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Subject: Tyre-Top Mountain - part I & II rss

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Club Squirrel
Brierley Hill
The Black Country
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Sanity is for the weak!
Tyre-Top Mountain

Player Characters

Arachnid / Shape-shifter
a human sized spider, or whatever he wants to be.

Cryokinetic/ Hyper cognitive
an iceman who can see the future.

Professor Squellig
Temporal / Cockroach
a time-travelling human sized cockroach.

Exploding / Gelatinous
a blob that can explode!

Saurian / Pyrokinetic
A human sized T-Rex that breathes fire.

So we start out with character creation, and as you can see we have a fairly sensible bunch at the table tonight. Amongst equipment characters have Charlie has a pickup truck and a canoe, Hammy a water pistol so he can shoot shards of ice and the others have horses, mobile phones, a laptop and an electric blanket.

Our Gamma World
Our Gamma World is set roughly where we live now, in the Black Country, Brierley Hill, England. Not that that is really important, none of the names are the same and the whole area is pretty unrecognisable. This Gamma World is one of torrential acid rain causing constant flooding. The Black Country lives up to its name. It is now known as the Dark Lands as thick black chocking clouds fill the sky all but blocking out the sun. The stronger tribes tend to control the higher ground, meaning the lesser tribes are stuck in the flooded wasteland.

All characters get a light weapon and an appropriate shield; I give suggestions such as a dustbin lid.

Timmy “I’ll have a shield made from webbing.”
GM “Good.”
Hammy "I'll have a shield of ice.”
GM “Excellent.”
Bob “I get hard.”
The group has to be picked off the floor.

As we move on. Our heroic adventurers are Wardens. They basically get sent to do the tough jobs of a small community known as The Ward. Our adventure begins as the Wardens bring much needed supplies back to The Ward…

Tyre-Top Mountain – Part I

The Wardens have a van full of supplies, Timmy, Hammy and Professor in the van and Charlie and Bob in Charlie’s pickup Truck. The roads of the Dark Lands are treacherous. The old pitted concrete roads are often flooded and Road Warriors prey on those not alert to the dangers.

It’s easy to spot the two vehicles approaching from behind. They are closing in fast, a battered van an old off-road jeep. As they near the Wardens can easily see they are being driven by Porkers. Road Hogs!

Yes, I did buy some Hot Wheels toys just for this adventure.

The Road Hogs move to try and get alongside the Wardens, obviously after the goods in the Wardens van. Bob decides to try and jump from the pickup onto the Jeep and succeeds in doing so. Timmy the Arachnid tries the same, jumping from van to van, but Professor, who is driving, loses control of the van and swerves, with Timmy stuck precariously between the two vans.

Charlie wrestles his pickup back onto the road.
Bob tries to squelch under the bonnet of the Road Hog Jeep, and then makes an attack on the engine. *FUMBLE* Oops, Bob gets sucked into the air intake of the engine! Fortunately Bob can take the damage and then simply explodes himself and the Jeep engine. Cue A-Team style somersault from the jeep with Bob and one of the Porkers climbing out of the wreckage.

Timmy gets back onto his own van and Professor decides it’s important to get the supplies home so steps on the gas.
The Road Hog van pulls alongside Charlie’s pickup and one of the Porkers tries attacking from the moving vehicle. Charlie breathes fire at the Porker but just singes him a bit. The Porker van and Charlie’s pickup come together, each trying to force the other off the road. Charlie is successful and the Porker van careens off the road and barrel rolls down an embankment. No sooner does he do this that an off-road Buggy careers onto the road and continues the chase. And this driver is good.

Meanwhile Bob is left fighting the Porker that survived the Jeep crash. The Porker hits with his flail, then with his foul belch before Bob just explodes killing the beast.

Professor decides to slow down to help out. The Professor drops back and tries to force the Buggy off the road, but the hulking Porker Boss driving keeps the buggy going and is able to force the van off the road. Professor has to slam the brakes to avoid crashing. That leaves Charlie verses the Porker Boss. As the Buggy pulls alongside Charlie the second Porker in the Buggy leans out and lets out a foul belch, but it doesn’t affect Charlie. Charlie then does something similar; leaning out the window he belches fire at the Buggy wheels. *CRITICAL* Not only does the fire hit the wheels but it hits the Buggy fuel tank, the Buggy engine explodes as it summersaults off the road and out of sight.

The group returns successfully to The Ward compound where they are rewarded with some special high Tech equipment. After R&R they are summoned to the village elder, a giant rubber plant that communicates by drawing pictures on an Etch-a-Sketch. The group is given a scouting mission; a local Boss called Lord Tyre has been attacking nearby villages. The group is to investigate his compound and report back.

There are two basic routes. Direct is off-road and nears several other nearby settlements, some of which are believed to have been attacked. The other is the longer but by road risking attack by Road Hogs, but with no cargo it’s unlikely these Hogs will be a threat.

The group decide to go by way of the other villages. With the heavy rain and dark skies it is easy to get close to one of the other settlements, especially for Bob who is virtually invisible. The settlement at The Lane has indeed been attacked; its gates and walls battered with dead bodies visible. However Bob isn’t too smart and doesn’t do a thorough investigation and is indeed spotted by a strange translucent girl.

The group then decide to double back and take the road. The pass a Hog Stop but the Porkers pay them no mind, and soon the group is near Tyre-Top, the fortress of Lord Tyre. The rain is heavy and the group splits up to investigate. The walls appear stronger than their own compound, made of tyres and sheet metal, a tower of tyres rises from within. The group are careful not to be spotted, well, all but Charlie are careful. With his hot scales the rain hisses as it hits him and creates a haze of steam around him.

With that a sentry spots him and scrams out a deadly warning in an odd mechanical voice, “EX-TER-MKIN-ATE!” It’s a Dalek DAA-LICK!
A Daa-Lick being a living dustbin with a venomous lick.

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Club Squirrel
Brierley Hill
The Black Country
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Sanity is for the weak!
Re: Tyre-Top Mountain - part I
I don't feel the final part of this adventure really warrants a new thread so I'll post Part II here.

New Player-Characters


A nightmarish little girl!

Tyre-Top Mountain - part II

Reality shifts and Timmy and Charlie no longer exist in this reality, they have been replaced by Scraggy and Suzie as if they had been there all along. Such is life in Gamma World.

The group battles the Daa-licks. Suzie's touch causes them to simply decay and die.
Approaching the main entrance to the Tyre mountain the group find the entrance guarded by two Horl Choo Stingers, large sentient porcupine plants. The plants shoot deadly stinging quills. To make the approach even worse an oil ooze creature lies in wait on the group, attacking the characters as they walk on it.

Eventually the party overcome these guards, mainly with the help of Suzie whose appearance actually terrifies one of the Horl Cho.

Inside there are more Daa-Lick guards. The large chamber at the centre of Tyre-Mountain is a mess of electronics with a myrad of old monitor screens displaying pictures from across the local area. Standing in the centre of the chamber of a humanoid with a large head, Lord Tyre. Tyre is a Serf, a domineering power-hungry creature looking to control and dominate those around him.

The Daa-Licks attack and the group is barely holding their own in the context. Bob notices the electrics and goes over near them, and explodes! The electrics go down and Tyre Mountain is on fire. Lord Tyre is killed in the melee and the group barely escae the mountain with their lives. All but Scraggy that is, he didn't make it.

The group return to The Ward as heroes having freed the area from the tyranny of Lord Tyre. But who knows whta the next Alpha shift may bring.
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