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Subject: Otherspace - Ber'asco's Revenge! - Episode 3 & 4 rss

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One Squirrel to rule them all, One Squirrel to find them, One Squirrel to bring them all and in the darkness TPK them.

Episode I -
Episode II -

Otherspace - Ber'asco's Revenge!
Episode III & IV

Player Characters - Warriors of Gar
Ivan Darkhammer - Barbarian King
Gallandro - human sharpshooter
Grieg - Barabel mercenary
Beth - human Jedi
Seven - human cyborg tech
Claw - Triannii dude!

Episode 3

The starship Defiant lands in one of the many docking bays of the decayed Star Destroyer. The hanger bay was a mess but several TIE fighters were still on their docking mounting. A single Lambda Class Shuttle was in the docking bay. The Warriors search around but found all starships parts already missing, so they turn their attention on the shuttle. The cockpit has been gutted. Walking through the main passenger bay towards the engine room they see a small pinkish 'thing' on the floor. It is about the size of a football, it appears to be alive. It looks like it is covered in bubbling mud, the bubbles growing, popping and the pinkish mud flowing over itself. The group decide to give it a wide berth and have to climb over the seats to bypass it.

In the engine room they find another Hyperdrive component, but they still need two more. They turn to leave and the pink blob has moved and is now in the doorway. The group still don't like it and climb out of the ship through a hole in the engines hull.

GM note: Good call from the players, the blob was indeed a Charon engineered guard creature. If they got too close it would explode with the force of a Thermal Detonator!

Mud-blob Guard
Dex 1D; Perc 3D; Str 1D
Self-destruct upon contact - damage 10D - any character taking damage will lose any armour they were wearing as it is dissolved.

The Warriors start searching the Star Destroyer. Corridor after corridor is dirty. There is sign of the Charon webbing. There is also a sign that there were many fire-fights with blaster burns and damaged barricades. Yet no bodies, and this is a Victory Class Star Destroyer with a crew of around 5000.

After a while they see a shadow down a corridor. As they approach they see it is a Stormtrooper, but his armour is dirty, cracked and decayed and he is just standing there slightly hunched over with his arms hanging limply. He turns and starts lumbering towards the group. His helmet is damaged and his bloodied mouth with fang-like teeth can be seen. He moans and limps closer until one of the group blast the creature. Seven, who has life sensors says, "My sensors show that he was not alive."

A Zombie Stormtrooper. DEATH TROOOPERS.

Turning the corner there are more of the zombies lumbering forward. The Warriors blast several then run for it. Corridor after corridor is full of the Death Troopers. Grieg throws a Thermal Detonator at one group. While the blast destroys the group it only makes matters worse as it also destroys the walls allowing more of the zombies to swarm over the heroes!

Episode 4

Wave after wave of Death Troopers surround the Warriors of Gar. Despite their best efforts they find they are being out-number at least ten to one at times. Claw and Seven are both injured but eventually the group gets to a clear section of corridor and makes a run for it. Halfway down the corridor an air duct opens and a tall human woman jumps out. She has tied back black hair and is wearing camo trousers and Stormtrooper upper body armour. "In here. QUICKLY!" she shouts. The Warriors respond and dive into the ventilation shaft and the opening is secured.

They soon reach a safe area and the woman introduces herself as Lenka. She says she was a prisoner. She claims she nearly starved in the cell but after a week the door lock failed and she managed to escape and has been surviving here ever since, for about three months. She has been sealing herself in the Detention block as there is still power to the main blast doors.

Claw is healed [and makes a good Stamina check so is not infected].
Seven also heals, though her healing is made easier due to the BORG nanobots in her body (GM note: While not the actual 7 of 9 this character is from a Star Trek cross-over from years ago. The Player asks if attacking the Death Troopers with his Borg nanogenes would work. I answer ‘possibly’ but warn him that he would have no control of the consequences and would most certainly get a Dark Side Point (I’m trying to limit cross-overs now, despite allowing the use of this character, and don’t want to bring the Borg into my Star Wars game.) Seven then suggests making a vaccine to the virus (she did make a good Medicine roll and has Advance Medicine), but that require the use of a med-lab.

When asked about Hyperdrive parts Lenka says the Charon have them in their ship. Lenka agrees to help the group, in exchange for their help getting out of Otherspace. The plan is to get into the Charon ship, via a med-bay.

At the Med-Bay Seven works on creating a small amount of anti-virus. While she does two Charon Warriors attack but are dealt with easily by Gallandro and Grieg.

The Warriors then manage to get aboard the Charon asteroid ship. The Charon are tall so the corridors are wide and high. They eventually find an area with some odd looking computers with several Charon Bioscists scurrying around. Seven sneaks down to one of the consoles but operation is partly organic; Seven has to put her hand into a pink mass that is actually a brain of sorts, she feels the tendrils fixing into her skin. The physical computer screens are just for display purposes. Seven manages to operate the computer. Despite calls to set the ship on self-destruct such an option is not possible, Charon ships do not work like that and this is a stand alone console. What Seven does discover though is that the Charon have increased the deadliness of their Red Mist. They have combined the Red Mist with the Death Trooper virus to create an airborne hallucinogenic, poisonous zombie virus! Seven also discovers that the space anomaly the Imperials were investigating was actually a Charon attempt to punch gateway between Otherspace and Realspace. But the gateway is one way and it suck in the Star Destroyer. If the Charon are able to reverse it they could enter Realspace and would become a very deadly threat to the entire galaxy.

To be continued...

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