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Subject: Beyond the Blood Drift - The Battle of Gar rss

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One Squirrel to rule them all, One Squirrel to find them, One Squirrel to bring them all and in the darkness TPK them.

For the full Cast of characters scroll to the bottom of the adventure.

Player Characters

Queen Tetris Bloodaxe

Queen of the Kingdom of Bloodaxe, Queen of Gar and Empress of the Blood Drift.
Or... Queen Bitch as the player herself refers to the character.


Demonic-looking friend to Tetris Bloodaxe.

Athena Blade
Human Female Warriors and First Knight of Bloodaxe.

Human male. Castellan of Castle Bloodaxe.

Human Female Warrior.

Human male adventurer.

A brief background
This is the latest in a long 1-on-1 campaign going back several years, although it has probably been a year since the last adventure as we've just not had chance. I hope to eventually put up the back story.

The planet Gar
This is a homebrew world in a homebrew sector known as The Blood Drift. It is a feudal medieval world ruled by many kings. Recently an alliance was made, the Warriors of Gar Alliance to select a planetary King/Queen to represent Gar in the Blood Court, the court of the Blood Emperor of the sector. Queen Tetris Bloodaxe was chosen so is also known as the Queen of Gar.

The Blood Drift
Follow the Rimma Trade Route beyond the Kathol Sector and you hit The Blood Drift, an immense nebula and sector once ruled by the evil Blood Emperor. But Tetris killed the Blood Emperor and is now the Blood Empress ruling the sector.

Castle Bloodaxe
The Bloodaxe line were/are tyrants who can trace their lineage back over 4000 years to Lord Bloodaxe a powerful Sith Lord. Tetris seized the throne of Bloodaxe from her father who is still at large seeking revenge and his throne back.

This campaign started in the classic Rebel Era but it is now post-Return of the Jedi and breaks away from the preset New Republic story of the novels.
There are six major factions in the galaxy;
Imperial Remnants - what's left of The Empire. They still rule most of the galaxy including Coruscant.
Warlords - breakaway Imperial Moffs and Admirals trying to control their own slice of the galaxy.
New Galactic Republic - newly formed from the members of the Rebel Alliance.
New Sith Order - an ancient break-away Sith Order who have been hiding away.
Blood Empire - The forces of the Blood Empress and Ares God of War have aligned with a small faction of Imperial renegades including Admiral Daala.
Hutt Syndicate - Jabba may be dead but the Hutt Empire is using this time of unrest to expand their grip on the underworld of the galaxy, and they know a lot of secrets.

Hero's of Yavin - Han, Luke & Chewie are not part of this campaign. Princess Leia is a prisoner of Tetris Bloodaxe.

Beyond the Blood Drift -
Castle Bloodaxe -
The planet Gar -
State of the galaxy -

Recent Events
With the death of Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine there are many that would vie for power and control of the galaxy. None more than Queen Tetris Bloodaxe. She has a growing warfleet, thanks to her alliance with Ares God of War. And Tetris has made an alliance with some Imperial renegades. This alliance has made Tetris the primary target for the Imperial Remnants, they cannot allow Tetris to get any more powerful. To this end Admiral Vale makes the daring move of taking his fleet of Star Destroyers into the Blood Drift to attack the planet Gar. Passing through the Blood Drift nebula is very risky but his fleet makes it through with minimal casualties. Not expecting such a risky move most of Tetris's fleet is at her shipyard, a hyper-lane away from Gar. Knowing this the Empire use Interdictor Cruisers to block hyperspace travel, effectively leaving Tetris with no defence!

The Empire land with AT-AT's to take out the Castle Bloodaxe shield generator and position their fleet ready to bombard the whole of Gar.
Tetris makes her own daring plan; Tetris, Athena and Bail Ohmar will use Bail's Firespray starship, the Liberator, to land on the super Star Destroyer and fight her way to the Bridge!

The previous adventure ended with the Liberator colliding with the Super Star Destroyer shields resulting in a huge explosion! Would Tetris, Athena and Bail Ohmar survive?

