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Subject: Eight idiots with more greed than sense rss

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(Continued from here….)

We leveled up our characters. My guy with 18 Luck became a thief, in order to use the class ability to burn and heal luck. Other guy became a wizard. Randomly rolling his spells, plus their mercurial effect, gave:

Choking Cloud
Flaming Hands
Read Magic
Comprehend Languages

Flaming Hands has a hallucinatory effect; after casting he has to make a DC 13 Will save or be overcome by visions of the elder gods for 1d3 rounds, BUT if he ever rolls a natural 20 on the Will save, this effect goes away and he gets to roll a d24 on all future spell checks (instead of the normal d20). Pretty cool, but being incapacitated for 1d3 rounds is almost certainly fatal.

Read Magic is my ace in the hole; its mercurial effect is that it causes 1d6 damage to the nearest creature. Take that!

The rest of the party was pretty thief-heavy. No other wizards; I think we had a couple fighters and a cleric (in addition to all the thieves).

So, back to the plot! We needed to deliver the banner and the bandit tattoos to the local lord. He lives in a city called Loris, which we'd heard of but never been to. We ride two days and get there. Loris is a city being rebuilt on top of another -- there used to be a city called Esterfay, but it fell in some cataclysm or another. Loris started being built up next to it many generations later, and is now a large city in its own right.

We ride in, secure lodging, and go talk to the Duke. Or maybe he was an Earl, I can't remember. He's old and decrepit, with a wooden leg. We turn over the banner and the tattoos and are rewarded. We're rich! The Earl mentions that he might have another opportunity for doughty adventurers: Long ago, when he was a young man, he and his uncle went into the ruins of Esterfay looking for lost treasure -- apparently that's a pretty common thing around here. His uncle didn't make it out. If we can find his remains and bring them back to rest in the family crypt, he will reward us with another 200 gold.

Of course we are all about it! We head back out into the city and buy equipment. There is a local "Explorer's Guild" that we join. Discounts on rooms! Special equipment, e.g. a "lockbane," consisting of a rubber bell with a glass, acid-filled ball inside the bell (you put it over a lock, press the bell in, shattering the glass and dissolving the lock with the acid). They also have an even better special -- buy fifty feet of rope, get an extra five feet for free!

We mosey around Loris and gather rumors. We make contact with the local thieves' guild (knock on the door, a voice demands the password. We look at each other and say "Talkin' bout Shaft!"; the voice replies, "Damn right!" and opens the door). Our interaction may be summed up as follows:
- Don't steal anything or we will kill you.
- Don't call us, we'll call you.

Finally we decide we will go into the ruins of Esterlay. I want to hire some henchmen to carry torches and check for traps, but henchman are ridiculously expensive -- 5 silver per day! That is preposterous. What we need are desperate people. I ask the GM is there is a leper colony outside the city, and there is. I hire ten lepers at a bargain price of one silver per day, and easily pass my fortitude save not to contract their unfortunate condition.


We meet at the entrance to the halls, all eight of us plus the ten lepers (three adults, seven children). They are massive, forty feet wide and going an unknown distance into the depths. Creeping in, we come upon a massive set of doors, now broken and lying in gargantuan ruins. Suddenly, a flight of arrows! A seven-year-old leper goes down, and all his brothers start crying. Atop a massive piece of door is a lizard-dog-humanoid; the arrows came from it and its friends. We parley with it. The end result is that we get a symbol to paint on our face, guaranteeing (allegedly) safe passage from the dog-lizards. Our part is that we give it a bunch of silver.

Continuing in, we find a whole mess of rooms, most of which have been picked over by countless adventurers before us. We find a mirrored room with a pool in the middle. The mirrors make you feel completely old and ugly if you look at your reflection in them. The pool reduces your age when you drink. The end result is that if you gaze into the mirror, you will start desperately and frantically sucking from the fountain of life, presumably until you become a zygote. We gave to tear a bunch of party members away from the pool and out of the room.

Experimenting with the water shows that (a) it loses its magical properties if removed from the pool, and (b) it doesn't cure leprosy.

We go down the hall some more and some gray-colored slime starts oozing towards us. That's crazy! A fighter hits it with his war hammer and the war hammer's head dissolves. Now he has a stick.

"Everyone throw rocks at it" my wizard cries. Half the lepers accidentally throw their torches at it. The rest of us rain rubble down upon it. It divides a few times and then dies.

We continue to explore and, having sketched out the rough structure of the level, decide to call it a night. Also it was getting late IRL. We pay the lepers and return to the Explorer's Guild. The lepers will meet us there tomorrow morning....

Tune in next time, true believers!

(For a complete list of our DCC adventures, please see Idiots Adventurous.)
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Bloody Retributor
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The story continues here...
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