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Subject: Potter Who - The Meddling Graske - Part Two rss

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Club Squirrel
Brierley Hill
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Sanity is for the weak!

Part One -

The Meddling Graske

The player-characters
The Potter - A young Time Lord who escaped the Time War
Terry - UNIT tech
Jonathan - UNIT tech
Ace - a dashing and brave hero from the future

GM controlled player-characters (who were unable to take part)
Fazdar - shaman from a tribe of the Sevateem in the far future
Dean Riley - security guard

Draxx - a meddling Graske

The previous episode ended on a cliff-hanger as the group, trapped 65 million years in the past, are confronted by dinosaur riding Sycorax!

"You are now prisoners of the Sycorax!" the Sycorax Leader, riding a Stegosaurus, shouts out.

Part Two

The group instantly makes a joint decision - RUN!
Except Jonathan freezes and Ace is far too brave and dashing to run away. Ace rolls under the Stegosaurus to avoid the Leaders energy whip. He sees a way of hindering the dinosaur by kicking it in it’s *ahem* you know where! Oddly the Stegosaurus does not even flinch. Either it is tough even for a dinosaur or something is amiss.

Jonathan now decides to flee and is chased by a Sycorax riding a Troodon.
Ace gives up his assault of the Stegosaurus and runs in the direction of Terry and Jonathan, but not before having a shot with his Blaster at the Sycorax Leader. Dean, Fazdar and the Graske have run in a different direction (with players unavailable it was an easy way to write them out). Terry (with the Run For Your Life Trait) is well ahead and chooses to climb a tree to hide.

There is a VWORP VWORP!!! sound as a Potters shed materialises. THE POTTER steps out and finds himself is a very large cave. His TARDIS is precariously landed on a high ledge. Opposite on the far side of the cave is some technological device, The Potter cannot quite make out what it is but knows what year he landed in so knows that whatever it is should not be here. Then he spots movement, humanoids down near the bottom of the cave where there is also a large tar river running through the cave. Then another humanoid comes running into the cave clutching at his face. The Potter tries to get nearer climbing down and recognises the Sycorax.

Jonathan is caught by the Sycorax and knocked to the ground. Knowing he cannot outrun a Troodon he decides to play dead. The Sycorax dismounts and is seen to press a button on his wrist as he does so. The Sycorax gets out some rope to tie up Jonathan. Jonathan acts quickly and trips up the Sycorax with his own rope then runs for it!

Jonathan and Ace meet up and find Terry hanging from his belt from a tree (he fumbled his climbing roll). Not knowing where Terry and Fazdar are they decide to keep to the plan and go to the mountains hoping to find a way back to their own time. The trek through the jungle is a dangerous one. They avoid yet more deadly fauna and manage to scout around some large dinosaur predators.

Reaching the edge of the jungle tree line they see the entrance to a large cave, and they watch as they see a familiar face, The Potter.

Inside the cave The Potter was trying to sneak across the cave to get up to the device he’d seen. But his sneaky actions are disrupted when Dean, Fazdar and the Graske suddenly appear before them having got the Teleport working on the Graskes Vortex Manipulator. The Sycorax turn around. The Leader presses a button on his wrist and summons three Troodons as well as a Diceratops which was out of view deeper in the cave. Suddenly it clicks, Blood control. The Sycorax are using Blood Control to control the dinosaurs.

Outside Jonathan, Ace and Terry hear a roar and decide to take their chance in the cave. They are followed by the Sycorax who had been chasing Jonathan, who is suddenly snapped up and eaten by the Tyrannosaurus Rex!!! Luckily the cave entrance is just too small for the T-Rex, but it continues to snap and butt he cave. It could just force it’s way in!!! Obviously the Sycorax have not been able to control the T-Rex.

The situation now;
All the group are in the cave.
The TARDIS is in the cave on a high ledge.
There are three Sycorax in the cave, including the Leader, with three Troodons and a Diceratops.
The Potter is halfway sneaking to the tech device.
There is a Tyrannosaurus Rex trying to get into the cave.
The T-Rex assault on the cave is causing the cave to collapse.

Ace draws his blaster and starts shooting at the Troodons.
The Potter, chased by a Troodon continues climbing towards the Blood Control device. He uses his sonic potters wheel to disrupt the signal controlling the dinosaurs to confuse the Troodon following him.
Jonathan grabs a blanket from a Sycorax bed and plays matador with the Diceratops in an attempt to lure it towards the T-Rex. Terry charges down one of the Sycorax and tries to wrestle his wrist controller off him.

