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One Squirrel to rule them all, One Squirrel to find them, One Squirrel to bring them all and in the darkness TPK them.

Me and My Shadow Mark IV - Part Two (the actual adventure)

GMs and non-trouble-shooters ONLY!

I present the Troubleshooters - Red Clearance

The Scrub-bot
The scrub-bot did exactly as was planned, it scrubbed. It scrubbed, scrubbed and scrubbed until it got close to the Mark IV where the Troubleshooters stood in it's way, and got scrubbed. The Troubleshooters decided the way to deal with this problem was to ask the Mark IV if it would mind being scrubbed clean.
"It does not bother me," declared Mark IV, "no harm can come to me!"
So, 5 minutes later the scrub-bot has emptied cleaner into the Mark IV's bot-brain rendering it inoperative. The PCs panic, then manage to find a bot-brain to replace it with. It does require climbing the Mark IV to install the bot-brain.
The instant the Mark IV is reactivated;
Mark IV: "Why are you climbing on me?"
REG-R-NLD-1: "..."
To which the Mark IV responds by opening a tac-nuke missile cover below REG-R-NLD-1 and the bay ceiling doors, then launches said Troubleshooter, clinging on the nose cone of the missile, into space! Shortly followed by a very big BANG!

Send in the Clone.

Commie Traitors
When he Commie Traitors try to deceive the Troubleshooters their plot fails when their Commie Manifesto Guide is spotted in their toolbox. A firefight ensues and the Troubleshooters are victorious. No Troubleshooter deaths!

A Nanny-Bot enters the bay showing a group of young kids around Alpha complex. Kids run around the docking bay and over the Mark IV. The Troubleshooters do little to stop the kids, letting them play with grenades and hang from the ceiling. Eventually they leave without causing Mark IV any harm.

Commie Traitors Return
The Commie Traitors are back, this time they are on rocket propelled roller skates. No Problem for SEYMOU-R-BTZ-1 with his Plasma Pack. Alas, things don't go too well [especially when another Troubleshooter spends Points against him] and the pack melts down, melting Troubleshooter SEYMOU-R-BTZ-1 with it.

Send in the Clone.

The commie Triators are soon dealt with.

A bit drops off!
A bit falls off Mark IV while it is in mid sentence. Mark IV is dead!!! In a bit of a panic JOB-R-BOY-1 calls into the Computer with the serial number off the broken part. However, that part is restricted and soon a squad of Vulture goons turns up demanding who was to blame for the damage. SEYMOU-R-BTZ-2 and REG-R-NLD-2 step back and point accusingly at JOB-R-BOY-1. Before he can mutter a word in his defence the Vulture goons vaporise him then stomp off.

Send in the Clone.

Times up
Eventually the chrono-bot announces time is up and a squad of Vulture goons turns up alongside the R&D bods. The COMPUTER tells the Troubleshooters it is very happy with their work and REWARDS them with the honour of taking part in the Mark IV filed exercise. The Troubleshooters are thrilled - No, honest, REALLY they are.

The great area of the testing is somewhere called 'outside' with a strange blue very high ceiling, and there are these odd tall brown poles with green bits on them. Very odd. To one side is a stand with rows of seats where lots of very high ranking execs are sitting along with R&D and even High Programmers! The Troubleshooters are attached to a unit of Vulture Squadron goons whose Captain is very happy (through gritted teeth) to have them along. He tells them to stay at the back of the bunker and shut up. Meanwhile the Vulture goons go through the several boxes of gear the COMPUTER has generously provided taking all the nice las-cannons and missile launchers.

The Troubleshooters are left with a box of junk. All JOB-R-BOY-2 can find is a box with a big red button on it. Evil smile. JOB-R-BOY-2 presses the button! Nothing happens. JOB-R-BOY-2 then finds a note, which he obviously keeps to himself.

The slaughter wargames begin. Squad after squad of Vulture goons assault the Mark IV. Squad after squad of Vulture goons die.

SEYMOU-R-BTZ-2 decides to use his Teleport Mutant Power to teleport under the stands, he has malicious intentions, but alas no way of blowing up the stands as he wants to. REG-R-NLD-2 has found a bomb. SEYMOU-R-BTZ-2 teleports back and sees the bomb, and REG-R-NLD-2 sees SEYMOU-R-BTZ-2 teleport. They conspire together to blow up the stand of high execs and SEYMOU-R-BTZ-2 teleports them both back under the stand.

One of the only Vulture squads left is the one the Troubleshooters are attached to, with just JOB-R-BOY-2 with them. As the Mark IV turns it's guns on their trench JOB-R-BOY-2 runs! He runs for his life. But he runs TOWARDS the Mark IV! The Vulture goons are vaporised by Mark IV! Soon it is just JOB-R-BOY-2 standing under the Mark IV with too many guns to count trained on him.

Meanwhile REG-R-NLD-2 tries to set the bomb, then realises SEYMOU-R-BTZ-2 has already activated it and teleported off! REG-R-NLD-2 drops the bomb and runs!

SEYMOU-R-BTZ-2 is now back in what was the trench, but is now a big crater. He sees JOB-R-BOY-2 press the big red button then run (the note he had found had read, "Big Red Button Instruction: This is the Mark IV Self-Destruct. Range 10 meters"). SEYMOU-R-BTZ-2 stands there watching JOB-R-BOY-2 and REG-R-NLD-2 run for their lives as simultaneously the stand seating the high execs and the Mark IV EXPLODE!!!

The three Troubleshooters innocently trudge back toward Alpha Complex where the Comm-bot meets them with a message from the beloved COMPUTER. "Thank you for taking part in the Mark IV field test. Take 5 hours R&R then report for your next duty roster. Have a nice day."

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Eric Dodd
New Zealand
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I'm at Mini-Wellycon - Oct 22 - 23, 2016
Wow! I count that as a major success for that mission. Good stuff.
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