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Subject: The Temple of the Sand People - Part 3 rss

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One Squirrel to rule them all, One Squirrel to find them, One Squirrel to bring them all and in the darkness TPK them.

Ranara – Wookiee Tech
Nomis – Cerean Diplomat
Xhaka – renegade Clone Trooper
Jar Jar Jink - Rebel Bounty Hunter
Jin Quasar- Rebel Pilot

Nomad – Ithorian Rebel Agent
Dim-U Priests
Luscious - Dim-U Priestess
Moonstone - Dim-U High Priest
Jennax – Imperial Dark Jedi

This adventure is set after A New Hope several months after the events of Tatooine Manhunt.

The Temple of the Sand People

Act I -
Act II -

Act III – The Jundland wastes are not to be travelled lightly

In search of a lost Jedi Enclave on Tatooine The hero’s travel across the Jundland wastes towards Tusken Fort. It is approaching second sunset as the hero’s landspeeder starts to splutter before the engines stop and they grind to a halt. Xhaka attempts to fix the engine. Nomis thinks he spots something in the desert and wanders off to investigate. Meanwhile Ranara thinks he hears something from high up a nearby rocky outcropping. Ranara climbs up but (fumble) loses his grip and crashes to the ground. Before the wookiee gets to react a Tusken Raider howls as it leaps from the rocks and swings it’s menacing gaffi stick at the prone wookiee. Ranara manages to kick the Tusken Raider backwards. The Tusken charges the wookiee grazing his arm before Ranara can hit the Tusken hard hurling it backwards. Xhaka panics and tries to shoot the Tusken Raider (fumble) but instead only manages to shoot the landspeeder engine! The Tusken turns to flee. Xhaka takes aim and (fumble) slips and shoots the landspeeder engine again! The Tusken escapes.

Nomis returns the to group after managing to avoid quicksand. Nomis looks at the engine and asks why there appears to be blaster damage. Xhaka tells him to shut up before hurriedly repairing the speeder.

Nomad says that it will be too dangerous to travel in the dark and suggests they head to the nearby Dim-U Monastery. The group agrees. The Dim-U are friendly, worshippers of the Bantha and offer the hero’s a room for the night. While at the Dim-U Monastery the group are joined by Jin Quasar and Jar Jar Jinks, a Rebel Pilot and Gungan Bounty Hunter sent by the Farstar to help them on their mission.

During the night Jar Jar and Nomis awake, there is something going on in the courtyard. Nomis is on a higher level and can make out four figures standing around a Bantha, but three appear to be Tusken Raiders! Jar Jar is the other side of the courtyard. He wakes Ranara & Jin and takes aim at the Tuskens. Nomis has also woken Xhaka and sent him to get help. But Nomis notices one of the figures is a Dim-U priest, a Zeltron woman they had spotted earlier, and she appeared friendly towards the Tuskens. Jar Jar approaches and the Tusken get defensive, but the woman, Luscious, calms the situation. She says she is just treating a Tusken injury. It turns out that it is the same Tusken that had fought Ranara earlier.

Xhaka finds himself in the inner sanctum of the Dim-U Monastery, a large room lit by candles with many sculptures and paintings of Banthas.
“May I help you?” says a voice that startles Xhaka. The old Clone Trooper find himself looking up at a very tall alien with what at first appears to snakes for hair (this is Moonstone, the High Priest, though he doesn’t identify himself at any point). Xhaka questions the High Priest but the answers are all in riddles about peace and making friends.

Meanwhile back in the main courtyard the Tuskens have got jumpy, they say someone is approaching. Sure enough, it s an Imperial Troop Transport. It stops approximately 30 meters outside the Monastery and six Stromtroopers and Jennax get out and a fire-fight immediately ensures. Nomis runs toward sthe inner sanctum while Xhaka runs to join the fight. Ranara fires with his Bowcaster while Jin shoots and dives for cover. Jar Jar Jinks boldly stands there and shoots at the Stormtroopers. Jar Jar is hit twice, but amazingly both shots just glance off his armour. The Stormtroopers are slowly defeated, but it is Jennax who is the threat. Using the Dark Side of the Force she attacks Ranara trying the squeeze his brain! Ranara is hurt. She does the same to Jar Jar, who amazingly shrugs it off [we have the new group Tank]. When Jennax tries to attack Jin the Dark Side betrays her (fumble), or is it something else, as sand whirls around her she screams before jumping in the troop transport and ordering a retreat. A Stormtrooper is left behind, he raises his hands to surrender but the Tusken Raiders kill him.

The group loot the Stormtroopers gear, including Nomis taking a suit of armour. He paints the armour to be different but due to the poor lighting does not realise he has painted his armour bright pink until the next morning where everyone is laughing at him, and there’s no more paint. He wears the armour anyway.

The group continue towards Tuken Fort. When they arrive they find the fort is dilapidated. There are two Imperial Troop transports parked near, each capable of carrying eight passengers.

Nomis, Xhaka, Jar Jar and Nomad search the Fort. Upon entering the one tower they hear scurrying and dozen womp rats attack them. Xhaka hurls a grenade into the tower, the explosion brings the whole tower down. The whole fort has been looted and there is nothing of any value. Searching the Study they notice Stormtrooper footprints and discover a secret doorway. The passage leads down into a cave below the fort.

Meanwhile outside Ranara and Jin see a Bantha nearing, the three Tuskens seen at the Dum-U Monastery are riding it. The Tuskens gesture for Ranara and Jin to follow and they show them a cave entrance. Entering the cave they too climb down into the caverns below the fort.

To be continued…

Planet: Tatooine -
Alien Race: Gungan -
Alien Race: Wookiee -
Alien Race: Cerean -
Alien Race: Ithorian -
Alien Race: Tusken Raider -
Alien Race: Zeltron -
Alien Race: Ho’din -'Din
Cultures: Dim-U -
Creatures: Bantha -
Creatures: Womp Rat -

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