisers, led by Admiral Ackbar in Home One, The Rebel Assault Frigate Justice and two dozen other vessels including Corellian Covettes and Nebulan-B Escort Frigates. The Starfighter attack of X-Wing, Y-wing and B-Wing Starfighters is led by Grieg in his starship the Defiant piloted by Beth with Ivan Darkhammer and Gallandro in the gunwells. But the system is heavily defended. Two dozen Victory Class Star Destroyers, a Dozen Imperial Class Star Destroyers and a Super Star Destroyer as well as miscellaneous support craft and hundreds of TIE Fighters and TIE Interceptors. It is a battle of immense proportions with the Rebel aim simply to discover what the Empire is up to in this remote location with such a large fleet.

Wave after wave of TIE Interceptors attack the Defiant but Beth is able to out manoeuvre them all with Ivan only able to shoot down a couple of the fast starfighters. A Mon Cal frigate and several smaller Rebel ships are destroyed and the assault seems futile.

The Defiant manages to break through the wall of Imperial starfighters and sees what this is all about, there is some kind of space anomaly, it looks like a grey blur in space the size of a small moon.

The anomaly is a mystery to everyone so Beth reaches out with The FORCE to see if she senses anything. Suddenly Beth goes into shock and passes out, as she was the pilot the Defiant rolls out of control and several TIE Interceptors land hits.

Spoiler (click to reveal)
GM note: For the story to progress I needed to Defiant to be hit and damaged so I could damage the primary hyperdrive. Beth has 10D Piloting and the ship 4D Manoeuvrability, so the 14D to evade would be difficult. Sensing the Force-less anomaly was a perfect opportunity to ask for a Willpower check. With 3D Beth rolled 4! Just waht the GM ordered.

The Defiant is heavily damaged and it's hyperdive destroyed before Grieg can grab the controls. Grieg turns the Defiant about, seeing that Admiral Ackbar orders the Rebel retreat. Another Mon Cal Cruiser is destroyed before they can jump to Hyperspace. Aboard the Defiant Claw runs to the cockpit to help and Seven is in the Engine room attempting to connect the backup hyperdrive. Seven is connected to the computer system so tries to use the ships sensors to identify the anomaly. In bridge Claw watches the Rebel fleet enter hyperspace except for one Corellian Corvette which just seems to vanish, not destroyed, just gone, which he tells the crew who seem to ignore him.

Seven has the hyperdrive installed and Grieg is preparing to enter hyperspace.
Seven concentrates on the anomaly scans and suddenly realises what it is, "Don't..."
Grieg engages the hyperdrive but instead of the white blur of stars the stars are gone leaving just a dull grey expanse of space and the backup hyperdrive explodes in Seven face incapacitating her.

Grieg brings the ship to a halt. Two crew down and lost without hyperdrive in a heavily damaged ship they try to quickly assess the situation. Grieg carries Beth to Medbay and Claw goes to the engine room to do the same for Seven. Ivan & Gallandro go to the cockpit. The systems, aside from hyperdrive, are okay but the hull is fragile and requires repair. Scanning the area Ivan detects a bit of debris, what appears to be a shipwreck and a on the limit of the scanners a small asteroid. Not a single planet in scanner range and not a single star can be seen. Suddenly the realisation sinks in... Seven awakes in Medbay, "Don't... go into hyperspace!"

They are in OTHERSPACE!

"Yeah, thanks for the warning," retorts Grieg, bitter at the state of his ship.

Beth and Seven recover with Beth explaining that she sensed nothing, a total absence of The FORCE. Grieg gets his droids set on repairing the ship. But as they were already on backup hyperdrive they are now missing several essential hyperdrive components. They decide to take their time on repairs which will take six days.

Day 2
Taking their turn to watch the scanners Seven detects movement form the asteroid. It is moving on a course that will bring it between themselves and the shipwreck within twelve hours. The shipwreck is just 30 minutes travel away so they decide to continue repairs and travel to the shipwreck.

As they approach they realise the ship is the Alderaanian Crusader, the Corellian Corvette that Claw saw vanish, it too must have been sucked into Otherspace. The Alderaanian Crusader does not answer any communication attempts and scanners reveal no life forms aboard. As the Defiant nears they notice that the Alderaanian Crusader is a decayed wreck. It looks like it has been here for centuries.

The Defiant pulls alongside. Grieg, Ivan and Claw don spacesuits and go over to investigate. The hull is breached so there is no atmosphere but there are a few emergency systems such as occasional dim lighting still working. These ships were outfitted to carry starfighters so they choose to search the lower docking bay first hoping to find hyperdrive spares. Moving through the ship there is webbing everywhere.

Grieg goes to the Tubolift.

Spoiler (click to reveal)
GM note: I ask for as climbing check but Grieg rolls a Fumble missing the target number.

So... Grieg, not realising the lift is not actually there steps into the lift shaft and plummets to the bottom.
Player: "I have infra-red vision."
GM "Good. That means to see the floor approaching very quickly shortly before you hit it!"

Claw, cool as a Hoth Wampa, jumps into the lift shaft onto the ladder.
Spoiler (click to reveal)
GM note: He too fumbles his climbing check.

The ladder rung snaps and Claw plummets down the shaft but his cat reflexes allow him to land uninjured on his feet.
"I meant to do that," he lied.
Ivan just slides down the ladder without a problem.

The docking hanger is scattered with debris and covered in webbing. They decide to do a thorough search. "Yeah, that gives the Charon plenty of time to sneak up on us," remarks Ivan.

Looking around Claw opens up a locker and a corpse partly falls from the locker, but it is suspended by webbing. but as the webbing catches the body the decayed head snaps off and rolls across the floor. Hundreds of small spiders burst from the corpses chest and the decayed skull grows spider-like legs, looks up at Claw opening it's mouth to reveal metal fangs!!!

To be continued...
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