The ground shook as four Imperial AT-ATs marched towards the ancient Castle Bloodaxe. The old castle itself was stone and in much disrepair but a newer outer wall had recently been built as well as an adjacent small starport, one of only three Standard Class starports on Gar. The Kingdom of Bloodaxe itself had almost the perfect defence, no one wanted it! 90% of the kingdom was a swamp. A wet, rainy, smelly, bog with no valuable minerals. And the bog was even causing the Imperial Walkers difficulty with the third one being slowed by the swamp. The lead two slowly moved towards the castle while the last one broke away and headed towards the Starport and the Shield Generator. Armed with primitive weapons there was little the Bloodaxe army could do against the advancing forces.

Taurus chose to man one of only four Turbolaser Turrets Castle Bloodaxe had for defence. Terri Lexgar and Achilles lead a bad of soldiers to see if they could halt the already slowed thried AT-AT. The forth AT-AT was behind the starport so could not be targeted by the Castle Turbolasers, instead the Dragon Rider Horax engaged it, yet even the breath of a Dragon could do little against the mighty Imperial war machine.

Taurus opened fire on the tow approaching AT-ATs, they in turn returned fire upon Castle Bloodaxe. The saving grace of Castle Bloodaxe was it's own decaying masonery with some of the AT-AT attacks actually going through the holes that were already there.

As Terri and Achilles approached the third AT-AT they spot a group of Stormtrooper Scouts. Gaining the drop on the scouts the combat was short but the AT-AT commander spotted the group. A barrage of fire killed half of the unit of troops and Terri Lexgar was severely injured. Unable to move Terri tossed Achilles her backpack full of explosives, "Hey, if Skywalker can do it!" Achilles approached the AT-AT alone and used a grapple hook to climb up and plant the explosives. Achilles was unable to hold his grip and fell, luckily the swamp waters breaking his fall. Moments later the AT-AT exploded!

Livia was preparing to defend the Starport when she receives a message, Get to the Dungeons quick! Livia knew there was only one profile prisoner in the dungeons, Lira Vex, the ex-ISB agent and dark side adept. Entering the dungeon something is strange, there are no guards. Livia presumes they have taken up arms to protect the castle. Then she see Lira Vex chained up naked as she usually is, her body showing signs of whipping, punishment inflicted at the order of the Queen.
"Oh looky," hissed Lira, every word spoken with poisonous venom, "the little whore who shot me and caused me to be in this predicament."
"Nothing to do with me," said Livia. "Take it up with the Queen."
"No," smiled Lira evilly. "I'll take it up with you if you don't mind." Livia wasn't scared, there was a collar around Liras neck that inhibited her force powers, but then suddenly the chains fell away and strong arms grabbed Livia from behind, it was Herman the Prison Warden. Livia struggled then tried kicking out but it was no use, he was much stronger and obviously under mind control. And to stop her wriggling Lira Force choked Livia into submission.
"Oh, you know that trip Tetris took me on where she made an alliance with Daala," explained Lira, "And they both thought it would be amusing to have me assaulted by the entire Stormtrooper barracks."
"Yeah, that was funny," retorted Livia.
"Well they were MY Stormtroopers."
"Oh shit."
"Indeed. And they deactivated the device around my neck. Obviously I could not escape then, there was too much security."
"So go. What do you want me for?" asked Livia.
"Well I can hardly wander off naked."
Lira stripped off Livias clothes and put them on. "No one will look at me twice dressed as a Gar whore." After gagging Livia and chaining her up Lira was free.

Aboard the Super Star Destroyer the Liberator had survived ramming the shields, though there were many fires and the shields were down to 5%.
"Ahem," Athena trying to subtly get Bail Ohmars attention. "Stormtroopers are setting up an E-Web Las-Cannon."
Ohmar grabbed his Mandalorian helmet then kicked his R7 Gunnery Droid, "Defensive cannons!" Several secret compartments on the small starships hull opened revealing Laser Cannons which opened fire on the Stormtroopers. Ohmar then open a cupboard revealing an IG Assassin Droid. "Patrol," said Ohmar.
"Nice," said Tetris. "So are we ready?"
"I'm not walking," said Bail Ohmar.
"What?" glared Tetris.
"The bridge is a mile away," said Bail Ohmar, "I'm not walking." With that he jumped down to the cargo hold, the insides of his ship were very cramped. He pulled tarpaulin off three Speeder Bikes.
"Yeah, I guess that beats walking," said Tetris.
The three of them sped out of The Liberator towards the Super Star Destroyer bridge. They evaded Stomtrooper fire while returning fire. Tetris flew direct at a squad of Stormtroopers and extended her arm to clothesline them as she went past.

