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Subject: The Temple of the Sand People - Part 1 rss

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Club Squirrel
Brierley Hill
The Black Country
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Sanity is for the weak!
Ranara – Wookie Tech
Nomis – Cerean Diplomat
Gartopa – human Bounty hunter
Xhaka – renegade Clone Trooper

Imperial Judge, The Doomsayer
Imperial Captain Vaughn of SSD Relentless
Monthroo-Gargor ‘Nomad’ – Ithorian Scout
Jenna – Rebel activist
Gunnar – Rebel Soldier
Drake – Rebel Officer
Captain Zestak Koln – Rebel Officer, Captain of the Corvette Farstar*

Tthis adventure is set after A New Hope several months after the events of Tatooine Manhunt.
* This may or may no be the same Farstar that later appears in Darkstryder

The Temple of the Sand People

Act I – The Escape

It is a dimly lit court room on the planet Eriadu. The Imperial Judge, most commonly as The Doomsayer, sits overlooking the room, his eyes are small pinpoints of evil staring from his old gnarled face, he grimaces at the traitors before him and bangs his gavel, a large metal sphere which he holds in a fearsome cyborg fist, hard on the table bringing the court to session.

Six prisoners stand in the dock; Ranara is a wookiee, his crime is simply that, the Empire sees him as a slave and nothing more. Gartopa is a Bounty Hunter with a grudge against the Empire after they didn’t pay him. Nomis is a Diplomat who vocally opposed Imperial policies in the Senate. Xhaka is an old Clone Trooper, on the run for many years after disobeying Order 66. Jenna is a human looking girl, a known Rebel activist. And the Rebel Ithorian known as Nomad was caught stealing relics from the Empire. The room is guarded by six Security Guards and two Stormtroopers.

Captain Vaughn is prosecutor, and outlines the crimes committed by the prisoners, “Theft of Imperial property. Destruction of Imperial Property. And Treason against the Empire.”

“This is beyond a joke,” mutters Gartopa.

“SILENCE IN MY COURT,” hisses The Doomsayer. “Step forward the defence council.”

A silver Imperial Protocol Droid steps forward. “There is no defence for such crimes,” says the droid in it’s matter of fact mechanical voice, “the prisoners are guilty.”

“That was our defence?!” came more comments from the dock.

“SILENCE! This court finds the prisoners guilty. The sentence is life imprisonment in the spice Mines of Kessel.”

The Doomsayer raises his gavel to adjourn the court banging it loudly on the table, once, twice… KAAABOOOOM!!! Two explosion rip trough the court room. The guards and Stormtroopers are knocked to the floor, The Doomsayer and Captain Vaughn cannot be seen through the smoke. Instinctively the Rebels flee with Xhaka and Gartopa grabbing the Stormtrooper blaster rifles. Two of the guards stumble through the smoke and seeing the prisoners are free open fire. In a flash Ranara storms across the room, the mighty wookiee flattens both guards.

Two people wearing Rebel uniforms appear at the hole of one of the explosions, “Come with us,” shouts one of them, his name is Drake, a Rebel Officer. The six prisoners make their escape. It does not take long though for Imperial Stormtroopers to pursue the Rebels. The Rebel, his name Gunnar, along with Ranara, Xhaka and Gartopa give covering fire while the others make their escape. Jenna is not so lucky though and is killed in the crossfire.
The Stormtroopers take casualties, but so do the Rebels. Gunnar is killed, Gartopa is wounded and Xhaka is wounded by his own gun backfiring (rolled a fumble – twice!). With just a couple of Stormtroopers left Ranara charges them, the wookiee again flattening the Imperials with ease.

The Rebels make their escape to the awaiting Rebel Corvette, The Farstar, but a blast door closes on the tailing Ranara. Fortunately Xhaka easily runs a security by-pass and the Rebel starship blasts off.

Needing time to calculate the astrogation co-ordinates and get clear of the gravity well of the planet the Farstar needs to fight-off attacking TIE Fighters. Ranara, Gartopa and Nomis man the gun wells of the under-crewed Rebel Starship while Xhaka helps with engineering. The TIES cause only a minor delay, but are small enough to evade many of the Farstars guns. The Farstar is nearly clear when one of the TIE Fighters turns sharply and attacks the Farstars guns exploding the gunwell Ranara is in. Amazingly the wookiee shrugs off the damage and the Farstar makes the jump to Hyperspace.

After everyone has had their wounds treated and been refreshed the Captain calls a meeting. Captain Zestak Koln, an imposing Devronian. Zestak produces a small statue made form some sort of Crystal. Having been raised by a clan of Tusken Raiders on Tatooine Gartopa recognises it, it is an ancient god that some of the Tusken tribes worship. Zestak agrees, but Nomad provides more information. Nomad explains that he and Jenna had discovered that the statue dated from around 4000 years ago and is in fact a Jedi heirloom. He believes there may have been an old Jedi Enclave on Tatooine, and if there is it could hold secrets the Empire must not have. But the Empire is now aware of the statue so may too be searching the for remains of the Jedi Enclave. Zestak wants Nomis, Gartopa, Ranara, Xhaka and Nomad to travel to Tatooine and find the Jedi Enclave, if it exists.

Next time… The Farstar drops out of Hyperspace in the Tatooine system.

Planet: Eriadu -
Alien Race: Devaronian -
Alien Race: Wookiee -
Alien Race: Cerean -
Alien Race: Ithorian -
Alien Race: Tusken Raider -
Starship: Corellian Corvette -
Starship: TIE Fighter -
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De Haan
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I love cargo biking!
...and videogaming, boardgaming, RPG'ing and helping users as an admin!
Sounds like a great adventure. I was worried that a couple of the PC already died in the first session but unlucky for them, it where npc's.
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Club Squirrel
Brierley Hill
The Black Country
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Sanity is for the weak!
I threw in a couple of Rebel NPC deaths early to show that the Stormtroopers could kill.

There was actually some very high dice rolling in this small session. The damage against the Wookiee when his gunwell exploded was about 23, and he rolled higher with his strength!
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