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Subject: Otherspace - Ber'asco's Revenge! - Episode 2 rss

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One Squirrel to rule them all, One Squirrel to find them, One Squirrel to bring them all and in the darkness TPK them.

Episode I -

Otherspace - Ber'asco's Revenge!
Episode II

Ivan Darkhammer

With Ivan, Grieg and claw exploring the remains of the Corellian Corvette Beth, Seven and Gallandro wait in the cockpit of The Defiant. As they wait they hear light tap, tapping sounds on the hull of the ship and then see the domed head of their R2 droid, who was outside repairing the damaged hull, float off into the dull grey space, ripped from it’s body. Then slowly webbing starts to creep across the main viewscreen.

They decide on a plan to pass an energy pulse over the hull of the ship, Seven goes to the engine room to prepare that. Then Beth notices the scanners; that asteroid, obviously a Charon ship of some kind, has accelerated and is moving very quickly towards them.

Back on the Corvette the animated decayed head (see previous session) opens it’s maw revealing metal needle-like teeth, and thousands of tiny spiders swarm out of the chest of the corpse they have found. Grieg shoots the head which explodes. The sticky pinkish goo it has for blood still seems to be moving as it splatters across the floor of the docking bay! Grieg, Claw and Ivan run, but see that the way they came in is being cut off by the spiders. Ivan activates his flame-thrower and toasts the spiders [fumble] but in the process ignites lots of the webbing and that path is now cut off by a wall of fire. Claw leads the way running towards the doors at the far side of the docking bay. Ivan decides it would be quicker if he used his jet-pack and Grieg thinks it might help if he tosses a grenade over his shoulder. The effect of the grenade is considerable, it cause the unstable starship to collapse taking Grieg with it. Claw manages to outrun the mess behind him as Ivan ignites his jetpack [fumble*]. The explosion causes Ivan to hit FULL THRUST but in the wrong direction and he ends up rocketing out of the docking bay into deep space!

* Its an in-game joke that has probably become more than a joke for the player. But the number of Fumbles rolled when Ivan tries to use his jetpack is hilariously high!

The Defiant. Seven successfully energises the ships hull killing two Charon that were on top. The Charon starship appears to have stopped just on the edge of visual range. Ivan, in space, sees the R2 head and two Charon corpses drift by before returning to the Corvette, his jetpack now under control.

A few minutes later... Grieg has climbed back up and the three warriors are back together. They continue the search of the docking bay for hyperdrive parts, keeping an eye on their surroundings, and indeed do find two of the required five components. But Charon can be very quiet. Four Charon Warriors attack, two remaining high up in the webbing shooting with their plasma guns and web-spinners. The other two drop down and claw at the Warriors of Gar. Claw is injured and poisoned but the trio manage to kill the four creatures.

The engine room would appear the obvious place to search for parts, so off they head. It doesn’t take long to get there, but the corridors are all dark and full of webs which need to be cut through. Ivan goes to use his flame-thrower but is reminded of the earlier fire. The engine room is a huge dark chamber, its high ceiling obscured by the Charon webbing.

[the group discuss what to do; does Ivan jet pack up or use his flame-thrower. "I’ll only fumble if I use my jet-pack again," and the group agree.]

So Ivan decides to use his flame-thrower on the webbing [and fumbles that roll!] His flame-thrower and jet-pack are both built into his armoured suit, and in the darkness and confusion Ivan accidentally ignites his jet-pack and rockets up out of view!

At the top of the engine room is a huge amorphous blob with hundreds and tentacles. A fight ensues as the tentacles lash out and entangle Ivan. Grieg manages to climb up and opens fire on the ‘body’ of the creature but it is very resilient to damage. Claw is incapacitated during the fight as the tentacles reach all the way down to the engine room floor. Eventually after sustained fire the creature dies, if it was even alive to begin with, it stops moving anyway. Searching the engine room they find another hyperdrive component then head back to the Defiant.

Back on the Defiant the group realises they will have no choice but to go and search the giant Charon craft. They approach slowly. As the do they realise this asteroid is much bigger than the Desolate, the very first Charon vessel they ever encountered. As they near the asteroid rotates slowly revealing a derelict Imperial Victory Class Star Destroyer imbedded into the side of the asteroid!

To be continued...

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