"Close the blast doors, close the doors!" a Stormtrooper Captain shouted into his Comm. The door did indeed start to close. Tetris gunned her engines and zipped through but Athena and Ohmar were not so lucky. Forced to brake the two collided with each other an the door as a squad of Stormtroopers moved up behind them. Athena and Ohmar shoot clear of the wreckage.
"Drop your weapons and put your hands up!" called out a Stormtrooper.
"So," said Ohmar to Athena ignoring the Stormtrooper, "Are you going to open the door?"
"Drop your weapons and put your hands up!" called out the Stormtrooper again.
"Are you sure you can handle them on your own?" smirked Athena, already turning her attention to the security console.
"Drop your weapons and..." the Stormtrooper was cut off as Bail Ohmar drew his two blaster pistols with lightening speed and opened fire on the squad. The Stormtroopers returned fire, one shot caught Bail Ohmar on the shoulder [Critical Hit] bypassing his armour causing him to wince in pain.
"Bastard shot me!"
"Thought you said you could handle it," said Athena not even turning around to offer assistance.
"Not a problem," said Ohmar as he shot the remaining Stormtropers.
The blast door opened and Tetris was standing there looking annoyed, as usual. "Have I REALLY got to keep waiting for you two clowns?!"
"I've been shot."
Tetris just rolled her eyes at the Mandalorian moron, "Well that's you own stupid fault." She turned around and marched off in the direction of the bridge.

Back on Gar the two lead AT-ATs closed in on the castle. Concentrating his fire Taurus destroyed the lead AT-AT but the other continued and it's troops disembarked. The Stormtroopers charged into the castle courtyard where the twi'lek Jedi Jo'din Northstar and the Castellan Ares were leading the ground defence.

Tetris, Athena and Bail Ohmar entered Stormtrooper Barracks. Several squads of Stromtroopers levelled their weapons at the trio. Tetris just sighed [Intimidation with Frightful Presence], "Look. You can die or you can piss off!" The Stormtroopers fled the room.

The final AT-AT had managed to resist the attacks of the Dragon Rider and opened fire destroying the Bloodaxe Shield Generator. The Shields were down!

"Just what is all this fighting?" said Aphrodite who had appeared in the castle courtyard near Ares.
"You could help?" said Ares.
"As if," retorted the Goddess.
"You could protect the castle?"
"The shields are down."
"So? I don't care."
"If the Empire destroy the castle they destroy your temple," reasoned Ares.
"Don't you dare let anything happen to my Temple."
"Then put a shield up."
"Only if you promise to worship me."
"Yes, but not right now. Stormtroopers. Battle. Y'know?"
"Fine. But you owe me."
With that the Goddess of love vanished.
As Ares looked about there was another strange sight. Jo'din and the Bloodaxe soldiers had fallen back and the Stormtroopers were fighting each other.
"I don't like this," said Jo'din.
"What's not to like?" asked Ares.
"I don't like who is doing it." With that they both turned and looked up at a high tower window where the Dark Lady could just be made out.
"It's a form of Jedi battle meditation," explained Jo'din, "but she is anything but a Jedi."
"Oh, and I hate to say this, but that looks like Lira Vex!"
Jo'din looked across the courtyard to see Lira escaping the castle. "Tetris will go mad. I'll go get her." But despite Jo'dins efforts Lira Vex escaped.

