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Subject: The Temple of the Sand People - Part 2 rss

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One Squirrel to rule them all, One Squirrel to find them, One Squirrel to bring them all and in the darkness TPK them.
Ranara – Wookiee Tech
Nomis – Cerean Diplomat
Xhaka – renegade Clone Trooper

Imperial Captain Vaughn of SSD Relentless
Monthroo-Gargor ‘Nomad’ – Ithorian Scout
Callahan – Smuggler/Infochant
Rees Yum – Smuggler/Infochant
Jennax – Imperial Dark Jedi
Doctor Evazan – Criminal Doctor (see References)

This adventure is set after A New Hope several months after the events of Tatooine Manhunt.

The Temple of the Sand People

Act II – A Wretched Hive of Scum an Villainy

The rebels have reached Tatooine in their search for the Sand People Temple that may have once been the location of an ancient Jedi Enclave.

The Rebels have other work for the Bounty Hunter Gartopa, so it is just Ranara, Nomis, Xhaka and Nomad that are dropped off to the south of Mos Eisley Spaceport. There is a strong wind blowing causes limited visibility as the sand is blown about, the citizens of the spaceport are running to take cover as the sandstorm grows. The group finds cover in a small bar; a tacky neon sign is above some steps leading down into a dimly lit small room. There is a bar on one side of the room, a few tables on the other. The barman is Twi’lek, he’s rubbing a glass with a dirty rag. There are only three other patrons, two Duros spacers sat at the back of the room and a large Gamorrean sat at the bar dribbling into his tankard of ale.

Nomis orders everyone drinks, Nomad takes a seat. Nomis buys the Gamorrean a drink and tries to engage him in conversation. The Gamorrean works as a guard at Jabbas Town House. He knows of some Tusken Raiders near Jabbas Palace, but says they are all over the planet. The Duros know even less.

The door opens, sand blows in and two people enter, a Dressellian and a Gran. The Dressellian is Callahan, but he doesn’t give his name, he ignores the group and talks to the barman. Nomis approaches Callahan who just turns to the Cerean and says, “Go away.” This is where things get interesting. Rather than trying diplomacy the Rebels try getting rough, not aware that Callahan works for Jabba The Hutt. Ranara threatens Rees Yum, the Gran, but the Gamorrean comes to their defence. Xhaka tries to hit the Gamorrean but (following a fumble) the hulking Gamorrean just pushes the ex-Clone Trooper back into his chair.

Nomis won’t stop talking, to the annoyance of Callahan. And despite Callahan previously saying he was unarmed the smuggler pulls a hold-out blaster and shoots Nomis, on Stun. Callahan talks his way out of a fight with Ranara by dropping Jabba’s name – Callahan is important enough to the Hutt Crime Lord to be able to do this! Callahan & Rees Yum leave after demanding 500 credits compensation, which Ranara takes from Nomis’s pockets. The barman also bars the Rebels from his bar for causing trouble.

The Star Destroyer Relentless
On the bridge of the Imperial Star Destroyer Captain Vaughan stands before a giant hologram of Lord DARTH VADER.
“My Lord, we have tracked them to Tatooine.”
“Good. If there are any Jedi Relics, I want them found. Do not fail me Captain!”

So, banned from one bar the group, including the now conscious Nomis, head for the Mos Eisely Cantina.

“Hey, play that same song again”

Due to the sand storm the Mos Eisley Cantina is very busy and there are no empty tables. A few regulars can be seen including Muftak & Kabe, Dannik Jerriko and the barman Wuher. The group decide to keep a low profile and try asking a few ‘subtle’ questions. Nomis however doesn’t know subtle and opens asks Wuher, “We’re after some information.” The cantina falls dead. Even the band stops playing. You don’t get to run a cantina in Mos Eisley by giving out information on patrons, especially when most of the patrons are employed by Jabba the Hutt! Getting the hint Nomis shuts up, for a second at least. Nomad meanwhile has seen an old friend, Old Arno (from the Tatooine Manhunt adventure).

Nomis notices that there is a Zabrak woman standing in the lobby area who is most defiantly watching the Rebels. He signals the others, but before they get near her they are accosted by Jawas selling their junk… merchandise. After some negotiation the Jawas manage to sell the group a Food Blender Droid and a Wookiee grooming kit.

Nomad joins the group and quietly tells Nomis that Tusken Fort may hold the secrets they are after. Nomis then loudly tells the group about Tusken Fort.

The woman, Jennax, was listening. Well she was only a couple of meters away. She smiles, “Thank you, that is what I was after.” She then runs outside.

The Rebels follow her to find a squad of six Stormtroopers waiting for them. Nomad, Nomis & Xhaka dodge back inside. Ranara charges the Stormtroopers. Xhaka starts shooting back using the doorway of the Cantina as cover. Then Jennax strikes using Telekenetic Kill to try and crush Ranaras head! The Wookiee roars in pain and turns his attention to the Dark Jedi. His first blow knocks her to the floor.

Meanwhile Nomis is trying to get help from the cantina Patrons against the Stormtroopers. They are not interested. He tries dropping words like Jedi and Sith but is ignored. Then he tries, “Jabba.” With the looks he gets he runs outside, realising it’s probably not a good idea to throw Jabba’s name around. So, Nomis runs outside and immediately gets blasted by a Stormtrooper and falls to the floor mortally wounded.

Jennex has to use all her will (spending a Force Point) to hurl Ranara away before making her escape. There is a lone Stormtrooper who tries to get away but gets blasted by Xhaka.

The group pick up Nomis and head to the nearest medical centre.
The Reception Droid calls a doctor. A short human with a badly scarred face enter the room. He snorts something at the group and turns his attention to Nomis’s wound. The group pay close attention to make sure nothing funny happens. Nomis is healed, although his chest is badly scarred.

Only after the encounter do I reveal to the group that was Doctor Evazan and that there is a Bounty in excess of a million credits out for him

The Rebels head to the speeder shop and buy a landspeeder before heading out into the desert towards Tusken Fort.

To be continued...

Planet: Tatooine -
Locations: Mos Eisley
Characters: Doctor Evazan -
Characters: Dannik Jerriko -
Starships: Star Destroyer Relentless -
Alien Race: Wookiee -
Alien Race: Cerean -
Alien Race: Ithorian -
Alien Race: Tusken Raider -
Alien Race: Gamorrean -
Alien Race: Twi’lek -'lek
Alien Race: Duros -
Alien Race: Dressellian -
Alien Race: Gran -

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