All the time the cave is collapsing, rocks falling from the roof, then something bad happens. The T-Rex shaking the cave causes the TARDIS to topple off the ledge. It lands in the tar pit... and sinks!

The Potter activates his sonic potters wheel and the Blood Control device is deactivated. The dinosaurs are confused for a moment, one of the Troodons turning on one of the Sycorax.
The Potter runs down to Fazdar and the Graske and messes with the Vortex Manipulator. Fazdar and the Graske disappear and travel back in time just a minute giving them chance to get into the TARDIS before it falls off the ledge (this cost The Potter 4 Story points for causing Fazdar to cross his own time stream).

The TARDIS materialises and everyone rushes in just as the T-Rex smashes its way into the cave. Alas, this leave the Sycorax Leader standing between the Diceratops and the Tyrannosaurus!

"Right," says The Potter addressing the Graske, "Now we deal with the Angel."
"Wasn’t me," denies the Graske.
"We know it was you."
"Noooo. No. Wasn’t me," lies the mischievous Graske.

After some arguing;

"So why did you bring the Angel here?"
"To take photo," replies the Graske.
Oh no gets mumbled around the group. An Angel in the Photo.
"Where is the photo now?"
"We scanned it."
"What? You put it on a computer?"
"No. Not just computer. Put it on Internet."
"WHAT!" was the exclamation from the whole group. "You mean a Weeping Angel potentially in every computer with internet connection?"
The Graske rolled his eyes guiltily.

The TARDIS materialises at Longleat House. The group then use the Vortex Manipulator to teleport to the Graskes secret room behind the IT Department. It is a large room with lots of high technology. Then a special piece is spotted, a device nick-named recently the Immortality Arc. And this one is attuned to The Weeping Angels.
"You didn’t think Draxx so foolish to bring Weeping Angel and not have plan to stop it," grinned the Graske.
Then the Graskes plan dawns on everyone. The Weeping Angel would reproduce itself over the Internet then The Graske could replace every single one with a copy of himself! This plan is easily stopped by shutting down the server, but it still leaves the Angel roaming Longleat.

Then Jonathan comes up with a truly FANTASTIC idea. Save the little boy the Angel took in the first episode. Replace the Weeping Angel with the small boy. So Jonathan goes out to see if he can find the body of the old man to get a DNA swab to attune the Immortality Arc. For his protection Jonathan takes a mirror with him.

Outside Jonathan sees the Weeping Angel so holds up the mirror.
It gets closer.
"But I’m holding up the mirror," exclaims the player.
"Yes," I reply, but it’s got it’s hands over it’s eyes. It gets closer."
The player stresses.
It’s a close one but the angel is right on top of Jonathan as he manages to squeeze the mirror under the Angels hands, using a bit of selotape to secure it in place, thus locking it in stone form.
Jonathan finds the body of the old man and gets back to the IT room. A bit of giggery-pokery later and the Angel is transformed into 10 year old Mark Jones, who wonders why he has a mirror selotaped to his hand.

Liz, the boys mother, is found and everyone celebrates. The Potter says he needs to get the alien tech off the planet. Opening a secret door in the IT room a bemused IT worker sits playing World of Warcraft. In the celebrations the Graskes wriggles free of Fazdar, snatches his Vortex Manipulator from Jonathan and dimension-jumps away.

The Meddling Graske got away. End.

GM Overview
I enjoyed running the game but felt I may have given the players too linear a story. I'll go for a more investigation story next time.

The adventure didn't end as I expected either. I was planning on them using the Vortex Manipulator to get home just as a dig digs up the 65 million year old TARDIS.

As for dealing with the Weeping Angel the players did me a huge favour there without knowing. I really had no idea how to deal with the Angel, the plan was to come back to this problem in an adventure or twos time. Now I can concentrate on something fresh.

Oh, and I loved the Graske as a villain. He will certainly be back.
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De Haan
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I love cargo biking!
...and videogaming, boardgaming, RPG'ing and helping users as an admin!
Great second part of the adventure, the group found a good way to deal with the whole thing.

Love it how Long Leat got fixed in with the whole thing. I enjoyed a lot of the shows of Long Leat on BBC so it was good to relate to it. I still remember one episode where they talked about that doctor who expo. (I believe they now have bats localized in that area).

One little fault I saw:
"Wasn’t me," denies the Angel. - shoudn't that be the graske?

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Club Squirrel
Brierley Hill
The Black Country
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Sanity is for the weak!
Whoops. corrected that :)

Glad you enjoyed it. It's a game I really enjoy running.
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