Aboard the Super Star Destroyer a Lieutenant turned to Admiral Vale, "Sir, the shields are down."
The bridge doors opened, Tetris, Athena and Bail Ohmar entered.
"Open fire. Destroy Castle Bloodaxe," ordered Admiral Vale calmly.
"Don't you even..." started Tetris, but it was too late.
"Direct hit," reported in the Lieutenant. "No damage."
"What do you mean no damage?" asked the Admiral.
"There is no energy source, but they still have a shield."
"Yeah well, don't mess with me," said Tetris.
The Admiral paused for a second. "Is the fleet in position?"
"Yes, sir."
"In position?" questioned Tetris.
"My fleet is in a position to turn the entire surface of this miserable little planet to slag. But I will give you a choice. Choose a target. The Kingdom of Lexgar or the Red King. I will destroy the one and spare the rest, along with your surrender of course."
"Not going to happen."
"Choose," said the Admiral walking right up to Tetris.
"Lexgar or the Red King? Or I destroy Gar."
Tetris just shook her head.
"Destroy the planet..."
"Sir!", screamed the Lieutenant. "We have enemy ships!"
"Impossible. The Dragon Guard fleet is still engaged with our Interdictors."
"It's not Dragon Guard sir, Peace-Keepers and several hundred Gar-Blade starfighters. Incoming transmission..."
Realising his fleet was out-manoeuvred and out-gunned Admiral Vale knew he had just one thing left to do, kill Tetris Bloodaxe. He lunged at the Bloodaxe Queen and the melee was fierce. But after several minutes of combat Tetris got bored with her martial arts being useless against the machine Admiral, she drew her LIGHTSABER and cut down Admiral Vale.
"Hey," smiled Tetris, "Does this mean I had a Super Star Destroyer?"
Athena and Bail Ohmar just looked at each other and shook their heads.

Returning to Castle Bloodaxe there are celebrations and a banquet in honour of their Queens victory. Those who had shown bravery during the conflict are rewarded;
Athena is given a house away from the castle (so she doesn't have to be near Tetris).
Bail Ohmar asks for his ship repaired, although he's just told to got and fix it himself.
Achilles is made a Count, or at least Tetris called him something that sounded like Count.

The aftermath
The Warriors of Gar Alliance, the council attended by all rulers on Gar meet and accuse Tetris of endangering the planet Gar. They demand she steps down as head of the Warriors of Gar Alliance, in return they all agree to respect and fully support her position as the Empress of the Blood Drift. Reluctantly Tetris agrees. After a vote Dargrim Lexgar is chosen as King of Gar, much to the Red Kings annoyance.


Bail Ohmar

Male Chiss ex-Bounty Hunter, ex-Rebel now allied with Queen Bloodaxe. He wears Mandalorian Commando armour, and has cybernetic enhanced reflexes.

Terri Lexgar
Human Female ex-Rebel. Originally a prisoner but she now serves as Lord High Justice of Castle Bloodaxe. She is the daughter-in-law of King Lexgar.

Jo'din Northstar

Female twi'lek. Former Jedi and now Priestess of Aphrodite. Slave of Tetris Bloodaxe, kindof. It’s complicated, Jo’din could lead but she is trying to protect Tetris from the Dark Side.

Lord Adomar
Head of the Bloodaxe military

Herman Fulke
Sworn Executioner and Prison Warden of Castle Bloodaxe

Lira Vex
A Dark Jedi working for Darth Vader, a prisoner of Tetris Bloodaxe.

The Dark Lady
Complicated. She lives in Castle Bloodaxe

Dragon Riders Horax and Lucifer
Two elite Knights of Castle Bloodaxe who have the honour of riding Dragon mounts.

Dragon Guard Leader, Captain of Ares Starfleet.
The Dragon Guard are the soldiers in Ares army.

King Dargrim Lexgar
King of the Kingdom of Lexgar on the planet Gar.

Representatives of the Red King
The Red King rules the Red Barons on the planet Gar but never leaves his city, he always sends representatives. (Actually the Red King has never been seen in any of my adventures)

Peter the Unworthy
A king on the planet Gar.

Admiral Vale
A Terminator-like Droid and an Imperial Admiral commanding the Super Star Destroyer Vindication

Goddess of Love (more like Goddess of Sex in this campaign)

God of War, not to be confused with the identical looking and named Castellan.

The security forces of the Blood Drift.

Den-Gar Commando's
An old and Elite group of Mercenaries currently loyal to King Dargrim Lexgar
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